Sunshine Cruz reveals that every time they has a spat with Cesar Montano, he brings-up her being a bold star.

Sunshine Cruz reveals that every time they has a spat with Cesar Montano, he brings-up her being a bold star.

sunshine cruz

Sunshine Cruz reveals that in the 13 year that she is married to estrange husband Cesar Montano, never did he forget that his wife was once a bold star and he always brings it up to her every single time that they had a misunderstanding.

This is what Sunshine revealed:

“Mayroon sigurong mga tao na hindi makakalimot sa past ng ibang tao. He would always tell me na dati kasi akong bold star. Masakit kasi kahit naman naging ganun ako, first boyfriend ko ‘yun eh. At 13 years na, ikaw ‘yung may ginagawa, tanggapin mo. Huwag mong ibalik ‘yung past, pelikula iyon eh.”

On why she became a bold star:

“Dahil sa hirap, dahil sa mga naririnig ko, yeah sometimes. Parang why did I do this, I was so stupid. Pero nangyari na iyan eh. Hindi rin naman mag-mourn ako forever because of what I did before.”

She also revealed the one last incident that triggered her to finally leave Cesar:

“We were having lunch one day and my 8-year-old told me na kausapin ko daw ‘yung tatay nila kasi may nakita sila sa phone. To cut the story short, I tried reaching out kay Buboy for four days…kasi it’s already affecting our children but unfortunately very busy siya that time for the movie, hindi siya nakauwi for days. I prayed and that was the time na I decided na maybe it’s time for me to move on.”

She also revealed that this is not the first time that she left their conjugal house:

“Ilang beses akong humiwalay, nagpaamo, bumalik, humiwalay na naman, nagpaamo, bumalik. Parang I know in my heart and in my mind that I did everything to make it work pero 13 years na eh, kalian ko pa pagdedesisyunan na siguro it’s time to love myself more? Kapag 50 years old na ako? Siguro 13 years is enough.”

Her next plan is to invalidate her marriage with Cesar Montano.

Cesar Montano on Sunshine Cruz’ alleged rape: “Anong panggagahasa e dun ako natulog?”

In a recent interview with Arnold Clavio on “Talakayan With Igan” ng programang Unang Hirit ng GMA-7 this morning, August 14,where the lawyers of Sunshine Cruz, Atty. Bonifacio Alentajan and the lawyer of Cesar Montano, Atty. Joel Ferrer met.


Atty, Ferrer said that the daughters of the couple is with Cesar because they wanted to be with their father and that the alleged rape that happened on May 12, 2013, Mother’s Day is not true, and Cesar did not force himself to his wife.

This is what his lawyer said:

“Noong Mother’s Day na tinutukoy, na ginahasa siya, nung araw na yun, nag-text si Shine kay Cesar, inimbita para mag-dinner sila kasama ang mga bata. Nag-dinner ho yung pamilya.

“After dinner, komo’t nag-enjoy naman sila, walang away e sa bahay ni Shine natulog si Cesar at kinabukasan na ho umuwi, umalis si Cesar doon.

“After that, marami pa ho silang exchanges ng texts, sweet nothings… so nagulat si Cesar.”

Arnold Clavio asked him:

“So, ebidensiya na ho ninyo yung mga text messages?”

Atty. Ferrer reiterated:

“Meron ho, meron ho kami nun. Kaya nagulat nga ho siya—‘Anong panggagahasa e dun ako natulog?”

But Sunshine’s lawyer Atty. Alentajan insisted that his cleint was a raped.

Sunshine Cruz allegedly raped by estrange husband Cesar Montano!

Sunshine Cruz filed a complaint-affidavit before the Quezon City Regional Trial Court this morning, Tuesday, August 13, 2013 on Violence Against Women and their Children case against estrange husband, Cesar Montano.


Sunshine was accompanied by her legal counsel, Atty. Bonifacio Alentajan.

Sunshine claims that Cesar has committed — and still continues to commit — acts of violence and verbal abuse against her and her three daughters, that she has been denied access to her children since July 29, despite her efforts for them to be brought home and an alleged incident of rape last May.

