Willie Revillame plans to have a TV comeback in 2014!

Willie Revillame plans to go back to hosting his own TV show next year!


Willie Revillame became a popular variety show host when he started Wowowee in ABS-CBN and when he moved to  TV5,  he renamed it Willing Willy, then changed to Wowowillie after a revamp. Then the popularity of his show waned.

Now he wants to return next year to a more populat network where he can capture more adience. But the big question is “Are ther any takers from the big 2 networks?”

The options now open for Willie are GMA’s news-oriented channel, GMA News TV, and the two government stations, PTV-4 and IBC-13.

Will he still get a big audience share in these networks?

What do you think?


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