MMK Classics line-up on TFC for March 2013 revealed!

MMK Classics, The Filipino Channel’s (TFC) first program to be sub-titled in English ends the first quarter with a powerful line-up of stories that test the spirit and of people who stand up for what they believe in.


Starting on March 2 (March 3 Pacific time), MMK Classics recalls the tragic story of Tara Santelices, a Political Science student from the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City in the Philippines, who took a shot gun wound to her head after an armed man robbed an entire jeepney on the eve of her birthday.  Prior to the robbery, Santelices fought for a lot of advocacies.  In the end, it turned out that her greatest battle was to be for her life.  Karylle plays Santelices in this episode entitled Gitara (Guitar).


The following week on March 9 (March 10 Pacific time), another young Filipino – Efren Peñaflorida –  is shown to fight for another cause – the education of less fortunate children.  At the age of 16,  Peñaflorida  established the Dynamic Teen Company – a small but outstanding group that provides alternative education by recreating school settings in unconventional locations such as cemeteries and dump sites.  Enchong Dee, a young achiever himself, portrays Peñaflorida in this episode called Kariton (Cart).

On March 16 (March 17 Pacific time), MMK Classics dramatizes the life of Juana Tejada, a Filipina caregiver who fought for the rights of fellow caregivers until she had to face her own battle – the fight against colon cancer.  Because of her advocacy, the Juana Tejada law was enacted.  Maricar Reyes portrays Tejada in this episode entitled Niagra Falls.


On March 23 (March 24 Pacific time), MMK Classics shifts gears as it tells the story of Camille and Mio, two people from the opposite sides of the social world.  Camille is a beautiful woman from the upper middle class whose parents wish her an even better life with an affluent man.  In a cruise, she meets Mio, a man with a simple background but noble intentions.  Worlds apart and yet forced together for days, Camille and Mio face emotional tension ahead.  Real-life partners Bea Alonzo and Zanjoe Marudo portray Camille and Mio in the episode Barko (Ship).

Lastly on March 30 (March 31 Pacific time), then popular love team Roxanne Guinoo (Sheila in this episode) and Joross Gamboa (Dennis) portray two pen pals who find love despite the distance.  The question that besets them in this episode dubbed Bibliya (Bible) is will they also choose worldly love when inner calling heeds.

MMK Classics can be seen every Saturday of the month (Sundays, Pacific time) on TFC, worldwide.  You can also enjoy MMK Classics and other top kapamilya shows online, anytime on Connect with TFC on

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