Patrol on defense, prosecution panels!

Trying to score off each other in Chief Justice Renato Corona’s impeachment trial are his defense team made up with veteran lawyers and a retired justice, and the prosecution composed of young congressmen. Outside the court bubble, how does each team prepare before attending each hearing?

Tonight on ABS-CBN’s Patrol ng Pilipino, meet the members of the defense and the prosecution teams as Jing Castañeda unveils how both intend to perform their tasks in the hearing.

Jing will interview lawyers Tranquil Salvador and Jose Roy of Corona’s defense team, and Representatives Neri Colmenares, Erin Tañada and Niel Tupas of the prosecution panel. Also get a glimpse of what happens during and behind their press conferences.

Jing stressed the role of the media in the developments of the trial, which she compares to an unruly reality show that has no script.

Meanwhile, join Jacque Manabat as she takes you to a three-hour travel with farmers on the newly-improved tramline in Sariaya, Quezon. Due to the installation of the cable cars, the 45-minute trek of farmers from their farms to the province’s business center is cut short.

Patrol ng Pilipino airs after Bandila on ABS-CBN, or watch it earlier on DZMM TeleRadyo (SkyCable Channel 26) at 9:15 p.m.

Must see: Anne Curtis’ “No Other Concert” photos!

Anne Curtis successful concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last Saturday, January 28 became the talk of the town!

Artist that joined Anne Curtis on stage that made her night complete are Rico Blanco, Sarah Geronimo, Sam Milby, Derek Ramsay, Cristine Reyes, Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, Luis Manzano and sister Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

See more photos below:

‘Chronicle’ concieved in YouTube era!

There’s a new kind of high in the movie among three best friends Andrew, Matt and Steve set in a very familiar American landscape – high school students in a campus where each fraction of a teen either make themselves seen or invisible. Directed by first time feature film director Josh Trank, James Dehaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan play the lead roles in this edgy teen movie where they pit on each other’s newly acquired superpowers.

Andrew (Dehaan) coming from a poor family with a rough background has always been the subject of bullying, Matt (Russell) is Andrew’s cousin in his senior year and has applied a nihilistic approach through his high school years and Steve (Jordan) is the most popular guy in their school whose congenial personality made him friends with even the most introvert kid in the campus. Together, they bonded in one wild night of partying when they discovered something unnatural in the woods. Naturally brash, they head deep down into the strange phenomenon to get up close – Andrew, who recently decided to document each day of his life brings his camera underground to record.

Upon close encounter, the three became frantic and suddenly the only light coming from Andrew’s camera went kaput. After surviving a deafening silence in darkness, days after the unexplained, the three became almost inseparable testing their newfound powers. It presented Andrew a plethora of opportunities to get even to those who’ve hurt and insulted him. Unbeknownst to Matt and Steve, Andrew is becoming stronger than them focusing on harnessing his power each day.

As Andrew’s motives becomes apparent, Matt and Steve try to help him cope with power and anger. Reinventing a whole new approach between (teen) hero and antagonist, Josh Trank presents “Chronicle” throwing out any preconceptions on superhero movie by starting afresh with a core group of well-realized characters. “I didn’t want to be too obsessed with making an homage or in making the movie a certain way,” Trank explains. “The whole mantra of “Chronicle” is just to go the opposite and make it as relatable as possible. Max and I, in characterizing these kids, wanted to make sure they were as normal and close to us as possible, but set them in middle class suburbia.”

The style of shooting helps make the tale all the more relatable. “The bar is that it has to feel real,” argues executive producer Dodson. “It has to feel like we were on YouTube, we were surfing around and we found a video – that this real thing happened and some cameraman caught it.” But Trank was keen not to deliver another nausea-inducing shaky-cam experience to his audience.

In the era of YouTube, the idea of teens documenting every aspect of their lives on videotape is no longer unprecedented. As good quality cameras get ever cheaper and the ability to upload and share footage with friends gets ever easier, young people are increasingly sharing their experiences with one another through a visual medium.

Says DeHaan: “I think a lot of scenes in this movie could become viral hits if they were just two minutes on YouTube. But they’ve taken all these moments and made a very thorough narrative out of them. It really does blend the modern question of what’s become of video with the old-school superhero film.”

“This generation in high school is the most self-photographed generation ever because every single person has a camera on them now,” says Trank. “It’s exciting because we can create this new style of shooting things – fictional stories about people – without having to do it in the way everybody’s been doing it for the last hundred years.”

