Celebrity with big age gap relationship bared (from 22-46 years)!

When Freddie Aguilar came out to media that he has a 16 year old girlfriend and their age gap is 44, many people gave their own comments  and most of them negative!


Although Aguilar and girlfriend’s age gap is is a big 44 years it is topped by Madame Auring and then boyfriend in 2014 Archie Mendoza with 46 years gap. Aguilar and Madame Auring’s relationship are both with involved a minor.

See the list of celebrities who are in relationship and their age gap below:

  • Madame Auring and Archie Mendoza – 46 years age gap (Madame Auring was 61 and Archie was 15 -16 not 20 as reported)
  • Freddie Aguilar and Jovy Gatdula – 44 years age gap ( Freddie, 60 and Jovie, 16)
  • Dolphy and Zsa Zsa Padilla – 38 years age gap
  • Tiya Pusit and unnamed boyfriend, 27 years old – 38 years age gap
  • Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna – 34 years age gap
  • Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo – 24 years age gap
  • Assunta de Rossi and Jules Ledesma – 22 years age gap
  • Tony Boy Cojuangco and Gretchen Barretto – 20 years age gap


Gretchen Barretto gets back at her father and confirms sister Claudine a junkie!

Gretchen Barretto finally broke her silence after their father, Miguel Barretto asked them to drop their surname (Marjorie and Gretchen) if they are ashamed of it. And the claims of sister Claudine Barretto that she is not a drug user at all.


Below is the complete statement of Gretchen courtesy of PEP.ph:


I have suffered long and hard in silence all through the verbal, physical, financial and, most painful of all, emotional abuse from my very own parents.

In April 2013, in spite of the attacks on my character from my mother (who publicly disowned me) and Gia Barretto-Reyes (who fabricated stories), I chose to deal with my pain privately.

Today, after the false statements made by my father, I feel I’ve earned the right to say my piece.

As to whether they are bad parents or they raised bad children—we all know that all children are born good and pure. How they turn out, whether good or bad, will reflect on the parents.

I recall from a very young age my mother saying when asked how many children they have, would say “I have 7 monsters” and maybe in her eyes, we were and still are.

It pains me to be depicted by our parents as the ‘bad children’ who are only out to ‘bully’ Claudine. Everyone knows NO ONE can bully Claudine! No one will dare.

We supposedly envy her success, which our father says, is ‘sibling rivalry.’ Why would we seek the destruction of our sister? What possible benefit does that give us?

We are happy with the lives we have and we are content and happy. But it certainly does not add to our happiness to see this family drama played out in public.

He also said that we should back off. “Tumahimik na kami.” But I realized that “puede akong manahimik pero hindi ako matatahimik”.

What JJ, Marjorie and I are prepared to do is to defend ourselves from repeated lies, from undeserved attacks, and from the idea that each of us can be sacrificed and that our lives can be ripped apart to promote the illusion that all is well with Claudine.

My father said that Raymart is promoting a lie in exposing Claudine’s history of drug abuse.

We are not willing participants in Claudine’s war against Raymart. But she forced us to speak out when she named us in her complaint-affidavit, weaving her tale of ‘abusive sisters.’

We submitted our affidavits, guided by one simple, unbending rule: to tell the truth. We swore to tell the truth and we told the truth.

And Raymart is telling the truth.

I would like to remind my father that in January 2011, he pretended to have suffered a heart attack and confined himself in Medical City and got my sister-in-law, Connie, to call Claudine at 2 a.m. so she could go to the hospital.

However, that was just a ploy to get Claudine confined at the basement for her severe drug abuse and mental condition.

My brother, Mito, and his wife Connie, their son John, Marjorie and my parents planned and witnessed the confinement.

The following month, Claudine’s treatment for drug abuse was continued in a private clinic in Chana, Thailand. After arriving back in the country, she had counseling with Mr. Dondi Ayuyao.

Again, I would like to remind my father of a family meeting that he called Connie, JJ, Marjorie, John and myself to attend at 3 p.m. on December 21, 2012 at Da-Ude Tea Place at the Fort.

He said that he had just come from a meeting that morning with Ms. Eos Capistrano, a counsellor from White Plains who said Claudine needed to be confined at the basement 12-18 months minimum.

And that it was a choice of confining her at the basement or seeing her in the morgue at the rate she’s going.

I remind him again that I am just repeating exactly what he said then. My father told us that his choice was to see Claudine in the basement and, of course, we all wanted the same thing.

Our family has, for the longest time, struggled with the problem of how to deal with Claudine’s problem.

Sadly, we now recognize that any effort to help her was doomed to fail because my parents are not capable of dealing with the truth. Another example of this is the drug test result they recently showed to the press.

