Body Talk with Tanduay Calendar Girl Heart Evangelista!

If Sen. Chiz Escudero’s eyes have grown wider, blame it on his girlfriend Heart Evangelista’s eye-popping pictures on the 2014 Tanduay Calendar. For sure, Chiz can’t get his eyes off them.


“How daring am I on the calendar?” Heart repeated Funfare’s question. “For me, they are very daring! One time, I posed wearing a bra but with a cover on top. Every time I would pose sexy, it was always with a cover…until this time. If I wore a bikini, mayroon ding cover. For the cover of Esquire magazine, I wore a sando and a black bikini bottom but I was very much covered.”

It’s Heart’s first time to be a Calendar Girl and also the first time she’s wearing bikinis without cover.

Did she have to ask Chiz’s permission before she decided to do the Tanduay calendar?

“I didn’t ask his permission,” said Heart, “I just told him. He was very happy for me. The offer came at the same time that I did commercials for Cream Silk, Pond’s and two others. All good news. He said, ‘Wow, really, you have another offer!’ He was very happy for me.”

Chiz found the Tanduay pictures very classy and has, in fact, used one of them as his cellphone wallpaper.

“It took some discussion before we started the shoot,” related Heart. “I was comfortable with (photographer) PJ Pascual because I worked with him for Esquire magazine and so with my stylist, Kat Cruz.”

And how many copies did she give Chiz to hang in his sala, toilet, bathroom, library, kitchen, garage and bedroom?

“Hahahahaha,” joked Heart, “as many as he needs.”

Aside from conditioning herself mentally and emotionally for the shoot, Heart said that she did Plana Forma (a combination of yoga, core and Pilates), boxing and a lot of running. “I also did juice cleanse.”

Is the Tanduay Calendar the start of bolder things to come?

“I guess so,” agreed Heart who goes several shades more daring in her next movie, Viva Films’ Trophy Wifewhere she has torrid love scenes with Derek Ramsay. “It’s not something like going all-out for good. I’m not sure if I can do it again. It could be just a once-in-a-blue-moon thing.”

Do you have any special regimen?

“Well, aside from working out regularly I don’t wear a lot of make-up, especially foundation, during the day. I make sure that I’m healthy so I take vitamins. I recently got involved with Life Science, a diet adjusted to your blood type. After a test, your doctor prescribes what kind of vitamins your body needs. I consult my dermatologist although not every day.”

Your body looks perfect. Is there any part that you think needs improvement?

“Well, I’m only 5’2”, so if they can invent something that could make me taller, then that’s it, hahahaha!”

What part of your body is your favorite?

“My face, my facial expression. Sometimes, a nice smile can make up for anything, like when you can’t get into an outfit comfortably.”

What part of a man’s body do you notice first?

“Also his face, his smile, his aura.”

What do you like most about Chiz’s face?

“I love his eyes. They‘re very tricky. They make him look like he’s sad even if he’s not. I really like that. I also like the way he walks with his hands in his pockets. I really like that, too.”

What else in a man turns you on?

“His personality. He must have a unique personality to catch my attention. A beautiful face with a sexy body is a dime a dozen in showbiz. When you have magnetic personality, you beat everybody else.”

And what’s in a man that turns you off?

“Also his personality. I don’t like anybody who is rowdy, ‘yung mayabang. I really don’t like that.”

How’s your love life?

“Always wonderful!”

No plans of getting married next year or the year after that?

“If not tomorrow, any day he asks me to. If he does, I won’t mind. But if I have to plan, maybe in two years time.”

Busy as you are, do you still have a nightlife?

“Uhm it depends. If I can squeeze it into my schedule, why not? Compared to how I was in my younger days, not so much now. Only once in a while.”

How much sleep do you get per night?

“Sometimes, five hours. Last night, three hours. I try to get eight hours per night.”

Favorite sleepwear?

“I like the satin button-down polo and pants, especially the one with pink stripes. That’s my favorite.”

Do you snore?

“No, I don’t but I hope not. You have to ask my dog.”

Do you talk in your sleep?

“Yes, I do! Especially when I’m very tired.”

Do you sleepwalk?

“Yes, especially when I’m very tired.”

