Marian Rivera lands among The Most Hated People in the World and even beating Adolf Hitler on the list!

Who would have thought that Marian Rivera will land on the top list of an international website for notoriety of sort!

 Marian Rivera
International website released its list of Top 10 Most Hated People in the World and Marian Rivera, the lone Asian and Pinoy included on the list.
 According to the website, the world’s most hated personalities are those who changed the world with their screwy ways and sick minds or just plain evil.
Here is the list:
10: Fred Phelps
9. Vlad III the Impaler
8. Mahatma Gandhi
7. George W. Bush
6. Rebecca Black
5. Osama Bin Laden
4. Josef Stalin
3. Adolf Hitler
2. Marian Rivera
1. Justin Bieber
Want to know the reason they were Voted on the list, click HERE.
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