BB Gandanghari kisses a leading man in “Halik ng Tarantula” play!

“Halik ng Tarantula” is based from the Pulitzer award-winning novel and produced by BB Gandanghari, Inc for the Pinoy audience and will have its limited run at Teatrino, Promenade Greenhills from March 7, 8 and 9.


“Kiss of the Spider Woman” is translated by Rene Villanueva, a noted Filipino playwright. The stage play invites us to share the cell with two inmates of a Buenos Aires prison during the 1970s, written originally by Mario Puig.

The two cellmates are Valetin Arregui, a leftist revolutionary imprisoned for trying to overthrow the government and Luis Molina, a homosexual imprisoned for allegedly corrupting a minor. Misery loves company and the two ended up as close friends.

Soon, friendship develops into something more and Molina falls in love with Valentin. when Molina gained his freedom, he agrees to contact Valentin comrade, but he was followede by the police and was brought back to prison where he was threatened in front of Valentin to make the political prisoner talk. Molina convices Valentin not to say a word and as he proclaimed his love for Valentin, he was shot dead.

The role of Molina played by BB Gandanghari is truly one of the most challenging ang compelling in theater history and BB’s acceptance of the role heralds her entrance to the world of theater. This production is an initial venture of BB Gandanghari, Inc. Other cast are Jet Alcantara, Jovic Monsod with the support of Richard Quan, Rob Sy and Matthew Chang (Violinist).

This is directed by Soxy Topacio, an award-winning director who also directed the first play in 1989 by PETA with Mario O’Hara and Julio Diaz.

BB Gandanghari visits ‘Sarah G Live’ this Sunday!

Popstar Sarah Geronimo bonds with Richard “Sir Chief” Yap and the sensational BB Gandanghari this Sunday in Sarah G Live.


Popstar Sarah Geronimo will spread good vibes this Sunday (September 30) as she shares a special duet with “Be Careful With My Heart” lead star Richard ‘Sir Chief’ Yap in her solo musical variety show “Sarah G. Live!” Aside from Sir Chief, watch out for Sarah’s breathtaking smash-up dance number with sensational showbiz personality BB Gandanghari. Also, prepare to laugh out loud with the comic showdown of Ate Gay, K Brosas, and Cacai Bautista in ‘Sine Gang Operetta.’ Meanwhile, Kapamilya heartthrob Robi Domingo will also join in the fun as the Popstar’s guest co-host. Still with Sarah in the upcoming episode are her resident dance royaltyGab Valenciano, co-host Luis Manzano, musical director Louie Ocampo, choreographer Georcelle Dapat-Sy, G-Force, and director Erick Salud.

Don’t miss the trending and top Sunday primetime show of ABS-CBN, “Sarah G. Live!” 8:15pm, after “Rated K.” For more updates, log on to www.abs-cbn.comor follow @SGLiveOFFICIAL on Twitter and like SarahGLiveOFFICIAL on Facebook.

Alex Gonzaga and BB Gandanghari Finally Enter Eden in ‘Enchanted Garden’!

The excitement continues on TV5’s first eco-fantasya, Enchanted Garden, as the story unveils more plot twists and surprising revelations.


Next week, Michiko (BB Gandanghari) and Aya (Alex Gonzaga) finally enter Eden through a secret portal. In the mortal world, more pests continue to destroy Michiko’s garden — much to the delight of Elaine Malfori (Alice Dixson), who plans to buy the property.

What awaits Michiko and Aya in Eden? Will Aya finally learn about her true identity? What other tricks does Elaine have up her sleeve? Will she succeed in driving Michiko out of the property? Find out what secrets will be uncovered this week on Enchanted Garden, airing Mondays to Fridays at 6:30PM only on TV5.

BB Gandanghari on her first acting stint via TV5’s ‘Untold Stories’!

Years after her much talked about transformation, BB Gandanghari finally has the chance to show her acting prowess.