Uncontrolled teen powers unleash when “Chronicle” opens in cinemas on February 2 nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Mark Wahlberg produces and plays lead in “Contraband”!

For Contraband, Director Baltasar Kormákur employed the same casting technique he used during the years he made movies in his home country. Rather than choosing an actor by his or her looks, the director casts according to the performer’s personality. “I like to find the core of people,” he says. “The outer appearance is less important. What is the person? You try to figure that out and make that right for the character.”

The first actor cast was the same man to whom the director brought his ideas for a film inspired by the one in which he last performed. Kormákur commends: “Mark Wahlberg has a mixture of boyish charm and toughness, and you believe him as a blue-collar guy. Chris has actually walked out of the criminal world, but then he’s forced back in. That’s the great thing about heist-thrillers. It’s great to see people step outside the norm and do something that the rest of us wouldn’t do.”

Describing his character, Wahlberg explains: “Chris is definitely a thinker, but he is not afraid to raise his voice or get his hands dirty.” For Wahlberg, when his character finds himself back in the game, and possibly over his head, that’s when the fun begins. He offers: “Chris is continuing to try to figure out a way to survive, to still solve the problem and then get his ass home to his wife and kids.”

What drew you to this project? 

I saw the original movie and really liked it a lot. These are the kind of movies I like to watch, with the kind of characters I like to play. Now our new thing is to try to find cool European films, obtain the rights and remake them.

Can you describe your character, Chris Farraday?

He is just a good, hard-working guy trying to do the right thing. Unfortunately, his brother-in-law is not the sharpest guy around so Chris has to go back and clean up his mess. This forces him back into the world of smuggling.

What do you like about Chris?

I like the fact that he is more of a thinker, even though he gets pretty violent in certain situations. The way he has to think and react in all those different situations really appeals to me.

He is in a world of criminals.

Yes, but he is nicer than the other guys in the movie and you want to root for him. Chris is definitely respected in that criminal world. He knows how to stick up for himself.

He would do anything to protect his family. Do you identify with him in that respect? 

Absolutely. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to try to protect my family and provide for them. It doesn’t take a lot for me to get into that head space.

As a producer, how much input did you give the director on set? 

You should always try to give the director the freedom and space he needs to do his thing. There are times when I find myself looking at the big picture, but considering that this is Baltasar’s (director) second go with the story, he knew this movie better than anybody else. I wanted to give him as much freedom as possible. It’s a fine line to walk.

What can you say of Baltasar Kormákur as a director?

He is great with actors. I thought that all of his choices were very smart and instinctive. He is really talented. Being an actor himself, he has a unique understanding of what’s going on in front of and behind the camera. He knows how to communicate with everyone and give encouragement. He’s also very easy to get along with. Baltasar really cares about his work. So, if anybody is not trying he is going to say something.

Would you like to work with him again?

All I can say is that if I could make the rest of the movies in my career with him, I would. I’m actually hoping to do another film with him in spring.

How do you see Baltasar’s future in the industry as a filmmaker? 

Hopefully Hollywood, and bigger budgets, won’t spoil him. He is used to making small independent movies without all the bells and whistles.

Do you think his background of making small independent movies helped him on this film? 

Batlasar managed to shoot this movie in 37-days. He did it with all the action and for the budget he had to work with. After CONTRABAND, I went and shot a comedy that took almost twice as long, with no action.

How would you describe CONTRABAND? 

At the end of the day, it’s an action movie. But I also think it has many strong characters that separate it from similar action films.

How was it working with Ben Foster, who plays your best friend Sebastian, in the movie? 

I’ve wanted to work with Ben for some time. He was my first choice for that part. The first time we met, we really hit it off. Just like Giovanni Ribisi, who plays Tim Briggs in the movie, he responded to the material. Ben Foster is an extraordinary actor and an intense guy.

What did you think Kate Beckinsale brought to the role of as your wife, Kate Farraday? 

I thought she was great. I was thrilled when she came on board.

What do you think appealed to her about CONTRABAND that made her want to be a part of it? 

When you get successful in a certain genre, it’s sometimes difficult to say “no” to those same types of movies. Kate wanted to get back to something real and gritty. She showed up and did a great job.

How did she surprise you? 