We did not reject our parents. They rejected us.

Sadly, they mistake our concern as envy, and our refusal to support their lies as betrayal.

Whether they believe it or not, we care for Claudine.

However, the Claudine that we see and experience now is not the Claudine we used to know.

In my quiet moments, I am in desperate search of that Claudine.

The sweet Claudine, the loving Claudine, the caring Claudine.

Our hardworking and successful baby sister who brought so much pride and joy to the family.

In a perfect world when I dream everything and anything is possible, I’d like to believe that I can see the vibrant, loving, caring, generous and beautiful Claudine, come back.

I believe that it is up to my parents to own up to the truth to make this possible.

It is not important now to point fingers as to who, what, why.

We do not need to cover up anyone’s stories or put up a front to avoid shame.

We are beyond that.

We hear Claudine’s cry for help. Why can’t you?

Timeless Beauties: Gretchen Barretto, Eula Valdez, Agot Isidro and Angel Aquino covers METRO!

Timeless Beauties: Gretchen Barretto, Eula Valdez, Agot Isidro and Angel Aquino covers METRO!


Timeless beauties Gretchen Barretto, Eula Valdez, Agot Isidro and Angel Aquino covers Metro Magazine‘s October “The Ageless Issue” 2013 issue!

They’re the women you love to hate – but have also come to love: Magkaribal’s Vera Cruz, Princess and I’s Ashi Behati, Pangako Sa ‘Yo’s Amor Powers, and Tayong Dalawa’s Ingrid Garcia have redefined the way we look at kontrabidas, and this month in Metro, they get together for a fashion showdown unlike any other!
 Angel Aquino, Gretchen Barretto, Eula Valdes, and Agot Isidro reprise their roles as Philippine television’s most glamorous and memorable bida kontrabidas, on this luxe cover where they’re all decked in Louis Vuitton’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.
Grab a copy of this issue, out now in bookstores and newsstands, to see the fashions of these TV queens redone the Metro way.

Inday Barretto steps into daughters feud, calls Gretchen a LIAR!

The Barretto sisters feud has gone overboard and now their mom Inday Barretto has issued a statement and it is being thrown against Gretchen and she sided with Claudine and spared Marjorie from the equation.


The feud stemmed from Twitter shout outs of sisters Gretchen and Marjorie against Claudine and dragging Julia Barretto, the 16-year-old daughter of Marjorie into the mess.

Below is the official statement of Inday Barretto dated April 22, 2013, through Ricky Lo of Philstar.


April 22, 2013.

You are a liar, Gretchen.

Many of your preys will attest to that soon. That is the style that you use when you want to play with other people’s lives!

To correct your lies…

  • You claim Claudine said, “She will block Julia’s entry to Star Magic.”  Who did Claudine say it to… you? Or did you just make this up to put Claudine in trouble with Star Magic and make Julia’s big following angry with Claudine? You did that before. Besides, Julia is very much “in” at Star Magic now.
  • That Claudine said she is the only Teleserye Princess of ABS-CBN and will remain one ‘till eternity. Hah? Did she tell you that or did you make it up again to block her entry to an ABS-CBN project?

First of all, Claudine was not a Teleserye Princess. She was ABS-CBN Teleserye Queen during her time, just like you were ST Queen during yours.

And, hello, showbiz holds no franchise to eternity.

Owners and big bosses go to hell, too, or to heaven in time!

  • That Claudine will ruin Julia’s career? Why would she? Next to Marjorie, “No one can love those (Marjorie’s) children more than Claudine!!!”

There is a track record to that. At hindi isang kagaya mo lang ang maka-manipulate niyan.

Huwag mo naman gawing tanga ‘yung mga tao, Gretchen. They and we all know that “Claudine holds no power over the industry!”

Who do you think Claudine is — the Evil Queen of Bhutan?

  • Raymart left home? Yes, it is true.

For a cooling off period? — Sana.

But if God wills it to be permanent, huwag naman sana. But still, our life is not in our hands! So, Gretchen, do you also want to include God in your “bashing” and drip your perfumed saliva for the misfortune of your sister?

  • Claudine has violent ways? Ay, talaga? Correct!

Nagbabasag ng plato at tasa ‘yan; buti na lang plastic, hindi ‘yung regalo ni Pres. Erap sa wedding.

I saw Claudine nagbato ng sapatos, natamaan ang pusa! Nabasa ‘yung shoes.

I also witnessed you, Gretchen, ah! When you were throwing expensive plates and vases at that time I was called to go to your place because nagwawala ka and you were threatening to swallow pills.

Muntik pa nga akong matamaan kaya I ran out of the house to the car on a Typhoon Signal No. 3, soaking wet. Pinalayas ako!

