“Temptation of Wife” nears its heart-stopping finale next week!

GMA Network’s top-rating Pinoy version of the hit Koreanovela Temptation of Wife concludes its run with a heart-stopping finale week from April 1 to April 5.

temptation of wife

The series is regarded as one of the most watched programs on GMA Telebabad, consistently posting high numbers in the ratings game since it began airing on October 29, 2012.

The entire cast led by Marian Rivera, Dennis Trillo, Glaiza de Castro, and Rafael Rosell together with Rio Locsin, Raymond Bagatsing, Michelle Madrigal, Antonio Aquitania, Ayen Munji-Laurel, Bettina Carlos, Rez Cortez, and Ms. Cherie Gil delivered commendable portrayals of their respective characters that hooked viewers from start to finish.

Viewers are eagerly looking forward on how the Pinoy adaptation of the series will conclude especially the fate of the characters of Angeline, Nigel, Heidi, and Marcel.

Who will Angeline choose in the end? Will it be Nigel who stood by her all throughout her ordeals or will it still be Marcel, the man who broke her heart but continues to pursue her until the very end? Will Heidi’s endless quest for revenge against Angeline bring her peace and happiness at last?

Under the direction of Dominic Zapata, Temptation of Wife airs weeknights after Mundo Mo’y Akin on GMA Telebabad.

Marian Rivera defy doctor’s advice still taping for “Temptation of Wife”!

After her recent illness, Primetime Queen Marian Rivera is back into full time work and remains unstoppable these days with her TV projects and other assignments.

Marian Wife

The lead star of GMA’s top-rating drama Temptation of Wife divides her time between the tapings of her primetime soap and the shooting of her upcoming film, My Lady Boss. Marian, however, assures her fans and supporters that she will follow her doctor’s advice to rest and follow her cut-off during tapings.

Meanwhile, more shocking revelations and confrontations will be revealed in the episodes this week as Chantal finally breaks her silence and reveals her real identity to the Salcedos. Chantal announces to everyone that she is Angeline!

Before Heidi (Glaiza de Castro) could even expose what she discovered about Chantal, she cuts off her speech and divulges how Heidi masterminded her death which killed her baby. She also discloses that Stella is responsible for her miscarriage during her first pregnancy.

What will be Heidi, Stella, Romeo and Marcel’s reaction with Angeline’s big revelation? Can Heidi once again walk away with her crime? Will Angeline forgive Marcel and give him another chance?

Temptation of Wife airs weeknights after Pahiram ng Sandali on GMA Telebabad.

Dennis Trillo and Glaiza de Castro guest in “Sarap Diva” this Saturday!

This Saturday (February 2), Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid welcomes the love month with sizzling food and chat as she takes on simple recipes to spice up your passion for romance.


Joining her are the two lead stars of the hit Kapuso primetime drama Temptation of Wife –Dennis Trillo and Glaiza de Castro.

Watch Regine prepare one of the most popular aphrodisiac foods – oysters, as she digs on Dennis’ private but controversial love life.

Meanwhile, Glaiza doesn’t escape the Songbird’s hot questions as she shows her budding cooking skills with a sexy twist on grilled chicken.

From their passionate kissing scenes on cam to their personal take on dating and relationships, Regine grills the controversial pair and gets away with it!

Don’t miss this very tempting episode on Saturday (February 2) in Sarap Diva, 9:45am on GMA.

Marian Rivera and Glaiza de Castro’s rivalry intensifies in “Temptation of Wife”!

Marian Rivera’s quest for vengeance against Glaiza de Castro further intensifies as her character plots new schemes to turn her world upside down in Temptation of Wife.


In the episodes this week, Chantal (Marian) and Heidi (Glaiza) face off in a make-up competition. In order to secure her victory, Heidi sabotages the models of Chantal. But Chantal wouldn’t let Heidi win so easily.  Chantal volunteers herself as the model for their rematch and after the deliberation, Chantal gets the judge’s nod and outshines Heidi, much to her dismay. What will be Heidi’s reaction after her greatest rival Chantal walks away with the grand prize?

Nigel, on the other hand, (Rafael Rosell) continues to discourage Chantal from seeing Marcel (Dennis Trillo). He doesn’t want Chantal to get hurt again and fall prey to his sweet charm. But Chantal is already consumed with her desire for revenge against Marcel so she gives in to his request that they meet up again. Will Chantal surrender herself completely to Marcel? Will Heidi discover Marcel and Chantal’s secret rendezvous?