I didn’t really know her. She comes off as this really sophisticated and elegant woman but she doesn’t mind getting in the mud, which she literally did on her first day of the shoot.

Mexican actor Diego Luna (Gonzalo) has a small but quite relevant part in the film. 

Diego is awesome. I was a big fan of his and I was so excited that he was going to come and play this part for us. He is such a sweet and really talented guy.

You have some frantic moments with Diego in CONTRABAND. Do you enjoy shooting action? 

I enjoy shooting the action and fight scenes. Especially if I’m hitting and not getting hit back, like in the scenes with Giovanni Ribisi. I have always been a huge fan of Giovanni’s work, too. He has a very strong presence in this movie.

The truth is that you have assembled quite an impressive cast for CONTRABAND. 

We have a really great cast. It was one of those things that just came together. As a producer, I’m always fighting for the people I want. When you get an idea of someone for a role, it’s hard to veer off from that.

Most of the film was shot in New Orleans. 

I love New Orleans. The restaurants are fantastic and they have great crews. People really work hard there. They are enthusiastic about it and care about the movies they are making. It’s a great town. I’m actually shooting another movie there right now.

You also shot some scenes in Panama. What was that experience like? 

It was great because we didn’t have any restrictions. We got into a van and that was it. We ran around the city and shot some great stuff. That energy was awesome for the movie.

“CONTRABAND” is released and distributed by United International Pictures though Solar Entertainment Corp. Now showing, nationwide!

Mario Lopez goes underwear sexy for Rated M!

Mario Lopez releases his own underwear line Rated M and he’s his own endorser!

Mario Lopez even went on to show his line live on Ellen DeGeneres Show.

See theo whole set of photos below:


Sexy Talk with Chris Tiu!

Believe it or not, but Chris Tiu has agreed to do a “sexy talk.” It’s in connection with his new weekly show titled iBILIB which premieres tonight at 8:30 on GMA 7 after Bong Revilla’sKap’s Amazing Stories, with Isabelle Daza as co-host, plus Moymoy Palaboy.

iBILIB features scientific experiments presented in a magical manner as seen on Japan’s Wonder of Horus. Did you know that you can walk on water? How? Watch iBILIB.

According to urban legend, when his teammates are watching porno DVDs, Chris quietly retreats to the next room and pray the rosary.

That’s why the following “sexy talk” doesn’t include the usual questions such as “How did you lose your innocence…to a younger woman, older woman or a woman your age?” because it might shock Chris who is believed to be “innocent” up to now…would you believe?

What is sexy to him?

“Sexy has too many definitions. Sexy can mean ‘cool’ but at the same time ‘hot.’ Sexy is ‘smart’ and ‘admirable.’ Confused? Read on!”

When does he feel sexy?

“When I feel great with what I’m doing because I am enjoying it and I know I’m able to influence people positively.”

What part of his body does he consider sexiest?

“My eyes.”

What part of a woman’s body does he consider sexiest?

“Mind and heart.”

Sexiest book?

“Mistress of the Game by Sidney Sheldon.”

Sexiest movie.

“Iron Man.”

Sexiest musical?

“Les Miserables.”

Sexiest song?

“The One who Got Away by Katy Perry.”

Sexiest TV show(s)?

“Prison Break and Entourage.”

Sexiest food?

“Oysters and salad!”

Sexiest car(s)?

“Volvo XC60 and Volvo S60. Power, comfort, safety and style!”

Sexiest time of day?


Sexiest part of the house?

“My bed.”

Sexiest animal(s)?

“Ox, horse and eagle. My Chinese sign is Ox. Oxen are very persevering, hardworking and dependable. Horse and eagle because of my alma mater (Xavier School Stallions and Ateneo Blue Eagles).”

Sexiest billboard?

“Oracare and Sterling Bank!”

Sexiest scene you have seen in a movie?

“Can’t recall. Usually someone covers my eyes. Hehehe!”

Sexiest scene you have ever done?


Sexiest fantasy?

“Playing golf with Tiger Woods, playing basketball with Steve Nash and Jay Chou! I would have said Kobe and D-Rose but the fantasy became a reality already.”

Sexiest clothes?

“Adidas and TRU by Natasha.”

Sexiest concert(s) that you have seen?

“Those of Jay Chou, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.”

Name three women that you find sexiest.

“Mama Mary and my mom. They both epitomize humility and detachment from worldly pleasures. Plus, their faith in God is unwavering.”