How many pillows do you sleep with?


The last thing that you do before you go to sleep?

“I pray.”

The first thing that you do as soon as you wake up?

“I stretch and give thanks that I’m awake. I always thank God for giving me another day.”

How do you unwind, cope with stress?

“You know, I pray a lot. It’s really important to me to pray. I love to listen to the song United in the car. That gives me a meaning and a purpose, and it’s so relaxing. I feel so blessed. I try not to let things stress me out.”

Favorite city?

“I now live in Quezon City but I lived in Makati City for the longest time, so it’s Makati City.”

Favorite hideaway?

“The beach.”

How long does it take you to fix yourself?

“Fixing my hair, my make-up and my outfit…it takes me only 15 minutes.”

Are you vain like most good-looking women?

“I am vanidosa, I make sure that I am clean, but I wouldn’t say that I would resort to cosmetic surgery to change the way I look.”

Three women that you think have nice bodies?

“Ellen Adarna. She’s pretty and she has a nice body. Solenn Heussaff who works hard and personifies healthy living. And Lovi Poe who has a wonderful built, with waist so small.”

And three men?

“Siempre, my No. 1 is Chiz Escudero, hahahaha! I haven’t been looking lately but when I do at GMA, I find Alden Richards has ‘it.’ Aside from having a beautiful face, he has a nice body. Dennis Trillo is another one. I wouldn’t be a hypocrite since we are still good friends now, yes, Daniel Matsunaga, hehehehe!”

Using only body language, how would you make a guy know that you admire him?

“I give him my 100-percent attention. When I am with someone, I’m really only with him. Sa kanya lang ako naka-focus.”


GMA Network new shows this September revealed!

GMA Network is offering 6 new shows to premiere on the month of September!


  1. September 9 – “Akin Pa Rin Ang Bukas” starring Lovi Poe, Rocco Nacino, Cesar Montano, Solenn Heussaff, Charee Pineda, Gary Estrada, Liza Lorena, Ina Feleo, Ruru Madrid, Steven Silva, Kier Legaspi, Glenda Garcia, Tiya Pusit, Freddie Webb and Gloria Romero
  2. September 21 – “Bingit” – Throwback inspirational stories from GMA News.
  3. September 22 – “Dormitoryo” starring Lauren Young, Joyce Ching, Enzo Pineda, Ruru Madrid, Winwyn Marquez
  4. September 23 – “Prinsesa ng Buhay Ko” starring Kris Bernal, Aljur Abrenica, Renz Fernandez, LJ Reyes, Jan Manual and Pauleen Luna
  5. September 23 – “Kahit Saan Ka Man” starring Julie ann San Jose and Kristoffer Martin.
  6. September 30 – “Magkano Ba Ang Pagibig” starring Katrina Halili, Sid Lucero and Heart Evangelista

Heart Evangelista is on the cover of StarStudio!

Heart Evangelista is on the cover of StarStudio Magazine‘s September 2013 issue!

Star Studio September 2013

Know more about Heart’s brand-new life, the first-look on her new bachelorette pad, the love of her life Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero, her falling-out with family and how she reconcile with them, and many more!

This issue also features the lavish lifestyle of Gretchen Barretto and Ruffa Gutierrez.
Plus the special feature on Kathryn Bernardo‘s transition frm girly to glam – from sweet to stylish – her fashion secrets straight from her inner circle.
StarStudio Magazine September 2013 issue is now available at all magazine stands and selected bookstores nationwide.

Heart Evangelista goes sexy on the cover of Esquire!

Heart Evangelista is on the cover of the “election issue” of Esquire Philippines for May 2013!


Heart made headline when her mother went into offensive against her relationship with Chiz Escudero. She even vowed to get married without her parents permission.

Esquire Magazine is now available where magazines are sold nationwide.

Heart Evangelista on tying the knot with Sen. Chiz Escudero soon: “It’s a Joke.”!

Heart Evangelista has been open about marrying without her parents consent, now that she has declared herself mature enough to decide for herself. This after her parents bashed her boyfriend Sen. Chiz Escudero in public and declaring their daughter as inept and immature to decide anything for herself.

heart evangelista

Rumors has since then started circulating  that Heart and boyfriend Chiz is tying the knot soon.