According to report form ABS-CBNnews:

Cruz described Montano as “a very domineering, philandering husband that demanded full submission and obedience” from her.

She also detailed a recent affair between her husband and starlet Krista Miller which, she said, had adverse effects on her daughters, who had read the text messages exchanged between Montano and Miller.

Cruz said her daughter also witnessed her father receive a text photo of Miller in a bikini.

In addition to these claims of abuse, Cruz said she has been denied access to her children since July 29, despite her efforts for them to be brought home.

“Bilang tatay siya ng mga anak ko, as much as possible, we want to protect the person. But since the 29th, hindi ko na rin nakita ang mga anak ko. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ganun kaya I decided to do this already,” she said.

Cruz said this was the trigger for her to file this case against her husband.

“Kasi kapag nasa work naman ako, hinahayaan kong kunin niya ang mga bata. Pero hindi na niya sinauli, puro tomorrow, tomorrow. ‘Yung tomorrow na ‘yun tumagal na nang tumagal hanggang sa I realized na he’s not going to give back my kids,” she said.

Cruz said she is willing to lose everything except her kids.


Cinema One airs thriller-drama “Biktima” tonight!

Get your heart racing with Cesar Montano’s first indie film Biktima, also starring Angel Aquino and Mercedes Cabral, airing tonight at 8 on Cinema One.


Shown in 2012, the thrilling drama tells the story of a life accidentally forgotten. After a rebel ambush during an on-site reporting, newscaster Alice dela Cruz (Aquino) is believed to have been killed in the rampage.

With the passing of this devastating event, her husband Mark (Montano) chooses to move on from what had taken place, and finds himself in love with Sandra (Cabral). However, six months later, Alice is found to have survived, but with a case of partial amnesia — remembering everything only up to the point of the said crisis.

The conflict arises with this discovery, and despite everything, Mark still decides to continue his relationship with Sandra and hides their love affair from Alice. This goes on until Alice begins to remember what had really happened to her.

The traumatic experience unfolds and leads to Alice’s becoming a different, more violent version of herself, especially when the truth is finally fully exposed as she discovers her husband’s affair with another woman.

Sunshine Cruz on reconciling with Cesar Montano: “Ay, naku, sa totoo lang, mahirap… Only God knows.”!

Sunshine Cruz is back on the limelight, after separating from husband Cesar Montano she made her presence felt with the cover of FHM Magazine and now she is back working as an actress again via Dugong Buhay!


In a recent interviewwhebn asked if  she has forgiven her husband:

“Siguro kaya nga masaya ako ngayon at nakakangiti na tayo kasi nga nakapagpatawad na tayo.”

If a reconciliation is in the midst:

“Ay, naku, sa totoo lang, mahirap…

“Only God knows. Only God knows talaga!”

“Pero sa ngayon talaga… biglang hindi ako nakapagsalita!”

“Only God knows.”

If she is going to go back with Cesar:

“Huwag na muna. Pabayaan na muna natin ang isa’t isa.”

She also revealed that she is now focused on working again as an actress and that she is happy working again.

Sunshine Cruz finally left Cesar Montano!

Sunshine Cruz was present during that Star Awards for Movies last Sunday, March 2013 and as she arrived, she was in a hurry but still managed to answer some controversial questions!


She confirmed that she left the home where she and husband Cesar Montano lived together with their kids. That means that she and husband Cesar are officially over.

We can recall that Cesar said in an interview that he will not allow Sunshine to leave their home, but instead he will be the one to leave.

But, Sunshine decided to leave their house together with their two kids who really understand the situation and stood by her. Up to now they haven’t talked about how they are going to do with their time with their kids and that she will discuss with her lawyers. Annulment is still not being discussed.

