‘MasterChef Pinoy Edition’ now down to 13 finalists!

MasterChef Pinoy Edition” is now down to its Top 13 finalists as home cook Malou Caiña, 41, decided to make a voluntary exit on Thursday and Cons Osorio, 30, was voted out on Friday.


Below are the remaining contestants in the competition:

1. Carla Marcaida, 40, businesswoman from Bulacan
2. Betty Bais, 43, house helper from Cebu
3. Mac Serrano, 29, ex-seaman from Tarlac
4. Lito Dulva, 34, police officer from Sorsogon
5. Reggie Apolinario, 30, call center agent from Laguna

6. Gian Espadera, 20, Human Resource Management student from Davao
7. Myra Santos, 31, accounting associate from Muntinlupa
8. Maureen Angala, 33, housewife from Muntinlupa
9. Ivory Yat, 26, nurse from Quezon City
10. Ronnel Torres, 30, sari-sari store owner from Pampanga

11. Melissa Gutierrez, 51, marketing director from
Quezon City
12. JR Royol, 29, band vocalist from Benguet
13. Lilibeth Nicolas, 31, house helper from Quezon City

“MasterChef Pinoy Edition” airs on weekdays before the hit daytime soap”Be Careful With My Heart.”

Meanwhile, “MasterChef Saturdish Edition” with Melai Cantiveros and former “Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4” housemates Joj and Jai Agpangan airs every Saturday.


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