James Yap kisses Italian GF after win at the Big Dome (Photo)!

San Mig Coffee bags the PBA Governors’ Cup last Friday, and James Yap was happy about their win!


Yap was so happy that he made his way to go to where his Italian girlfriend Michaela Cozzola who watched the game live along with some more than 20,000 spectators at the Smart Araneta Coliseum and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

That was some kind of PDA which the couple took to a new level.

Congratulations to the Yap and his team!

James Yap’s GF on getting married: “Maybe the wedding will come next year.”!

Michela Cazzola, 30, girlfriend of James Yap has finally granted interview and she talks about how she find James, their future and marriage!



Speaking to the sports website Spin.PH after watching Yap’s game at the PBA Governors Cup over the weekend, Michela Cazzola said she met Yap last year, through a common friend.

“It was just magical. I don’t know. Everything started as friendship. James is just so sweet. He is very honest, but very private, too,” she said.

Describing the cager as “very sweet and quiet, thoughtful, and caring,” Cazzola said she loves that Yap is someone who easily gets along well with everyone.

“He has a very good attitude. He gets along well with everybody. He’s positive. He’s very private,” she said.

Cazzola is a secretariat specialist at the Asian Development Bank in the Philippines. She is no stranger to the country, as her father also worked here for a time.

Hailing from Florence, Italy, the 30-year-old beauty said she and Yap officially became a couple in September last year.

“I forgot the exact date, ‘coz I am not like the Filipinos who remember dates and numbers. But yes, it was September when we became… you know,” said Cazzola.

Cazzola said they have already met each other’s parents and she is happy that her mom and dad like Yap.

Yap went public with his relationship with Cazzola only last June. This came after a series of controversies involving him and his former wife, actress-host Kris Aquino, and their only child, James “Bimby” Yap, Jr. Aquino and Yap were married in civil rites in July 2005.

Asked if she is aware of Yap’s publicized life, Cazzola said: “I am aware of that, very well aware. It’s past, he learned his lessons, I don’t know. But I don’t really think of the past. We’re after creating a very beautiful future together!”

Since Yap’s marriage with Aquino has been declared null and void, are they planning to tie the knot soon?

“Marriage? Oh my Gosh. I don’t know. It’s too early. Not yet, but you know, two people think about that, but not formal yet,” she said.

“Maybe next year. Maybe the wedding will come next year. You’d be the first to find out,” she added.

Source: ABS-CBNNews.com

After James Yap cried a bucket, Kris Aquino cried a river as an answer!

The circus that is Kris Aquino – James Yap spilling dirt on television has just gotten overboard!


James Yap was first seen on TV crying a bucket on the case filed by Aquino, a Permanent Protection Order and denied her accusations and said that Aquino threatened him in return.

Now it is Kris Aquino’s turn to show up on TV with her sisters in tow ( is it because Noynoy is out of town, just kidding) and told her side of the story and denied what Yap said. And she also said that she will resign from all her shows, retire this early in showbiz to sacrifice for her son Bimby, and live a simple life to protect his privacy.

See the whole interview below:


James Yap gets back at Kris Aquino files Hold Departure Order on son!

Between the battle of Kris Aquino and ex-husband James Yap the one in the losing end is none other then their son! A custody battle is up ahead.


James Yap will file hold-departure order on his son Bimby at the Makati RTC tomorrow morning, March 22. James is now in a legal battle with former wife Kris Aquino over the custody of their five-year-old son.

What do you think will Kris do next?

James Yap on Kris Aquino’s threat: “Sabi niya, ‘Baka nakalimutan mo, may three years pa yung brother ko.’ “!

James Yap broke his silence when ex-wife Kris Aquino filed a TPO (Temporary Protection Order) against him for making “overt sexual advances” (See related post HERE)!


He even cried on national television saying that he will do his best to fight for his visitation rights to his son.

This is what James had to say on the issue:

“Walang katotohanan naman yan.”

This is what James version of what happened:

“Ayaw talaga ako i-kiss ni Bimby, so pumunta ako kay Kris, hinawakan ko siya rito. ‘Bimb, look o, ki-kiss ko na mama mo…’

“Tapos si Kris biglang nagsabi na, ‘Sinasaktan mo ako.’

