Columbia is Mr. World 2012, Andrew Wolf 1st runner-up!

Mr. World 2012 coronation night was held last night November 24 (November 25 in the Philippines), at Kent Event Centre, Kent, England.


Francisco Javier Escobar Parra representing Colombia has won Mr World 2012!

Our very own Andrew Wolff of the  Philippines taking second place and Ireland in third. The 21 year old from Cali, Colombia is a talented magician and pole-vaulter, and impressed the judges across many of the fast-track challenges, placing high in the sports, extreme sports and multimedia events.

Andrew Wolff is Philippines Representative to Mr. World 2012!

Cory Quirino’s Global Quest Inc. now handles both the franchises for both the Miss and Mr. World Pageants was taken by surprise when she was notified that she need to send a representative for Mr. World 2012.

This is what she said:

“Three weeks ago, London notified me that they’re also giving me the license for Mr. World and I have to send our country’s representative there by November 9 to join the other 70 candidates for the pageant to be held on November 24 in Kent, England, ni hindi pinabayaran sa’kin. With the help of Arnold Vegafria, we asked various talent agencies to nominate their models and we got about 30 portfolios. We got 20 selection judges and everyone chose Andrew Wolff of the Philippine Volcanoes rugby team. Andrew is perfect because their Mr. World candidates are required to be athletic and sporty since 50% of the competition is about athletics. When I told the organizers our representative is a rugby player who just won in Singapore, they got excited as they love rugby there. And of course, it helps that Andrew is 50% British.”

“For next year, we’ll have a big search for the Mr. World who’d represent our country in the 2014 pageant.”

That is how Andrew Wolff was chosen, he is 6’2” and weighs 208 lbs., Andrew’s dad is from England while his mom is from Pinamalayan, Mindoro.

Andrew on joining the pageant:

“But I’m now a resident of the Philippines and my heart surely belongs here. I was actually reluctant to join this as I’ve never joined a male beauty pageant, but when they explained to me that no Filipino has won there and I can bring honor to our country, I was convinced and I now promise to do my best to excel in the competition.”

Mr. World is held only every other year.


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