Source: Ricardo F. Lo, Philippine Star

Pinky Webb rescues employees locked by employer in Cubao!

Employees by day, prisoners by night. They work during the day, but they are locked up by their employers at night.

Pinky Webb rescues three helpless women who are allegedly maltreated in a water refilling station in Cubao this Monday (Jan 30) on “XXX.”

Aside from these girls, the tipster also revealed that the employer also has laborers who happen to be minors. What punishment awaits him?

As Pinky saves the abused workers, Anthony investigates the alleged water waste disposal of a company in Malabon, which affects the residents of nearby Brgy. Longos with its awful stench. For ten years, residents cant do anything but to bear with the smell. Despite complaints to authorities, no proper solution has been made.

“XXX,” adjudged Best Public Service Program by the Golden Dove Awards last year for its expose on the maltreatment of Lola Lourdes who was detained in a dog cage by her family, has been breaking some of the country’s important stories such as the surveillance video on Batangas gov. Antonio leviste going out of prison.

Don’t miss “XXX” this Monday (Jan 9) after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN. You can also watch it at DZMM TeleRadyo (SkyCable ch 26) the same day at 9:15 PM.

Lies and Deceits will be revealed in “Maria la del Barrio”!


This week on Maria La Del Barrio: Luis gets a mysterious call that will enlighten him about their lost child.


Find the truth this week in “Maria la del Barrio” as Maria (Erich Gonzales) and her mom Sandra (Assunta de Rossi) finally discover that Victoria (Angel Aquino) falsified the documents of Amore to dissolve their partnership. With this revealed, can Sandra and Maria take back what was rightfully theirs?

Meanwhile, Luis (Enchong Dee) gets a mysterious call that will enlighten him about their lost child. How will he handle the fact that her wife Sabrina (Jewel Mische) conspired with Victoria just to keep him away from Maria?

Catch “Maria la del Barrio” every night on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. For more updates log on to www.abs-cbn.comor follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter.

John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao back on!

John Lloyd Cruz confirmed what we already knew all along that that he and Shaina Magdayao are officially back on!


We would be surprised if he admitted that they are officially single.

This is what John Lloyd said:

“Okay kami [ni Shaina]. Kami na ulit. Matagal-tagal na rin. Better than ever.”

He also revealed that they remained in touch the whole time that they were apart.

“Mundo Man Ay Magunaw” premieres on Monday!

ABS-CBN’s newest Kapamilya Gold drama series, “Mundo Man ay Magunaw” sets the bar higher for afternoon soaps this Monday (January 30) as it presents a compelling family drama featuring a formidable ensemble cast of young and seasoned actors that include Empress, Nikki Gil, Ejay Falcon, Sylvia Sanchez, Allan Paule, Pinky Amador, Jason Gainza, Dianne Medina, Alex Castro Tessie Tomas, and Eula Valdes.

According to Valdes, mothers can surely relate to the story of their new series. “I play the character of a loving mother who would sacrifice everything just to be reunited with her daughters,” she said.

Meanwhile, Empress shares her happiness over her new afternoon soap. “I’ll be playing a more mature role here. I’m a good daughter who is driven to fight for her family and who is willing to do anything to keep her mother happy. Viewers should also watch out for Ms. Eula in the soap because this time, she is not the villainess,” said Empress.

Gil, on the other hand, will give life to a power hungry character whose underlying goal is to gain the acceptance and appreciation of the people she loves. She shared, “As Jennifer La Peña, I will fight to prove that I am the rightful heir of my grandmother.”

“Mundo Man ay Magunaw” shares the entwined lives of Olivia (Valdes) and her daughters Sheryl (Empress) and Jennifer (Gil). After 20 years of imprisonment, Olivia is off to restart her life and rebuild the family she never had. Brought together by circumstances, the three women will realize that no matter how big their differences and conflicts are, they still have to reunite to save each other.

Will Olivia be willing to sacrifice everything just to win the love and bring her daughters back to her arms? Will Sheryl and Jenny surpass the tests of love and ambition when they finally discover the truth?

Under the direction of Jeffrey Jeturian and Rechie Del Carmen, don’t miss the drama series dedicated for all loving mothers, “Mundo Man ay Magunaw” premieres on January 30 (Monday) at 11:30am on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold. For more updates, log on to, follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter, or ‘like their Facebook fan page

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