Kapuso Stars share 2012 unforgettable moments and looking forward to 2013!

MANILA, Philippines – Kapuso stars have all the reasons to be thankful for the year that was. As for 2013, they hope for a clean slate to start fresh with wishes and goals all set for realization. Below, GMA talents share their unforgettable moments in 2012 and things they look forward to in the new year.

Kapuso stars

Carla Abellana —  Unforgettable moment in 2012 was paying for my house and lot fully, getting myself and my family new cars and coming to Las Vegas for the first time with Geoff on a brief vacation. This 2013, I look forward to my new soap where I get to play a role I’ve been dreaming of since I was younger, and hopefully I get to do at least one movie as well.

Mikael Daez — My most unforgettable moment would be getting the news that Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga became No. 1 during the whole daytime block because that’s what I put all my energies towards giving my best. For 2013, I’m looking forward to improving upon my 2012 and making the most of the momentum I’ve built.

Ogie Alcasid — 2012 went by and so many things happened, happy events and very sad events. What is important is that in 2012, we remained resilient as a nation — always believing that God is our refuge and salvation. Every new year is an opportunity to grow as a Christian and to be able to witness God’s abundant love for all of us. Every new year is a blessing by God’s grace.

Alden Richards — I’ll never forget how fruitful my career was during my 2012. I’m looking forward for another prosperous year in 2013 because with God anything is possible.

Raymond Gutierrez — I have too many personal breakthroughs and career highlights in 2012 to just choose one. It was truly an unforgettable year for me. From turning my life around and living a healthier lifestyle, the weight loss and the companies that trusted me to endorse their products this year, I’m truly grateful to everyone who helped me along the way. For the upcoming year, I already have set sights on a few projects and collaborations. I might branch out into business and maybe travel a bit more. Let’s see. But whatever it is, my formula will be the same as last year; work hard and keep your eye on the prize.

Jennylyn Mercado — 2012 was one of the best years for me. Ang dami kong naranasan, natutunan at natuklasan. That is why there is no specific moment for me na i-cherish because from experience I learned how to treasure every moment kasi everything that we experience makes us who we are now. For 2013, looking forward ako for my new projects and continuing my journey here at GMA.

Gwen Zamora — Most unforgettable was being able to complete my novena even with a hectic schedule hahaha. I’m looking forward to a family reunion again… Kasi my family is always scattered around the world.

TJ Trinidad — The birth of my son who has changed my life profoundly. Continued growth as an artist, being more active in giving back to the community and of course, being a father and a husband.

Mark Herras — Dancing for Tito Dolphy’s tribute was an unforgettable moment for me in 2012. I was able to show people that I can also do other dance moves apart from hip-hop and sobrang hirap ng mambo at para gayahin yung exact moves ni Tito Dolphy. Overwhelming yung feeling na natuwa at kino-congratulate ako ng lahat ng tao lalo na yung Quizon family. I’m looking forward to more acting projects both on TV and film and of course, dancing will still be a part of my 2013. Good health and happiness for me and my loved ones.

Bela Padilla — For 2012, all my scenes in Magdalena have been unforgettable for me. An action/drama show hopefully in 2013.

Rafael Rosell — Most unforgettable moment in 2012 was one of those spontaneous trips to a hidden and unexplored surf spot dito sa Pinas. It was scary at first, but when I overcame my fear and became chill with the new environment, I slowly came to a realization that would further change the course of my life. It was that very surf session I discovered that a new environment, new people, new experiences and a new outlook was such an enriching boost. This realization slowly leads to my transfer of networks, wherein the excitement of a new environment, new people, new experiences and new outlook took place. And thus 2012 has been, in all senses of the meaning immensely enriching to me. In 2013, I look forward to more people discovering more about themselves and moving forward in their lives and making bold steps out of their comfort zone…in which, they say, is where the epic begins.

Marc Abaya — After my mom passed away last October, my bandmates and I spent a weekend in her rest house in Anilao, Batangas for much-needed rejuvenation and healing. She “sent” us the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. It began simply…then the sky exploded with the most majestic colors. She was also a painter in life…so naturally, I felt like she painted the sky for me; telling me everything was going to be alright. What do I look forward to in 2013? Everything. Life has always thrown me blessings and “curve balls.” I’m grateful for all these gifts for they have made me who I am. I look forward to doing things…anything and everything to honor my family; to honor my mother.