Now that she’s more open in expressing herself, a much vulnerable and sensitive actress is in the wings of recognition.

In her first performance as a dramatic actress, BB will play the role of Donna in TV5’s Untold Stories. Donna, a woman trapped in a man’s body, is torn between Bebe (Wendell Ramos) and Jesse (Baron Geisler). Will she choose Bebe, her first true love, or Jesse, her life saviour?

Witness BB Gandanghari in her first dramatic performance on Untold Stories this Saturday, June 16, 10:30PM on TV5.

BB Gandanhari and Zoren Legaspi meet up at last!

BB Gandanghari and Zoren Legaspi has finally meet face to face in last Saturday’s entertainment talk show Paparazzi!

Zoren Legaspi did a one on one interview with Rustom Padilla who is now known as BB Gandanghari. Zoren is now the husband of Carmina Villaroel who is the ex of Gandanghari. This is their first meeting after a decade.

BB Gandanghari was very grateful that Zoren is the one that is now taking care of Carmina, and is very vocal of his feelings for the couple.

Zoren asked the first question if BB had ever had any misgiving about him:

“Honestly wala akong [sama ng loob sa’yo]. Wala ka namang kinalaman kung ano man ‘yung nangyari sa past ni Carmina at ni Rustom, at kung mayroon akong nararamdaman para sa’yo, hindi siguro sama ng loob o galit, kundi pasasalamat actually, na I can see that you’re taking care of Carmina and I’m very happy.”

“Ang gusto ko lang naman mapunta sa maganda si Carmina in the end, and I think she is very happy with you, and if only for that, wala talagang sama ng loob.”


Zoren asked him who are the top persons on his list when he thought of coming out:

“Actually dalawa lang, eh. Sa nanay ko. . . siguro kasama na ‘yong pamilya at saka kay Carmina.”

Zoren asked further what he told his mother and her reaction:

“Parang ironic doon kasi doon sa talo si Carmina lang ang nakausap ko.”

He also revealed further that he never deceived Carmina (about his sexuality):

“Kung may masakit man, it was a blessing na [kasama] ko si Carmina sa mga nangyari, napakaganda ng mga handling nu’ng mga nangyari.

“It was difficult because I don’t want to make her feel na there was deception at that time because probably there wasn’t.”

“It was difficult also na sabihin sa kanya ‘yun. Ayoko na kasi pahabain eh ‘di ba. Nangyari ‘yun kasi out of respect. Kung mayroong isa tao na nakilala kay Rustom, I think si Carmina ‘yun eh, so I just thought, ‘I owe it to her.'”

More revelations camo out from BB:

“Kung may isang taong nakakailala sa akin ng totoo walang iba kundi si Carmina ‘yon. I owe it to her all the honesty.”

BB now comes clean on his past.


BB Gandanghari is still Rustom to brother Robin Padilla!

Robin Padilla has just revealed that he still calls BB Gandanghari by his real name Rustom!


He revealed in recent interview that he has not talked to him personally yet and that he does not agree with what he does and believes in. Only his wife Mariel Rodriguez is the one who is in talks with his brother Rustom Padilla.

He is very much thankful that his wife Mariel does the talking for him.

He also discloses that he is still “Shocked” at what Rustom does.

Rustom Padilla aka BB Gandanghari opens up to sis-in-law Mariel on sex change: “The best decisions I’ve made.”!

BB Gandanghari spoke his [her] mind in an interview with Mariel Rodriguez, married to Gandanghari’s brother Robin Padilla.

While admitting that she had never been surer and happier now than before, BB Gandanghari skirted the question of whether she had a sex change abroad.

After nearly two years of living and working in New York, BB looked more waif-like and modelesque. But her answers left more questions especially when Mariel asked her if she underwent surgery while in the US.

When asked if she is a ‘real woman’ now, BB replied: “Whatever you’re seeing now is a manifestation of how I really feel deep inside. And I’ve made decisions in my life and I guess (they’re) the best decisions I’ve made. It made me surer, it made me happier, more peaceful. I have peace of mind [now].”