Yes, Claudine’s career slowed down but her talent did not!

What she holds on “record” for achievement, is “not gone” for how can you lose what you already have in your hand and kept in people’s mind? She doesn’t have to prove anything.

Julia and others will fare on their own — never dependent on anyone, comparable to none. They each have a gift from God! Oh yes, Julia is terrific, another good one coming. You are insecure if you believe anyone can block that! For the record, that (your insecurity) can be supported by a well-known doctor.

Claudine has no “mental illness”…“mental torture,” yes, courtesy of an evil manipulation!

Some of these incidents will support it.

You attack Claudine with verbal abuse by phone and text messages, like these:

  • Sabina — negra daughter of yours
  • Santino — abnoy
  • Raymart — bakla for not siding with you. (Note: Sabina and Santino are Claudine and husband Raymart Santiago’s children. — RFL)

You told Claudine that she has no more career to go back to. Bakit, si Malou Santos ka ba, si Vic del Rosario ka ba?

Ipadadampot — for what? (Planted or framed up.) There are bashers — 10, 15 or more, when one is popular — and still you would still like to accuse your sister as the culprit!

Do not call Claudine evil!

Do not start giving away that title that belongs to you and you alone, now that it’s burning your palm and scarring your beautiful face.

Some basher called Julia “maarte” and you blow your top!

You call Claudine evil, prepare to attack her and you want me to be “angelic?”

Ang dali-dali n’yo lang manakit ng tao. Power drunk! Pero pag kayo na, konting pitik gusto n’yo na magpakulong.

I am taking this fight — now in front of the battle.

I am going to take all the bullets you shoot.

Watch and beware it will ricochet kapagka ina na ang binaril.

Stop, please stop. Stop it na, ha! Stop it naaaaa!!!

For the longest time now and all these years you did nothing but make it your favorite pastime to play with the lives of my family, the family you are ashamed to own, in spite of the fact that I brought you all up well, humble and human!

You have attacked, accused, maligned and tried to destroy each and everyone of us in the eyes of society, starting from your father, I your mother, and each and everyone of your siblings including their partners!

People ask and some who do not know any better, might believe that maybe we’re cruel parents, neglectful and remiss in our duties to you! Only, you, alone? Because no one else is complaining about their childhood!

How easy for me to have explained my side, but how can a mother defend herself without destroying a child of hers no matter that she is EVIL?

Most importantly, I could not in all conscience correct the bad “impression” (image) you gave us. The truth is: This impression is the “Deceptive Device” you used to hook your man and landed you on the moon shining bright like a diamond!

I kept mum not wanting to rock your world but you are wrecking ours!

Gretchen, I am not a wimp, never been one, but lahat may “hangganan.” I have protected you all these years without exposing to the world the real you. But you have pushed many of us to the wall. There’s no other way but for us to defend our names! I have always loved you as one of my own, and always will, but love of my family belongs to the heart and not in the garbage can!

I am letting go of a child now who never wanted me in order to save one who has always been there for all, and with all of her love…Claudine! — INDAY BARRETTO

Is Gretchen Barretto twits’ referring to sister Claudine: “Your husband walked out on you coz of your violent ways. . .”!

Rumors of Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago‘s separation is again surfaced as what her sisters Gretchen and Marjorie Barretto seemed to imply on their Tweeter accounts!

caludine raymart

Gretchen tweeted the following:

“Your husband walked out on you coz of your violent ways. What exactly did you do to his Porsche? His laptop? Etc. Oh please reflect and go to your happy place, Medical City.”

Medical City is where Claudine allegedly goes for anger management and depression treatments as her career is on the decline as we all know it is no where to be found.

Marjorie on the other hand tweeted about Claudine’s demons as:

 “coming out… and this time, for all the world to see.”

This refers to Claudine who allegedly threatened to block her daughter Julia Barretto’s entry in Star Magic and vowed to do everything to ruin Julia as she claims she’s the only ABS-CBN teleserye princess until eternity.

To which Gretchen added:

“I feel so sorry for her as she is all alone because of her evil ways.”

Does this means that Claudine and Raymart are OVER?

Gretchen Barretto very effective with Her Villainous Role in ‘Princess and I’!

Amid the huge following of the hit love quadrangle happening among the teen cast of ABS-CBN’s top-rating primetime series “Princess and I,” TV viewers cannot help but notice the regal presence of the show’s villainess, Ashi Behati, portrayed by award-winning actress Gretchen Barreto.


La Greta recently claimed the spotlight as she stirred up strong emotions among the loyal followers of “Princess and I” since her character arrived in the Philippines to check on her son Dasho Jao, played by young actorEnrique Gil.

