Derek Ramsay, Nadine Samonte Romance Blossoming in ‘Kidlat’!

Derek Ramsay and Nadine Samonte’s characters in TV5’s hit series “Kidlat” seem to be heading for love as next week’s episodes highlight the couple’s blossoming relationship.


After the accidental death of Dr. Megaton (Christopher de Leon), Voltaire (Ramsay) started to distance himself from his stepbrother Vincent (Baron Geisler) and childhood friend Lara (Samonte). Years later, Voltaire finds himself face-to-face with the beautiful Lara and the two immediately rekindle their lost friendship. But the road to love is not easy for the two, as Vincent also has feelings for Lara whom he considers his only friend.

What would Vincent do if he finds out that Lara is slowly falling for his enemy and stepbrother? What schemes will he conjure up to keep the couple apart?

Stay tuned for exciting new episodes of Kidlat, weeknights at 6:45PM right after Aksyon on TV5.

“Kidlat” premieres as an ‘epic movie’ on TV5 this Sunday!

Get ready to welcome the newest superhero in Pinoy pop culture as TV5’s new primetime drama Kidlat premieres on Sunday, January 6.
Kidlat Derek

Audiences will be treated to an action-packed episode as the series kicks off with a 90-minute epic movie special that takes the audience immediately to the heart of the action.

Kidlat marks another first for both the network and star Derek Ramsay as the series debuts as a full-length movie.

The series will then continue with its regular run starting on Monday, January 7.

Kidlat is helmed by acclaimed director Mike Tuviera and stars the best and brightest actors of our time, including Baron Geisler, Nadine Samonte, Wendell Ramos, Ritz Azul, Assunta de Rossi, Jay Manalo and multi-awarded actor Christopher de Leon.

Catch the Kidlat movie premiere on January 6 at 6:45PM, then follow the journey of this electrifying superhero every Monday to Friday at 6:45PM right after Aksyon only on TV5.

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