Asked to elaborate further, she said: “But I hope you will forgive me if I don’t wanna talk more about it. Because whatever is in between my legs is my own private thing. And hopefully my partner’s.”

BB then asked Mariel if she thought she hadn’t changed enough. When Mariel said “Yes, I think you have changed,” BB said: “Exactly. I have nothing against change. Ang sabi ko nga I’ve embraced my change, I’ve embraced everything and yun happy ako. Day, aapak-apakan ka sa New York kung hindi ka buo ano [They will walk all over you in New York if you’re not complete]!”

Before BB’s homecoming, rumors had swirled that BB had undergone a sex change in the US to complete her transformation. Prior to her change, BB or Rustom Padilla, was a matinee actor, a one-time action star and even married to his leading lady, Carmina Villaroel.

Androgynous model

BB gave Paparazzi her first interview upon returning home after she went to the US in 2010 to pursue modelling. She said she worked hard to achieve a more svelte figure and kept a disciplined lifestyle.

“I walk six miles in the morning and six miles at night. Tapos, I do yoga, everything,” she said.

According to BB, she once tried out for a modelling agency but was rejected because she couldn’t simply fit into the clothes at 140 lbs.

“Ang lola, ‘day, kailangan yung cleansing (diet). For 24 days, I did that. I was 140 when they said that to me and I went down to 115. Konting disiplina lang to!” she said.

BB said despite the rise of androgynous or ‘gender-less’ model Andrej Pejic, she still felt discrimination in the US. She said they were treated like the “new Black (Americans)” and had to work doubly hard to prove themselves in the industry.

“[If ordinary women] would have to prove themselves 100 percent, we have to prove ourselves 200 percent, or even more,” she added.

Ready to face ex-wife?

Since publicly outing himself in 2006 and her transformation in 2009, BB has yet to meet Carmina. Now that she is more comfortable with herself, will she meet her ex-wife in person?

“I’m ready to face anyone,” she said.

Mariel earlier revealed on the show that Carmina had invited BB to guest on her showbiz talkshow on ABS-CBN. But Robin asked BB to grant Mariel an exclusive interview first before going to other shows.

When Mariel pointed out that some people thought BB’s female peg was her former wife, she replied: “Parang gusto kong sabihin kay [I feel like telling] Carmina, don’t flatter yourself, charing! Loko lang [Joke only]!”

The arrival of BB on the set of Paparazzi was highly anticipated especially since she was expected to bump into Carmina’s current partner Zoren Legazpi, who is one of the show’s regular hosts.

But the two did not appear together onscreen. Despite this, BB seemed comfortable talking about Zoren.

“Ang ganda ng pagkaka-blow dry (ng buhok),” BB said when asked what she thought of Zoren.

BB hinted at the possibility of returning to acting while she stays in the country for three months.

“I miss acting. [regardless of whatever role they trust me with]. I just want to work as an actor here,” she added.

Message to haters

Meanwhile, when asked about her current relationship with her family, BB refused to give a definite answer.

“No comment. Honestly, no comment. I don’t wanna say anything na possible pang pagsimulan ng sama ng loob. So no comment,” she said.

In a taped interview, BB’s mother Eva Cariño admitted that she hadn’t seen her in more than a year and that she “missed” her. But it was not clear if BB had already seen her mother after returning home.

BB admits that with her transformation, she knows she could polarize people.

“Either you’ll love me or hate me,” she added.

For those who still do not approve of the changes she underwent, BB has these words to say: “Dun sa mga nagmamahal sa akin, tumatanggap sa akin, maraming maraming salamat [To those who love me, accept me, thank you].

“I don’t feel any different from any of you guys I’m just unique as you are unique. So let’s just embrace our uniqueness and respect our uniqueness let’s avoid hate.

Source: Liza Endaya, TV5

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