This is what she said of her decision:

“I don’t regret anything sa anumang nagawa ko in my life, especially nandyan ang kids na mahal na mahal ka. Wala akong pinagsisihan kasi I know na ginawa ko ang lahat for this relationship to work, pero wala talaga. There are times na nag-iisip din ako if tama ang naging decision ko but, I guess, kung babalikan ko ang mga nangyari, alam ko tama ang ginawa ko.”

She wanted to focus more on their kids and working again, so that she can live a life with out Cesar.

Do you think that there is still a chance for them to get back?

Sunshine Cruz is going sexy again for another FHM cover shoot!

Sunshine Cruz is getting offers from all networks but she prefers to work with ABS-CBN soon in a teleserye!

Shine FHM

She is also working out and prepping herself for another FHM cover shoot. If we can remember well, Sunshine was the first ever cover of FHM Philippines. Just before she got married to Cesar Montano.

Sunshine is also very busy packing hers and her kids things since she is leaving Cesar for good and moving to a new place.

Now that she is separated, she will grace the cover of FHM anew!


Sunshine Cruz, if my life made into a movie with Cesar Montano it will be titled “I Loved You Goodbye!”

Sunshine Cruz gave up Montano on her Twitter and Instagram account (See related story HERE),  now in a recent interview she said  if her life story were to be made into a movie, it should be titled “I Loved You, Goodbye.”


This pertains to her husband Cesar Montano whom she allegedly saw that a number of her gifts to Montano are now with starlet Krista Miller, who co-stars with her husband in an upcoming film.

This is what Sunshine said:

“I just realized I did everything for the man I loved for the past 13 years. I fought, lied and cried just to protect the love of my life pero sabi nga nila kung mahal mo ang tao set him free. I’m doing what I think is best. After all, if you feel na hindi na masaya o kontento ang tao sa ‘yo, bakit kailangang ipilit.”

Sunshine Cruz has asked her manager for projects and that she good to work again.

Sunshine Cruz drops Montano on Twitter!

Sunshine Cruz has just changed her profile name and she drops her last name. Does that say anything on her married life with husband Cesar Montano.


This is what Sunshine posted on her Twitter:

“Good morning friends and family. To avoid confusion i just want to let you all know that my new username on Twitter and IG (Instagram) is now @sunshinecruz77.”

What do you think?

Nora Aunor led cast of ‘Never Say Goodbye’ to Hook Primetime Viewers Starting Monday, Feb 11!

TV5 is set to prove once again that it can go head to head against its rivals in terms of quality drama with new romantic series Never Say Goodbye premiering on Monday (February 11) at 7:30pm. The project boasts of a stellar cast led by no less than the superstar Nora Aunor. At the helm of this project is TV5’s top brass director and Talent Center head, Mac Alejandre.


Set in beautiful locations across Benguet and Baguio City, Never Say Goodbye promises a different kind of cinematic experience on primetime television. Colorful blooms in a rose farm paint the entangled love stories of characters played by seasoned actors Aunor, Cesar Montano, Alice Dixson and Gardo Versoza. The project introduces Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert after being proclaimed winners of Artista Academy. Also in the cast is talented young actor Edgar Allan Guzman.

In a desperate attempt to run away from an arranged marriage, Kate (Sophie Albert) flees to Baguio. She meets William (Vin Abrenica) when she stays at the famous Manor Hotel. As the young man tries to help the damsel in distress, he decides to bring her to his hometown. Little did they know that their lives are connected by deep wounds from the past. William’s mother, Marta (Nora Aunor), was framed by Kate’s mother Criselda (Alice Dixson) for a crime she did not commit. Marta’s former flame Javier (Cesar Montano) also ended up marrying Criselda. Pregnant with Javier’s child, Marta’s heart has become full of hate. While being transported between penal facilities, Marta escapes and meets Dindo (Gardo Versoza), who assumes the role of her child’s father.

Embittered by the past, Marta forbids William from pursuing a relationship with Kate. However, the young love-struck couple will do whatever it takes to be together. What happens when one is forced to say goodbye?

Don’t miss the pilot episode of TV5’s Never Say Goodbye on Monday, February 11, at 7:30PM right after Kidlat.

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