Behati’s surprise visit to Manila was such a hit among viewers that it generated various reactions via Twitter–“‏@DJKathXstrology: Go Ashi Behati! Ilayo mo si Jao kay Mikay;” “‏@fontanillakat: I smell something fishy with the alliance of Ashi Behati and Gino’s Mom;” “@ellalaaaaaaa: I’m excited to see Gretchen dressing-up, abandoning her Yangdon costume! She is surely stunning;” and “‏@MaxineFernandez: Welcome to the Philippines Ashi Behati! I love you so much. Salamat naman at dumating ka na!” Being showbiz’ queen of high fashion and reminiscent of her “Magkaribal” days, fans of the “Princess and I” are already anticipating for the trends that Gretchen will come up with as Ashi Behati dons her ‘Manila royalty look’ in the next weeks to come.

What will be Ashi Behati’s role in Jao and Mikay’s (Kathryn Bernardo) love story—will she prevent her son from falling in love for a Filipino commoner or will Mikay’s good influence on Jao earn Behati’s approval? But how will Behati react once she finds out that Mikay, the girl who her son loves so much, is the long lost princess of Yangdon whom she once attempted to get rid off?

Like its story that gets more compelling night after night, the national TV ratings of “Princess And I” continues to leave the competition behind. Based on the combined average of nationwide urban and rural ratings of Kantar Media last June 20, it garnered 39.1% national TV ratings compared to its rival program in GMA, “Luna Blanca” which only got 15.7%, registering a 23.4 difference. The show remains the top 2 most watched TV program in the Philippines, next to “Walang Hanggan.”

Continue to follow the royal tale of Mikay in “Princess and I” weeknights after “TV Patrol” on Primetime Bida. For more updates, log on to www.abs-cbn.com or follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter.

‘The Princess and I’ Premieres on Monday!

ABS-CBN’s newest and biggest royal teleserye “The Princess and I” will finally premiere on Primetime Bida this Monday (April 16) topbilled by its powerhouse cast Albert Martinez, Gretchen Barreto, Dominic Ochoa, Enrique Gil, Khalil Ramos, Daniel Padilla, and Kathryn Bernardo.


“Princess and I” will feature the story of how King Anand (Albert) and his daughter Princess Mikay (Kathryn) find their way back to each other’s arms after being separated by a tragic accident that changed their lives.

The newest teleserye is set to capture every Kapamilya’s heart with its grand preparation from its remarkable plot, to its marvelous costumes, up to its memorable scenes taken at the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Kathryn, Enrique, Precious Lara Quigaman, Gretchen, and Albert got geared up and went all the way to Bhutan last March to shoot different scenes for the series. The newest ‘Primetime Princess’ Kathryn even admitted that she became closer with her friend and co-star Enrique after getting to know the actor more in the South Asian kingdom.

Joining the cast are some of the respected names in the industry Yayo Aguila, Nina Dolino and Sharmaine Suarez. “Princess and I” is directed by Dado Lumibao and Francis Pasion.

Don’t miss the grandest opening of “The Princess and I” on April 16 (Monday) on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. For more updates, log on to www.abs-cbn.com or follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter.

‘The Princess and I’ premieres April 16 on ABS-CBN!

ABS-CBN’s newest and and biggest Primetime teleserye “The Princess and I” will finally premiere this April 16(Monday).

Topbilled by its royal cast award-winning actor and actress Albert Martinez and Gretchen Barreto; the three ‘Prince Charming of Primetime’ Enrique GilKhalil Ramos and Daniel Padilla;’ and the newest ‘Princess of Primetime’ Kathryn Bernardo.
The Princess and I” opens the fairytale story of the Kingdom of Yangdon led by King Anand (Albert), where behind all the King’s wealth, power and title, is a saddening empty space in his heart that is yet-to-be filled by his long-lost daughter Princess Mikay (Kathryn), who will grow up in an unfortunate life not knowing of her real identity.
As Gretchen fiercely returns on television after her outstanding performance in the hit teleserye “Magkaribal,” she is now on her way to make a new trend as she takes on the role of a Yangdon royalty named Ashi Behati who greatly aspires to be the Queen of Yangdon.
The newest royal masterpiece will surely reign on every Kapamilya’s heart with its grand preparation from its remarkable plot, to its marvelous costumes, up to its memorable scenes taken at the Kingdom of Bhutan.
Joining the royal cast are some of the respected names in the industry Dominic Ochoa, Yayo Aguila,Precious Lara QuigamanNina Dolino and Sharmaine Suarez. It is directed by Dado Lumibao.
Don’t miss the grandest opening of the once-upon-a-time fairytale “The Princess and I” on April 16 (Monday) onABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.
See More photos below:
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