Ruffa Guttierez feels love is coming: “Feeling ko ngayong 2014, dadating na ‘yung love life ko.”!

After being loveless for two years and six months, Ruffa Guttierez has a gut feel that 2014 the right man will come into her life!


After a failed marriage, a blooming career and two beautiful kids Lorin and Venice, Ruffa feels it is the right time for her to have an inspiration.

This is what Ruffa said:

“Feeling ko ngayong 2014, dadating na ‘yung love life ko. I don’t know, I just feel it. Hindi ko alam kung Mr. Right, sana siya na ‘yung Mr. Right. Two years and six months wala akong love life so feeling ko kailangan namang may inspirasyon.”

And she will stay true to her mantra this year when it comes to anything including love which is to “not settle for anything less than what you truly deserve.”

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