Frencheska Farr — When I got to play the lead role in CBN Asia’s Tinig: The Dulce Story, I was able to break some of my boundaries in acting and the Miss Saigon auditions as well.

Janine Gutierrez — Most unforgettable moment? I think I had so many firsts this year but one would have to be riding a helicopter over the island of Boracay. I look forward to more firsts in 2013, more travels!

Jillian Ward — My most unforgettable moment of 2012 was when my mom and dad surprised me with a Hello Kitty van, playing the role of Luna in Luna Blanca and winning the Movie Child Performer of the Year at the 28th PMPC Star Awards. I’m looking forward to a great year with happy life and blessed family. I’m also wishing good health for all of us. More projects for me and my co-actors at GMA.

Gabby Eigenmann — The success of Broken Vow and Sana Ay Ikaw Na Nga. Also, being nominated for Asian Television Awards.

Rocco Nacino — Receiving and giving my speech for my three awards this year for Enpress, Star Awards and Guillermo Mendoza. I’m looking forward to more projects and interesting roles that I can portray this year.

KC Montero — Getting the chance to get to know Rhian. Continued success for all my friends and my companies as well.

Glaiza de Castro — Most unforgettable yung pag-accept ko sa role ko sa Temptation of Wife. For 2013, I’m looking forward to a more travel/adventure-filled year of independence.

Frank Magalona — Most unforgettable moment of 2012: 12/12/12 was the day I released a tribute song to my father called Hari on FRANKMAGALONA.COM

Lauren Young — My most unforgettable moment for 2012 was when I graduated high school and started college. It’s so unforgettable for me because as a working student it requires so much hardwork to be able to go to school and also work at the same time, so to be able to finish high school is a bit of an accomplishment for me and I’m ready to make another unforgettable experience again, by finishing college.

Elmo Magalona — I’ll never forget the time when I went to the States for the first time. It was an incredible experience.

Hindi Ka Na Mag-Iisa scored high on its pilot airing!

Last Monday, viewers witnessed the initial airing of GMA’s newest afternoon drama series,’ Hindi Ka Na Mag-Iisa‘. Led by Jennylyn Mercado and Sid Lucero, the afternoon drama was well-received by the viewers after it posted high TV ratings on its debut according to data from the industry’s widely trusted ratings service provider Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

Based on overnight household data in National Urban Philippines for July 9, ‘Hindi Ka Na Mag-Iisa’ scored 35.3 share points compared to ABS-CBN’s ‘Mundo Man ay Magunaw‘ which garnered 31.9 share points. While in Urban Luzon, ‘Hindi Ka Na Mag-Iisa’ garnered 39.2 points compared to ‘Mundo Man Ay Magunaw’ with only 26.9 points. For the same period in Mega Manila, ‘Hindi Ka Na Mag-Iisa’ scored 40.3 points, ahead of ABS-CBN’s ‘Mundo Man ay Magunaw’ which garnered 23.7 points.
In the pilot week of ‘Hindi Ka Na Mag-Iisa’, Maita (Glydel Mercado) is set to marry Bernard (Lloyd Samartino) but when Maita confessed she already has a daughter named Elisa, she no longer expects  Bernard to marry her. Although Bernard couldn’t accept Elisa, he still wants to marry Maita since they are also expecting a child. Bernard tells Maita not to tell his mother, Dona Asuncion (Liza Lorena) about Elisa. He also suggests to Maita to give up Elisa for adoption. Maita doesn’t agree with Bernard’s idea so she breaks up with him.
But all things will change when Elisa gets into an accident. Maita calls Bernard for help and he willingly helps Maita but with one important condition.
Find out what will happen between Maita and Elisa this week in ‘Hindi Ka Na Mag-Iisa‘, after Eat Bulaga on GMA Afternoon Prime.

Hindi Ka Na Mag-Iisa’ Starring Jennylyn Mercado to Conquer Afternoon TV Starting July 9!

GMA Network offers another heartwarming family drama that will surely make the viewers laugh, cry and fall in love with the premiere of HINDI KA NA MAG-IISA.
It will replace Hiram Na Puso beginning July 9 on GMA Afternoon Prime.
This original drama series is topbilled by multitalented actress Jennylyn Mercado as she breathes life to the character of Elisa Santos. Jennylyn returns to afternoon drama after appearing in various top-rating afternoon soaps including Paano Bang Mangarap, Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak and Little Star. Playing her leading men in the series, sought-after actor Sid Lucero as Andrew Villagracia and Frank Magalona as Mark. Anticipation is high for Jennylyn, Frank and Sid’s first love triangle onscreen which promises to enthrall viewers with their stellar performances.
Completing the star-studded cast are Angelu De Leon as Jordana MontenegroCarl Guevarra as Dennis,Crystal Reyes as Angelica MontenegroSaab Magalona as Celine MontenegroJoey Paras as Mimi. With special participation of Lloyd Samartino as Bernard MontenegroMs. Liza Loreno as Dona Asuncion Montenegro and Glydel Mercado as Maita Montenegro.

