“Bukod Kang Pinagpala,” starts February 11 on GMA Network’s Afternoon Prime!

“Bukod Kang Pinagpala” sets to unfold the stories of three women and their experiences in fighting for their loved ones.

Starring in the series are the network’s prime actors and actresses headlined by Camille Prats, Jackie Rice, Jennica Garcia, Carl Guevarra, Mona Louise Rey, and Mark Anthony Fernandez.


Coming back to the teleserye scene, Mark plays the role of Leandro Alcuar, who owns Bessie’s Garden and Restaurant. Just like any other father, Leandro longs for a child but, unfortunately, his wife Bessie (Camille), cannot give him one.

Supporting the business and living with Bessie is her cousin Ofelia Almazan, played by Jennica. Because of her husband’s death, Ofelia single-handedly raised her daughter Lizzie. Ofelia devoted her life to Lizzie who dies because of heart failure.

Making things more complicated is the character of Jackie as Janet Perez. She is the woman who deeply admires Leandro because of his looks and wealth. Ambitiously wanting Leandro’s attention, she viciously schemed to have a child with him. When she was about to tell Leandro the news that she is preganant, Janet finds out that Bessie is also pregnant. In memory of Ofelia’s daughter, Bessie will name her child Lizzie, who will also eventually die because of an accident. Janet decides to go abroad and leaves her child Lara, played by Mona Louise, together with a letter, in front of the house of Leandro. Unfortunately, it is Ofelia who first sees Lara and reads Janet’s letter. Longing for a child, Ofelia decides to keep Lara and lies to Leandro and Bessie about the true identity of the child. Another twist comes in when Janet, now married to a rich Japanese businessman, comes back and tries to get Lara back.

Three faces of motherhood, all longing for a child. Who deserves to be the mother of Lara? Is it Bessie who can give her the future she needs; Ofelia who fights against all odds just be with her; or her real mother Janet?

Joining the cast are Frencheska Farr as Diana, Krystal Reyes as Janella, Djanin Cruz as Paula, Zandra Summer as Amy, and Carlo Gonzales as Oscar. Completing the cast are seasoned actresses Glenda Garcia as Miling, Sharmaine Suarez as Becca, and Anna Marin as Raquel.

Under the direction of Don Michael Perez, Bukod Kang Pinagpala is supervised by Lilybeth G. Rasonable as Over-all in charge of Production, Redgie Acuña-Magno as AVP for Drama, Ali Marie N. Dedicatoria as Program Manager, and Executive Producer Winnie Hollis-Reyes. The creative team is headed by Jun Lana as Creative Director with Roy Iglesias as Creative Head, Creative Consultant Des Garbes–Severino, Headwriter RJ Nuevas, writers Jules Dan Katanyag, Leilani Chavez, and Borgy Danao and Brainstormers Tin Novicio, and Gilda Olvidado.

Find out the fate of these three women in “Bukod Kang Pinagpala” beginning February 11, after “Yesterday’s Bride” on GMA Afternoon Prime.

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