Edgy Drama ‘For Love or Money’ Premieres Tonight on TV5!

10 million, 10 days. Kakayanin mo kaya? Tonight at 8:00pm, TV5 pilots another edgy drama starring Alice Dixson, Ritz Azul and Derek Ramsay – “For Love or Money.”


For Love or Money brings back hunk actor Derek Ramsay on television as he stars with TV5 drama princess Ritz Azul and timeless beauty Alice Dixson in a captivating story of love and sacrifice – “For Love or Money.”

The weekly drama series revolves around the story of young ambitious couple, Roselle (Ritz Azul) and Edward (Derek Ramsay), who are struggling to achieve their dreams, until they cross paths with the wealthy and beautiful Kristine (Alice Dixson), who offers Roselle 10 million pesos for 10 days with Edward.

Starting tonight, “For Love or Money” will challenge all of your long-held convictions about what is right and wrong when it comes to matters of the heart.

“For Love or Money” airs every Thursday night at 8:00pm beginning October 17, on TV5.

Derek Ramsay on Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz video scandal: “It doesn’t matter because past is past.”!

Derek Ramsay on Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz video scandal: “It doesn’t matter because past is past.”!


Derek Ramsay just shrugged off the rumor of an alleged sex video featuring his current girlfriend Cristine Reyes and her ex-boyfriend  Rayver Cruz.

On his reaction upon knowing of the rumor:

“I didn’t mention it to her. I know what it is. My friends also got the text.”

On his stand on the issue:

“Even if there is (video), it doesn’t matter because past is past. That doesn’t matter to me.”

Derek is really a true gentleman and it shows how much he loved and respect Cristine amidst the issue.

Derek Ramsay and Cristine Reyes lock-lips photo revealed!

Derek Ramsay is very proud of his new girlfriend Cristine Reyes as he pos tee a photo of them locking lips!


Instagram account @KingDerekRamsay with the caption:

This is forever! @queencristinereyes


Derek Ramsay, Claudine Barretto and Cristine Reyes movie in the works!

Another adult love triangle movie from Viva Films is in the works which will star Derek Ramsay, Claudine Barretto and Cristine Reyes!


The still untitled movie is a come back vehicle for Claudine after she did not rake in ratings for the soap that she is in on GMA Network, this will also the first time she will be working for a project this year.

Do you think that Claudine still is a good investment in mainstream films?

Are you excited to see Claudine, Derek and Cristine on the big screen?

TV5 thanks Davaoeños for high ratings at 76th Araw ng Dabaw!

DAVAO CITY, Philippines, March 16, 2013— Kapatid stars flying in to the city for the 2013 Araw ng Dabaw should brace themselves for droves of fans and supporters as TV5 continues to solidify its position in Mindanao’s premier broadcast market.


Kidlat lead star Derek Ramsay joins the other cast members of the TV5 top-rating series — leading ladies Nadine Samonte and Ritz Azul and Wendell Ramos — for an eventful day coinciding with one of the Southern Philippines’ most anticipated festivals. Never Say Goodbye’s Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert, one of today’s most popular love teams, are also part of the Kapatid contingent in the city — much to the excitement of their Davaoeño fans. The “Go5! Live sa Araw ng Dabaw” event is TV5’s way of thanking Davaoeños for patronizing TV5 programs and personalities.

At 3:00PM, the cast of Kidlat invades Davao’s Abreeza Mall for a fun show packed with games and prizes. Fans will also get the chance to meet the show’s stars up close. At 4:00PM, the TV5 Serye Caravan will be rolled out at the Rizal Park so Davaoeños can have a chance to watch their favorite Kapatid programs like Kidlat, Never Say Goodbye, Lokomoko U and Face to Face. Stars part of the Kapatid contingent will also hold a show at the same place come 6:30PM that will surely delight those in the city for the Araw ng Dabaw celebrations.

Araw ng Dabaw celebrates the 76th anniversary of Davao’s cityhood. As one of the world’s biggest cities in terms of land area, the city has become Mindanao’s center of urban development and is considered the leading force in Metro Davao, the Philippines’ third most populous metropolitan area.