“So hi-nug siya tapos ‘pag hug niya nakatalikod sa ‘kin si Bimby, nakaharap siya sa akin tapos ang mukha ni Kris, gumaganun-ganun siya tapos (ngiting aso) saka ko sinabi, ito talaga!”

On his son having ill feelings against him ‘coz Aquino had been saying things about him behind his back:

“Sobrang nasasaktan ako, kasi sinasabihan ako ng anak ko na, ‘I don’t like you, you’re a liar.’ Iniisip ko, ano ba ang ginawa ko?”

“Sino nagsasa (pauses crying)… Sino nagsasabi sa ‘yo niyan? Sabi niya, ‘Mama, mama.’

“Pag sinasabihan ako masasakit na salita ang ginagawa ko, ‘Bimb, tingin ka sa mata ni Papa. Ito lang masasabi ko sa ‘yo, love na love ka ni Papa.’”

When he confronted Aquino, thisd is what she said:

“Sabi niya, ‘Baka nakalimutan mo, may three years pa yung brother ko.’ Sabi ko, ‘Ganun? Grabe ka naman ang yabang mo.’ Galit na galit siya nun.”

On the accusation of sexual overtures:

“Wala naman ako pakialam kay Kris, eh ang gusto ko lang makasama na yung anak ko.”

Watch the interview below:


Kris Aquino filed TPO against ex-husband for making “overt sexual advances”!

Host-actress Kris Aquino has filed a temporary protection order against  former husband James Yap, from a Makati City court!


Below are some excerpts from Philippine Daily Inquirer report:

Accusing her former husband James Yap of overstepping his boundaries and of attempting to seduce her while visiting her home, and of inflicting psychological harm on their son James, or “Bimby,” actress and TV host Kris Aquino has filed a temporary protection order (TPO) from a Makati City court.

The TPO will be good for 30 days from its issuance, although after a hearing, the petition also asks that the protection order be made permanent.

“Protection orders” are a provision of the law against violence against women and their children to protect victims of domestic violence from further harassment or harm by their spouses or partners.

In the petition, Kris asked the court to order Yap to stay away from her, her 5-year-old son Bimby and any household member, keep a distance of at least 100 meters, and to stay away from her residence, school, place of employment or any place frequented by her and her son.

As detailed in the petition, during a visit to Kris’ condominium unit last December to pick up his son as part of his twice-weekly visitations with Bimby, Yap entered his former wife’s bedroom and made “overt sexual advances,” which Kris vigorously resisted, provoking Yap to “utter mean and malicious statements” in the face of rejection.

The petition cited that James acted “as if he was still entitled to his matrimonial rights,” even if they are no longer married, forcing himself on her in full view of their son.

Horrified by the scene, which was followed by a heated argument, Bimby told his father to leave the room and to “stop hurting” his mom, the petition added.

The petition also mentioned that Bimby had even positioned himself between his parents, and begged his mother to “tell him to go away.” Since then, the petition said, the 5-year old has exhibited signs of being highly upset and agitated whenever he is in his father’s company or when he hears his voice on the phone.

“The physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and moral harm and injury foisted (on that day) was occasioned by the unfettered access of respondent Yap on the household and persons of the petitioners,” the petition noted.

Kris Aquino on ex-husband’s Italian GF: “More than six months ago pa naming alam ‘yan.”

It was a big headline yesterday that Kris Aquino‘s ex-husband cager James Yap is already dating an Italian girl!

james yap

Now, all eyes are on Kris and her reaction to the news.

But this is what we get from her:

“The Italian GF stays in the same condo in Makati as my close cousins-in-law. U see, I can keep quiet. More than six months ago pa naming alam ‘yan. But dedma and care bears. Hehehe!”

She was the first to know of the development of her ex and she has really matured with dealing with his relationship.

Are you surprised she kept it to herself this long?

Kris Aquino and James Yap back on being single again!

Kris Aquino and James Yap are back to being single again now that the petition for annulment of their marriage was granted by the court.


It can be remembered that Kris Aquino filed for the nullity of their marriage last August 9, 2010. Aquino, who is 11 years older than Yap, married the professional basketball player on July 10, 2005.

The “lack of authority of the solemnizing officer” was the reason why the marriage has been annulled.

As mandated by the family code, their only son James Yap Jr.is under the custody of Aquino. Bimby will still carry the surname Yap. James Yap is granted visitation rights.


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