Meanwhile, Temptation of Wife ranks as one of the network’s most watched Pinoy adaptations of a hit Koreanovela series. Every member of the cast gives a commendable acting performance which impresses viewers with each subsequent episode.

Witness more shocking twists and revelations in Temptation of Wife weeknights after Pahiram ng Sandali on GMA Telebabad.

Marian Rivera plots revenge as the feisty Chantal in “Temptation of Wife”!

Expect more shocking revelations and twists on GMA’s Temptation of Wife as the highly-anticipated return of Marian Rivera’s character as the feisty Chantal will be revealed in the episodes this week.
Marian Rivera

Avid viewers of the series will have more reasons to stay glued to their favorite primetime drama as the grand revelation and big comeback of Angeline (Marian) will finally happen. She transforms into a strong and cunning woman and will now be known as Chantal Gonzales.

Marian is overwhelmed and very happy by the positive reviews and comments she has been receiving for her performance in the series. She expresses her excitement on portraying the challenging role of her alter ego, Chantal, and promises that the succeeding episodes will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. “Mas daring at sophisticated na Marian ang mapapanood nila bilang Chantal at dapat nilang abangan ang kanyang pagbabalik sa mga nanghamak at nanakit sa kanya.”

Angeline is grateful to Yolanda (Ayen Munji-Laurel) for helping in her planned revenge against the Salcedos and most especially to Heidi (Glaiza de Castro). As she embraces her new identity, Chantal gets to spend more time with Nigel (Rafael Rosell) who starts to fall in love with her.

Meanwhile, Heidi is devastated after learning that she is not pregnant but has a cyst in her ovary. She will still have nightmares of Angeline, and thinks she is still alive after the police couldn’t find her body.

How will Marcel react to a woman who looks exactly like his supposed dead wife, Angeline? And when fate begins to favor the once oppressed Angeline, how will she turn the tables on Marcel (Dennis Trillo) and Heidi who once betrayed her?

Temptation of Wife airs weeknights after Pahiram ng Sandali on GMA Telebabad.

Marian Rivera and Glaiza de Castro, very comfortable working together in “Temptation of Wife”!

In “Temptation of Wife,” Marian Rivera’s laid back character is the exact opposite of that of her antagonist Glaiza de Castro who plays “Heidi,” Angeline’s covetous best friend.

Heidi secretly detests Angeline because she feels that fate has always favored Angeline over her and has given her the things — and people — that Heidi had always wanted. One of which is Angeline’s husband, Marcel.

Reflecting about her role in the series, Marian says it is way different from her role in her previous series “Amaya” and “My Beloved.”

“Mas malalim ito at saka mas mabigat. Although wala pa naman akong asawa, pero ito yung nakikita mo talagang sa totoong buhay na nangyayari na ang asawa ay may kabit tapos yung kabit pa yung mas matapang kaysa sa asawa,” she said.

In order to have some sort of bases for the internalization of their characters, the cast watched the original (Korean) version of “Temptation of Wife.”  Although the scenes are just as intense, Marian says the Philippine version is less violent but more emotional.

“Ang mas importante ay nabibigyan namin ng Pinoy version tayo na mas madamdamin, mas sensitive, mas may puso.  Feeling ko yun ang talagang maipaglalaki namin dito sa ‘Temptation of Wife,” she explained.

Asked whether she is fine with the scuffle and tussle required in her scenes with Glaiza, Marian says she has gotten used to having bruises all over her body from her shows.

“Sa lahat naman ng soap ko binubugbog ako.  Sanay na yung katawan ko (laughs),” she quipped.

In real life, Marian and Glaiza are very comfortable working together.  They became close when they worked together in “Amaya.”

“Nakakatuwa na kahit tapos na yung Amaya ay hindi pa rin nawawala yung tawagan namin sa isa’t isa na ‘Bai’ (pronounced Ba-i).  Nakakatawa na kapag nagkikita kami halimbawa sa Party Pilipinas, yun pa rin ang tawagan namin. Kaya natuwa rin ako nang malaman kong siya ang makakasama ko kasi kumportable din, kilala namin ang isa’t isa.  Halimbawa ‘pag may eksena na kunwari nasampal ako ni Glaiza yung parang alam namin na wala lang yun, hindi siya magiging big deal,” said Marian.

“Temptation of Wife” airs weeknights after Aso ni San Roque on GMA-7.

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