Paulo Avelino admits to dating KC Concepcion on “Buzz ng Bayan” this Sunday!

Paulo Avelino will break his silence behind his break-up with LJ Reyes and admits dating KC Concepcion in a ‘premium exclusive’ interview on “Buzz ng Bayan” this Sunday (November 3).


Paulo’s tell-all interview is the newest exclusive feature of “Buzz ng Bayan” after the Phoemela Baranda’s controversial revelation last week (October 27) about her 15-year-old daughter which made headlines.

Meanwhile, Jake Cuenca will break his silence about the true reason why his ex-girlfriends Roxanne Guinoo and Melissa Ricks hate him. Coleen Garcia will also open up her heart in “Buzz ng Bayan” and answer the accusation that she is the third party in Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil’s break-up.

Be involved and join in the timely discussion of Boy Abunda, Carmina Villarroel and Janice de Belen; celebrity guests, and ‘Bayan Buzzers’ in “Buzz ng Bayan,” every Sunday at 4PM, after “Luv U” on ABS-CBN.

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Toni Gonzaga and Charlene Gonzales OUT, Janice de Belen and Carmina Villaroel IN, “The Buzz ng Bayan”!

“The Buzz” will be reformatted into “Buzz ng Bayan” and  the original host that will stay is Boy Abunda, this means that Toni Gonzaga and Charlene Gonzales have to go!


They will be replaced by Janice de Belen and Carmina Villaroel who were host of the defunct “Showbiz Inside Report”(SIR).

On Sunday, October 13, avid viewers of ABS-CBN Sunday showbiz oriented talk-show The Buzz, Boy Abunda announced that it was the last appearance of Toni and Charlene on the show.

The new showbiz-oriented talk show titled “Buzz ng Bayan” will start airing on October 20, Sunday at 4 p.m. on ABS-CBN with hosts Boy Abunda, Carmina Villaroel and Janice de Belen.

Are you excited to see the new show and hosts?

“May Isang Pangarap” beats GMA Network’s newest drama series “Unforgettable”!

Afternoon TV viewers are now hooked with the endearing story of ABS-CBN’s top caliber afternoon family drama series “May Isang Pangarap,” topbilled by Carmina Villarroel, Vina Morales and two of Kapamilya network’s newest child wonders Larah Claire Sabroso and Julia Klarisse Base, as recently proven by the latest data from Kantar Media last Monday (February 25) when it ruled its time slot, defeating GMA’s newest afternoon series.


“May Isang Pangarap” garnered 13.6% national TV ratings, while its latest rival program “Unforgettable” only earned 11.4%. How will Kare (Vina) change now that Julia is getting more famous as a “Super Singing Star Kid” finalist?

Will the two kids’ competition further heat up now that somebody discovers Larah’s singing talent? Don’t miss the newest afternoon habit on TV that inspires everyone to hold on to their dreams, “May Isang Pangarap,” every afternoon, 2:45pm after “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.

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‘May Isang Pangarap’ is Gaining Grounds Against ‘Yesterday’s Bride’!

With its top caliber cast and touching story, ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold drama series “May Isang Pangarap” continues to charm afternoon TV viewers, who are now hooked with the journey to stardom of the two Kapamilya child wonders Larah Claire Sabroso and Julia Klarisse Base and even with the heated confrontations between the characters of Carmina Villarroel and Vina Morales.


Based on the data from Kantar Media last Tuesday (February 19), “May Isang Pangarap” scored 13% national TV ratings, while its rival teleserye in GMA “Yesterday’s Bride” only garnered 11.8%.

Now that Julia’s image is good as new after her ‘scripted’ apology was well received online, will she win the public’s votes to become the “Super Singing Star Kid?” For Julia’s dreams, will Kare (Vina) continue to be nice to Eric (Ron Morales), the album producer who pursues her despite being a married man? How will Nessa (Carmina) react when she learns that Kare is part of Julia’s publicity stunts?

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“May Isang Pangarap” premieres on Kapamilya Gold this Monday!

ABS-CBN’s highly anticipated drama series “May Isang Pangarap,” topbilled by Carmina Villarroel, Vina Morales and two of Kapamilya network’s newest child wonders Larah Claire Sabroso and Julia Klarisse Base, will finally premiere this Monday (January 21), 2:45pm, after “It’s Showtime.”

Carmina Vina

In the series, afternoon viewers will discover the touching stories of two talented kids Larah (Larah Claire) and Julia (Julia Klarisse), who will both use their gift of singing to reach their dreams. It will also unravel the secrets of Nessa (Carmina) and Kare (Vina) whose lives will be intertwined by their daughters. Can someone really achieve complete happiness once she fulfills her dreams at the expense of her family?

Also featured in “May Isang Pangarap” are Rico Blanco, Gloria Diaz, Bembol Roco, Shamaine Buencamino, Dennis Padilla, Valerie Concepcion, Ron Morales, Erin Ocampo and Dominic Roque. It is under the direction of Erick Salud at Jerry Lopez Sineneng.

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Newest child wonders Julia Klarisse Base and Larah Claire Sabroso lead in May Isang Pangarap!

ABS-CBN via its upcoming Primetime Bida drama series titled “May Isang Pangarap” will soon launch its newest child wonders–eight-year-olds Larah Claire Sabroso of Davao City and Julia Klarisse Base of Manila, who are set to touch TV viewers’ hearts through their inspiring journey to stardom.

