Deaths, Sex Scandal and Beauty Queen tops trending searches for 2013!

Google releases its year-end Zeitgeist, “a collection of the top search queries by Filipinos.”


Leading 2013’s top overall searches is the late Hollywood star Paul Walker, who became popular for his role as Brian O’Conner in The Fast and The Furious franchise. He died in a car crash on November 30, 2013.

Our country also makes an impact in the “global search traffic,” with the onslaught of typhoon Yolanda landing the second spot as the most trending event, next to Boston Marathon, which hit the headlines in April due to the bombings that killed three people and injured about 300 others.

Meanwhile, the list of most-searched news topics was dominated by deaths, beauty queens, sex video scandals, and national issues—such as pork barrel, election results, and SONA.

2013 top overall searches of the Filipinos:

  1. Paul Walker
  2. Samsung Galaxy S4
  3. Movies 2013
  4. Onehitcf
  5. Camera 360
  6. PAL Express
  7. Neri Naig
  8. Miss Universe 2013
  9. EB Babe Yosh
  10. iPhone 5s

The newsmakers, according to the pulse of Goole users, are:

  1. Paul Walker
  2. Cory Monteith
  3. Ariella Arida
  4. Pope Francis
  5. Megan Young
  6. Devina Dediva
  7. Nancy Binay
  8. Janet Napoles
  9. Gilas Pilipinas
  10. Nelson Mandela

The most-searched People are:

  1. Paul Walker
  2. Neri Naig
  3. EB Babe Yosh
  4. Cory Monteith
  5. Wall Bayola
  6. Ariella Arida
  7. Kevin Ware
  8. Pope Francis
  9. Chito Miranda
  10. Megan Young

And lastly, the list of top Local Celebrities searched by Filipinos:

  1. Neri Naig
  2. EB Babe Yosh
  3. Wally Bayola
  4. Ariella Arida
  5. Chito Miranda
  6. Megan Young
  7. Freddie Aguilar girlfriend
  8. Totoy Brown
  9. Krista Miller
  10. Alyssa Quijano

Neri Naig, Chito Miranda, EB Babe Yosh, and Wally Bayola all became controversial because of their “private videos,” which circulated on the Net.


Chito Miranda -Neri Naig Video Scandal revealed!

Parokya ni Edgar lead singer Chito Miranda and girlfriend Neri Naig sex video surfaced on youtube today and gone as fast as it surfaces!


Many people have seen the video and some even saved a screen caption of the two lovers in the verge of making love, they even smiled before the camera after the act was done.

It was a home made video not for public consumption, but allegedly Miranda’s house was robbed and his laptop was included and that is where the video was stored and that someone uploaded their personal video online.

Have you seen the alleged sex video on line?

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