Phil Younghusband denies getting Denisse Oca pregnant!

Phil Younghusband shoots down the rumors that he was the father of  Denisse Oca‘s  unborn child!


And Phil also denied that the reason for his break-up with Angel Locsin is Denisse.

This is what Phil posted in his twitter account last Tuesday:

“To put an end to the doubts and rumors, I am not the father of the baby of Dennise nor was it the reason Angel and I broke up,” 

Denisse who is romantically linked with Younghusband back in 2011, has this to say on her Instagram account:

“I’ll tell people who the father is when I’m ready. Right now I just want to keep it private,”
“One thing I can for sure is that it is definitely not Phil and the rumors are not true. Thanks.”


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