Cristalle Henares on being linked with Derek Ramsay: “Pareho naman kaming single ‘di ba?”

Derek Ramsay have been seen constantly with Cristalle Henares in mostly out of town trips and now she is being linked with the actor!


Cristalle’s mother celebrity doctor Vicki Belo has no problem about actor Derek Ramsay being romantically linked to her daughter, but said further that tere is nothing romantic between the two.

This is what Cristalle said on the issue:

“Derek and I have been working together also dahil siya din ang isang endorser namin. Baka naisip lang ng tao na baka may nangyayari kasi parati kaming nagkikita, pero wala talaga.”

On the rumor that there is more than friendship between them:

“Hindi naman ako showbiz, hindi naman ako sanay dito. At least sa amin, between us, we know the truth. There’s nothing wrong being linked to each other, pareho naman kaming single, ‘di ba? Wala namang naapektuhan na iba.”

TV5’s “Kidlat” beats GMA Network in Visayas, Mindanao!

Data from the overnight report of the Nielsen TV Audience Measurement (Arianna) shows that viewers in the Visayas and Mindanao favored the premiere of Derek Ramsay-starrer Kidlat over its counterpart programs on GMA when it premiered via a special made-for-TV movie last Sunday (January 6) on TV5.

In the Visayas, the Kapatid Network’s first offering for 2013 posted a 26-percent audience share — leaving behind GMA programs with a recorded 14.5-percent audience share. In terms of absolute ratings, Kidlat recorded over 200,000 more viewers than GMA.

The TV5 superhero drama also captured the hearts of Mindanao-based viewers, posting 26.6 percent audience share — eight points higher than GMA’s 18.2. Nearly 450,000 Kapatids from the region, on the average, also tuned in to the Kidlat’s premiere, while GMA managed to get a little over 300,000 average viewers.

Overall, more than 2.7 million average viewers nationwide tuned in to witness Philippine TV’s newest superhero in action.

Don’t miss Kidlat every Monday to Friday at 6:45PM on TV5 right after Aksyon. Find out the latest updates via the show’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/TV5Kidlat and official Twitter account @KidlatTV5.

Get to know TARP : Magkumpare – Boom Vergara and Cheng Enriquez!

Both single fathers who ventured overseas to support their families, Boom and Cheng are also avid motorcycle riders who know how to work around the different circumstances they encounter.

Not comfortable about making alliances with other teams, the self-proclaimed “Bash Brothers” rely less on athleticism and more on street smarts. They also have an uncanny level of confidence on and off-camera that they believe is more than enough to get them over the humps.

Don’t miss the journey of the 11 teams every Monday to Friday after “Wil Time Bigtime” and every Saturday after “Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide” only on TV5.

Get to know TARP : Alabang housewives – Vanessa Ishitani and Pamela Spella!

If money is not an object, these rich and bored housewives from Alabang can easily buy their way into victory.

After all, they offered to buy Derek Ramsay just to make sure he’ll host “The Amazing Race Philippines.”

But the rules of the race require all teams to make the most out of their limited money and that is the biggest challenge for Pam and Vanessa. Considered to be the comic relief of the reality series, these ladies may actually prove naysayers wrong and surprise everyone with a good finish.

Don’t miss the journey of the 11 teams every Monday to Friday after “Wil Time Bigtime” and every Saturday after “Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide” only on TV5.

Get to know TARP : Gym buddies – Marc Dungo and Kat Tan!

Sharing the same passion for fitness, Marc and Kat obviously have the discipline and temperament to take on this extremely challenging race.

Physical tasks are no big deal to them and might be an advantage to people who consider health their priority. But a few things may hinder the power partners: Mark has fear of heights and being in the water for too long. Kat, on the other hand, is very conscious about what she puts inside her body. They may have to conquer those fears if they are to win this thing.

Don’t miss the journey of the 11 teams every Monday to Friday after “Wil Time Bigtime” and every Saturday after “Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide” only on TV5.

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