Vincent Daffalong and Pia Moran featured Tonight in “Tunay Na Buhay”!

He was known as Pinoy rapper Daffalong, while she went by the moniker Miss Body Language. Tonight, peek into the life stories of ’80s stars, Vincent Daffalong and Pia Moran.

pia vincent

Vincent Quilet, more popularly known as Vincent Daffalong, is considered one of the pioneers of Philippine rap. Given the distinct shape of his nose, Vincent was eventually called Daffalong, a term coined from the Filipino phrase dapa ang ilong (flat-nosed).

Blessed with a talent for songwriting, Vincent started out by sending his compositions to recording companies. His perseverance was soon rewarded, and his skills in singing and rapping were likewise discovered. Among the songs he popularized are Mahiwagang Nunal, Ispraken Delight and Machoching. Now that his family has left him, how is life now for Vincent?

Meanwhile, Pia, Maria Susan Casino in real life, was admired during the peak of her career for her svelte physique and superb dancing skills. Although Pia was able to reach success and extend financial help to her family, she experienced a life-changing accident that altered the course of her career. At present, she makes a living out of selling maruya and turon. How’s life for Pia?

Join Rhea Santos as she discovers the life stories of Vincent and Pia after Kapuso Movie Night.

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