This is what Heart said on the rumor:

“It’s a joke. Wala pa naman kaming napag-usapan na ganyan. Marami pa akong kailangan gawin for  myself.”


Heart Evangelista on her parents appeal to leave Chiz Escudero: “It’s not going to happen.”!

Actress Heart Evangelista has finally speak up on the request of her parents to leave boyfriend Sen. Chiz Escudero!


This is what Heart said in a recent interview:

On parents appeal to leave Escudero:

“It’s not going to happen. Chiz and I are very happy and I hope that, maybe not now but eventually, they can also be happy for me. They are my parents and I love them very, very much. Masakit talaga ang mga nangyayari.”

On her love for her parents and on the condition of her father:

“I think the best is to really just pray now. The only thing that I can do is to pray. That’s the first step. I really hope that my dad is okay. Nobody wants anything to happen to their parents. That’s why I think it’s better to pray na lang at this point kasi magulo pa ang lahat.”

On her hope that everything will just turn out fine:

“I really pray that everything will just settle and everybody is… we’re all hurt now. This isn’t really doing any good to anybody. I really pray and I pray very hard na sana this all just finishes.”

On how to go about her situation:

“I think I’ll just have to figure myself out now because nahihirapan na talaga ako sa sitwasyon. Hindi ko na talaga alam ang gagawin ko. I just want to be happy. If it’s the right kind of happiness, I wish everybody can be happy for me.”

On how she felt for Escudero:

“I appreciate that he’s there kasi siyempre with everything that’s been said about him, he is still very calm and cool and doesn’t pressure me more to do anything or to say anything. I’m very lucky to have someone like him by my side.”

OMG! Chiz Escudero has personality defect while Heart Evengelista needs psychiatric treatment according to the Ongpauco’s!

The official statement of Heart Evangelista’s parents they titled “Why Our Family Rejects Chiz Escudero“.

 heart chiz

“Our entire family is mortified over statements to the media made by our daughter Heart, defending her lover, Francis Escudero, during our feud with the latter.

“We believe that we have a right to defend ourselves against unfair accusations made by Heart, under the dictation of Chiz, who clearly wrote the letter signed by Heart and published by a mo­vie columnist.
“Chiz, who is a lawyer, is 44 and previously married. Heart, who has not finished high school, is 28 years old, the youngest child, and previously the baby of her parents.

“Chiz is unacceptable to our family, for the following reasons:

“#1 Religious Reason. Chiz obviously has a personality defect. His wife, with whom he has two children, left him for reasons that have been the talk of Metro Manila.

“Chiz and his wife obtained a civil annulment. Thus, under the rules of the Catholic church to which my family belongs, Chiz is disqualified to remarry, unless he obtains a Church annulment.

“#2 Personality Problem. Chiz is surrounded by unsavory gossip which has already reached social media.
“The cause of his annulment and his peculiar habits are swirling over his head, and he has ne­ver bothered to explain himself.

“He projects himself as a wholesome candidate, but we know better.

“We challenge Chiz to stop dictating to our daughter. Stop hiding behind the skirts of Heart and stop using her as an armor to shield yourself from very serious questions about your character and personality.

“#3 Alcoholic. The first time Chiz visited our home, we saw that he was drunk and he smelled of alcohol.

The second time he went to our fa­mily home, he was again drunk, carrying a bottle of red wine.

“During both visits, he hardly spoke a respectful word. He sat slumped in a chair with his legs spread outward.
“He has never formally asked for our daughter’s hand, or explained how he will support her and his wife at the same time.

“#4 Illusions. According to Heart, Chiz has promised her that he will become President by 2016, and then she will be addressed as ‘First Lady.’

“The staff of Chiz sometimes addresses him as Mr. President. This is pure seduction, because we believe Chiz does not stand any chance to become President or Vice-President, owing to his secret character.

“Furthermore, he once boasted to Heart that he runs a lucrative law office, and that a multinational is poised to pay his law firm over P200 million a year for lawyering for the multinational.

“One more boast of Chiz is that he has already the guaranteed financial contribution of a businessman who has been listed among the ten billionaires of the Philippines, but who is under investigation by the Senate.
“Heart believes all these claims made by her boyfriend, without any evidence.