May Isang Pangarap

The two girls were both discovered from the Kapamilya Network’s nationwide talent search “Kapamilya Little Star” held last 2012.

“May Isang Pangarap” will also tell the story of the Larah and Julia’s supportive mothers who will be portrayed by Carmina Villarroel and Vina Morales, respectively. Also featured in the series are Rico Blanco, Erin Ocampo, Dominique Roque, Bembol Roco, Shamaine Buencamino, Dennis Padilla, Gloria Diaz, Valerie Concepcion and Ron Morales. It is under the direction of Jerry Lopez Sineneng.

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Carmina Villaroel’s “Perfect Gift” in Wanapanataym this Saturday!

After getting her ‘perfect gift’ from her husband Zoren Legaspi through their grand mob wedding, seasoned actress and TV host Carmina Villaroel will give the TV viewers a special kind of present this Saturday (December 1) as she topbills the Christmas countdown special of ABS-CBN’s top-rating fantasy-drama anthology “Wansapantaym.

In an episode titled ‘Perfect Gift,’ Carmina will give life to the role of Joanna, a woman who did not experience a beautiful childhood. Because of her parents’ shortcomings when she was still young, Joanna did everything while growing up so she can to give everything that her son asks for. Despite of the expensive toys and clothes that she has provided, will Joanna realize the greater importance of giving time for her own son?

Together with Carmina in the ‘Perfect Gift’ episode Jeffrey Santos, Carlos Agassi, Yogo Singh, Janica Pareño, Harvy Bautista, and Dexie Daulat. It was written by Mariami Tanangco-Domingo and directed by Tots Sanchez-Mariscal.

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“Showbiz Inside Report,” to air exclusive interview with Mrs. Zoren Legaspi this Saturday!

Actress-TV host Carmina Villaroel was surprised by his partner of 12 years, Zoren Legaspi with a grand proposal and solemn civil wedding held last Thursday (November 15) at Fernbrook Garden in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

Teary-eyed Carmina was shocked and blissful at the same time when she suddenly walked down the aisle in a wedding she never had any idea of. All she knew that she was there to for a photoshoot of a commercial. The big surprise which was organized for almost two months by Zoren, with the help of their families, their twins Mavy and Cassy, and ABS-CBN.

“Finally, this is it! It’s not actually needed but Zoren made it happen. I’m really super happy,” said Carmina during his exclusive interview with “Showbiz Inside Report” which will be shown this Saturday (November 17) on ABS-CBN.

Among those who were invited in the suprise wedding were Carmina and Zoren’s family member and close friends in and out of showbiz. Grace Poe Llamanzares, Eric Quizon, and Kris Aquino were among their godparents.

Don’t miss the exclusive coverage of the surprise proposal and wedding of Carmina and Zoren in the country’s top-rating and trending showbiz-oriented talkshow, “Showbiz Inside Report,” this Saturday, 2:30pm, after “It’s Showtime,” on ABS-CBN.

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Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi: “Surprise Wedding of the Year” photos revealed!

The biggest surprise  that Camina had was last Thursday, what she thought was just a photo shoot for a commercial brand together with Zoren and their twins turned out to be a shock and a surprise!


Carmina Villaroel, 37 and Zoren  Legaspi, 40 tied the knot last Thursday night, November 15 at Fernbrook Garden Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

Cameras where around and Carmina thought that when Zoren made a wedding proposal in front of families and friends from in and out of showbiz that all were just part of a commercial shoot for an ice cream brand under a man-made blossom tree. She went along but later she realized that everything is different as the things turned serious as the wedding went afterwards as planned by Zoren, her kids and colleagues of BS-CBN is for real.

The principal sponsors to the Legaspi-Villaroel Nuptial are Kris Aquino, Ben Chan, Grace Poe-Llamanzaresand Eric Quizon.

Also in attendance to witness the wedding are Maricel Soriano, Lily Monteverde, Boy Abunda, former “Sis” co-hosts Gelli de Belen and Janice de BelenAiko Melendez, Candy Pangilinan, Amy Austria-Ventura, Tirso Cruz III, Joel Torre, Joey Marquez, and Ms. Susan Roces.

More photos below (Click to enlarge):

“Lorenzo’s Time” is Now on Its Last Three Weeks!

ABS-CBN’s top-rating primetime drama series “Lorenzo’s Time” is nearing its end.

Since it aired on July 2012, the hit teleserye topbilled by Zaijan Jaranilla and Carmina Villaroel has touched the hearts of viewers through the unique and touching tale of the ‘little man’ named Enzo (Zaijan). Now that “Lorenzo’s Time” goes down to its last three weeks, the plot continues to thicken with the revelation that Jonas (James Blanco) and Enzo’s long lost brother Archie is one and the same peson.

Will Mildred (Amy Austria-Ventura) succeed in sparking up a sibling rivalry between Enzo and Jonas? Who will end up with Kathy (Carmina)? What will Enzo do when he discovers that his disease is back?

“Lorenzo’s Time” will air its final episode on October 5. Don’t miss the last three weeks of “Lorenzo’s Time, weeknights, after “Walang Hanggan” on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

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