The series tells the story of Elisa (Jennylyn), who at a very young age, learned and experienced all the hardships in life. Because of the trials young Elisa endured, she has no self-confidence and doesn’t trust people immediately because she feels that the people she loves will always leave her. Elisa is scared of falling in love because she doesn’t exactly know how to love someone since she never experienced it yet.

However, all these will change when she meets and gets to know her younger sister, Angelica (Crystal) who is mentally challenged. At first, Elisa is hesitant and can’t feel any love or affection towards her sister because she believes that their mother left her to have a better life and chose Angelica over her. But eventually she learns to care and love her sister.

Andrew (Sid) will play an important role in Elisa’s life. Andrew falls for Elisa. He’ll help and teach Elisa to outgrow her insecurities, fears and worries when it comes to love.

From all the trials and challenges Elisa went through – from the time her mother left her, being mistreated by people around her, being an employer in the new family of her own mother, up to the time when her sister is forcibly taken away from her – Elisa needs to be strong and tough not just for herself but most especially for her sister, Angelica.

Elisa will do anything to protect, defend and fight for her sister but one secret will change everything. Can Elisa continue to fight for her sister despite knowing she really has no rights in keeping Angelica? How long can she fight and stand up against the person who wants to take everything away from her sister?

Under the helm of director Gil Tejada, Jr. and with original concept by Richard “Dode” Cruz, Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa shows the selfless love between two sisters that transcends all hardships.
The creative team is composed of Afternoon Prime Head, Roy Iglesias; Creative Consultant, Des Garbes-Severino; Headwriter, Richard “Dode” Cruz; writers, Lobert Villela, Luningning Ribay, and Angeli Delgado; and Brainstormers, Gilda Olvidado, Liberty Trinidad, and Christina Novicio.
Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa, created by the GMA Drama Group, is supervised by the Executive In-charge of Production, Ms. Lilybeth G. Rasonable; AVP for Drama, Redgie Acuña Magno,  Program Manager, Helen Rose S. Sese with Executive Producer, Kaye Atienza-Cadsawan.
Hindi Ka Na Mag-Iisa premieres July 9 right after EAT BULAGA on GMA Afternoon Prime

Frank Magalona, Jennylyn Mercado and Sid Lucero Topbill ‘Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa’!

After taking an eight-month respite from doing soaps, Jennylyn Mercado is back in the drama scene with actors Sid Lucero and Frank Magalona as her leading men in GMA’s upcoming afternoon drama series “Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa,” which will pilot on July 2, replacing Hiram na Puso.

Joining them in the said series are Angelu de Leon, Saab Magalona, Carl Guevarra, Crystal Reyes andMs. Liza Lorena.

“Excited ako kasi ngayon lang ulit ako magkakaroon ng soap na drama talaga. Nakakatuwa kasi makakatrabaho ko ulit si Sid kasi isa siya sa mga pinakamagagaling na artista at ang sarap niyang katrabaho,” Jennylyn said.

She first worked with Sid in the movie “Rosario,” a 2010 film directed by Albert Martinez.

It’s going to be the first time for Jennylyn, however, to work with the rest of the cast of Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa.

“Hindi ko pa talaga sila personally kilala. But I’m excited na makasama sila at maka-bonding kasi matagal din kaming magsasama. So, ito na yung chance para makilala ko sila,” she said.

How does she feel now that she’s back doing drama?

“Sabi ko nga, parang nakalimutan ko na yatang umarte. Parang ang alam ko nalang gawin ay dumaldal tsaka kumanta (laughs). Pero alam ko namang tutulungan ako ni Sid dahil si Sid napakagaling na artista and I can say na macha-challenge ako sa kanya. Nakasama ko siya sa ‘Rosario’ at malaki ang naitulong niya sa akin dahil ang galing galing niya,” she said.

Directed by Gil Tejada, Jr.Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa will air weekday afternoons, after Eat Bulaga on GMA-7.

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