“#5 Opportunism. Chiz has virtually moved into the condo unit owned by Heart. He uses her Mercedes Benz at will, particularly during night time, indicative of her own disturbed personality.

“Heart encourages this behavior from Chiz, as she did with the rest of her prior boyfriends. She has been diagnosed as a needy personality, but she refuses psychiatric treatment.

“#6 Case vs. Chiz. Because of Heart’s naiveté, I have been compelled to act as her talent ma­nager. We recently signed Heart’s contract with a certain TV channel.

“Now, Chiz is urging her to have my name removed as talent manager. All the acts of Chiz indicate that his public persona is far different from his real character.

“My husband and I are in the process of gathering evidence to prove that he is a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality, as suggested by a print columnist.

“Since our backs are pushed to the wall, we intend to file cases against Chiz: a criminal case for libel, for claiming that he is caught in the middle of a family feud; when the truth is, Chiz is the very source of our family feud.

“We might also file an additional criminal complaint for incriminating an innocent person.

“Furthermore we are going to file a civil complaint for damages under the Civil Code, which provides that a cause of action for damages is available against people like Chiz, for ‘meddling with, or disturbing the private life of another.’

“Conclusion: People in show business know that although Heart is 28, she does not have the mature mind of someone of that age.

“She still thinks like a young girl. She is easily swayed by people who prey on her insecurities and lack of confidence. Heart has personality problems, and Chiz, who is also suffering from his own personality problem, is doing his best to confuse her, to the extent of alienating her affections against us.

“As soon as we have evidence that will stand in court, our family will disclose what kind of a man Chiz really is.
“Since he has inveigled Heart to take his side (which she has always done with all of her prior boyfriends, indicating how unstable she is) our family has decided to disown her scandalous behavior.”

What is your thought on this? Dirts are thrown out in the open just to teach a 28 year old daughter and a Senator.

This is what ‘s a mix of showbiz and politics will result to. Election is just around the corner.

Who will end up a loser in this merry go round?

Chiz Escudero on being dragged into Heart’s family conflict: “Hangga’t maaari, ayaw kong manghimasok sa hindi pagkaka-unawaan sa pagitan ng isang anak at kanyang mga magulang.”!

Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero‘s name was dragged into his girlfriend Heart Evangelista‘s conflict with her parents!

 chiz heart

Escudero revealed that his relationship with the 28-year-old actress remains strong amid the disapproval of the Evangelista’s parents.

On their relationship:

“Maayos at matatag ang samahan at ugnayan namin ni Heart at tinuturing ko lamang ito bilang isang hamon at pagsubok sa relasyon namin kung saan, buo ang pag-asa ko na, ito ay malalampasan namin.”

On his name being dragged into controversy with Heart’s parents:

“Hindi po ako showbiz. Hinihiwalay ko po at ‘di ko pinaghahalo ang trabaho ko sa personal kong buhay at lalong hindi ko po pinapayagan na manghimasok ang personal kong buhay sa aking trabaho. Sapat na siguro na sabihin ko muna ngayon na, bagaman ako ay medyo nadadamay, hangga’t maaari, ayaw kong manghimasok sa hindi pagkaka-unawaan sa pagitan ng isang anak at kanyang mga magulang.”

His appeal to some quarters:

“Sana din ay ‘di ito panghimasukan ng iba upang sa gayon ay manatili ang puwang na magka-unawaan sila.”

Hear Evangelista on parent’s meddling with her love life: “It happened to me a long time with Jericho (Rosales) and at that time, I was very young kaya nagparaya ako and I thought it would make my parents happy.”!

Heart Evangelista  broke her silence on the issue of her parent’s meddling on her love life that they brought out in the open!

 heart chiz

Heart said that this is not the first time that this thing happened:

“It happened to me a long time with Jericho (Rosales) and at that time, I was very young kaya nagparaya ako and I thought it would make my parents happy. I understand that, you know, they want the best for me and they are very protective.”

On parents claim about her boyfriend Chiz Escudero:

“Nahihiya lang ako, of course, kay Chiz and sa family niya kasi wala naman silang ipinakitang masama sa akin. Napakabait nila tapos nagkaroon pa ng mga kasinungalingan, ng mga paninira.”

As an adult and in love:

“Nahanap ko na ‘yung taong para sa akin. Huwag na nila ilayo ang taong mahal ko. Masaya na ako and everybody deserves to be happy.”

Heart Evangelista’s domineering parents calls presscon ask Chiz Escudero to leave her alone!

Heart Evangelista, 28 years old adult whose parents Cecile Ongpauco and Rey Ongpauco had a press conference held at the Ongpauco residence on Tuesday, March 19, expressing their dismay to the current boyfriend of their daughter Chiz Escudero and to appeal to their daughter to go back to there abode and leave her boyfriend.


They seems desperate enough to want to control the life of their adult daughter, this is sort of last resort to call out to their daughter.

The parents of actress Heart Evangelista have expressed their strong objection to her relationship with Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero, detailing instances when they had felt “disrespected” by the lawmaker whom they accused of being “arrogant” and an “alcoholic.”

This is what Cecile expressed on the future of Heart’s love life:

“She has not thought about this sufficiently or properly. We think she should think about this for a longer period of time. Nag-aalala lang kami sa anak namin.”

On Chiz whose recent annulment and that a church wedding is no longer possible:

“He was married with two children and he got an annulment in court, but not in the Catholic church. That means he can only marry our daughter outside the Catholic church. Our family, including Heart, is Catholic, so we do not wish for Heart not to marry in the Catholic church.”

On the age gap:

“Natatakot lang kami para kay Heart, dahil para sa amin hindi pa siya handa maging isang asawa ng isang politician na napakatanda sa kanya nang 16 years.”

On Heart being a spoiled brat:

“Parati naman naming sinusuportahan si Heart. Hindi naman sanay si Heart sa gawaing bahay, o pagpapatakbo ng bahay, kasi masyado namin na-baby ‘yan, overprotected, na-sheltered masyado.”

On her impression of Chiz:

“Sa aming experience kay Mr. Escudero, parang nakikita namin na mahilig siyang uminom. Noong unang pagkakataon na nagpakilala siya sa amin dahil hiniling niya kay Heart na ipakilala siya… dumating siya, nakainom. Amoy ng alak. Nakasalampak doon sa sala namin, parang ganoon. Noong ikalawang beses na pumunta siya sa bahay namin, ganoon ulit, nakainom, nang-aalok pa ng bote ng alak.”

Rey added:

“Wala akong nakitang maganda eh. Puro arogante siya, bastos. Makakita ka namang pinakilala sa akin, nakahilata sa upuan, lasing. Una kaming nag-meet, ‘yun na agad ang nakita ko sa kanya. Tuwing nakikita ko, naka-inom. Kawawa naman ‘yung anak mo, hindi natin masabi, balang araw… siyempre concerned kami eh, natatakot kami para sa anak namin, baka may mangyari.”

Cecile on Chiz’s courting style:

“Mr. Escudero has never given us the courtesy of formally asking my daughter’s hand, or even asking our permission to court her, so that he could tell us about himself about his family. This behavior is not accpetable in our Philippine culture.”

Rey on Heart’s moving out of the condo unit just above theirs:

“Hindi na ako nakakausap eh. Wala na eh. Umalis na nga sa condo bigla eh. Sa amin, para ka naman sinampal noon eh, ang tagal mong inano eh… biglang mawawala. Anong dahilan? Eh ‘di may dahilan,” he said.

Cecile added:

“Alalang-alala na kami sa anak namin, and up to this time, Mr. Escudero has not even bothered and refuses to explain himself to us.”

Cecile blames Chiz for the rift between them and their daughter:

“Sinasabi ni Mr. Escudero na naiipit lang daw siya sa kalagitnaan nitong away-pamilya. Kasinungalingan ho iyon. Siya ang talagang puno’t dulo, ang pinanggagalingan ng problema naming pamilya ngayon. Umaapela ngayon kami kay Mr. Escudero, kung maaari lang naman, pabayaan niya nalang muna ‘yung anak namin para medyo magpalamig nang kaunti, makapag-isip-isip.”

What is your thoughts on this?


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