Must Watch: Jeric Teng’s reaction as he sees Jessy Mendiola, Priceless!

“Maria Mercedes” star Jessy Mendiola a McSpicy endorser surprises Jeric Teng in McDonalds Eton Centris branch with the help of Jeron Teng of course.
Jessy Mendiola Jeric Teng Date
Jeric, who openly expresses his admiration of the Kapamilya actress, got stunned when the uber-sexy Jessy suddenly appeared right infront of him, shared a table with him and stared at the basketball star making him feel self-conscious.  Jeric is unable to speak but has a huge smile on his face. His reaction PRICELESS!
Watch the video below:

Pokwang returns to the big screen via “Call Center Girl”!

AFTER a brief hiatus from Star Cinema’s well-loved comedy genre that endeared her to millions of Filipinos all over the world, Pokwang makes a grand comedic comeback in the title role of the upcoming and highly anticipated family movie Call Center Girl.


It should be noted that Call Center Girl is Pokwang’s 11th film under Star Cinema. Pokwang was previously seen in several of Star Cinema’s blockbuster hits such as the tearjerker A Mother’s Story and the horror-thriller The Healing; most recently, she appeared in a very special role in Kim Chui’s Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? and she was also part of the ensemble cast of the romantic comedy 24/7 In Love, which marked the 20th anniversary of Star Magic in the industry.


 Call Center Girl is a hilarious, smart, and laugh-a-minute movie written by Kriz Gazmen and directed by Don Cuaresma.

The movie is centered on Teresa (Pokwang) who is in a desperate race against time to unite her family and win back the affections of her estranged daughter Regina (Jessy Mendiola). By some twist of fate, Teresa (who worked in a cruise ship for 13 years) lands a job in a call center where her daughter Regina is employed thus providing her with the perfect opportunity to rekindle her broken relationship with her daughter. In the process, Teresa encounters a diverse bunch of people from different walks of life. She then gradually appreciates the concept of extended families and ultimately, Teresa and Regina learns the true value of family as both discover their individual purposes in life.

 Call Center Girl also stars Enchong Dee, Chokoleit, K Brosas, John “Sweet” Lapus, Dianne Medina, Alex Castro, Ejay Falcon, and Aaron Villaflor.

Call Center Girl is part of Star Cinema’s on-going 20th anniversary and will be shown in cinemas nationwide starting Nov. 27.

Jessy Mendiola on dating Sam Milby: “Single ako at single siya so bakit naman hindi.”!

Wow another showbiz couple are dating, Sam Milby, 29, admits dating Jessy Mendiola, 20!


Sam revealed just last Sunday on The Buzz that he is dating Jessy:
Nililigawan ko si Jessy. She’s aware. I did let her know my intentions, yes. I like her, she’s beautiful. I like her simplicity. Hindi siya maarte.

Sam on their age difference::
I think a lot of times she’s misunderstood too. Masyado siyang bata pero she’s mature for her age. I can’t say na I know her that well but the times that I’ve hung out with her have been fun.”
Jessy confirms dating Sam:
Single ako at single siya so bakit naman hindi. Pero we go out lang naman and hang. Nothing super serious since alam niya priority ko ang career ko. He’s a very sweet and nice guy so I don’t want to close any doors naman and why not let him get the chance na makilala ako and ganoon din ako sa kanya.

Jessy Mendiola on playing Maria Mercedes: “I still can’t believe that I will actually become the Pinay version of this character!”

Fame didn’t even cross the mind of then 14-year-old Jessy Mendiola when she joined Star Magic’s workshop back in 2007 together with her older sister.

But it seems it was her destiny to become Philippine television’s next big star because out of the many aspiring, young talents in her batch, she was the only one who caught the eye of star maker Mr. Johnny Manahan.

jessy mendiola

“I can still remember Mr. M asking me ‘Gusto mo bang mag-artista?’ The clueless me back then answered, ‘Is it okay if pag-isipan ko po muna? Can you give me three days?’” Jessy recounted.

She did think about it for three days and after discussing the matter with her mom and siblings, Jessy signed up with Star Magic, the country’s most prestigious artist management arm. But she did not say “yes” to Mr. M’s offer because she wanted to be an actress, but rather because she felt the need to be the family’s breadwinner.

“Life wasn’t easy for us especially before I entered showbiz. I grew up without a dad and it’s only my mom who’s working to support our needs. I’ve experienced very tough times. I have experienced not having much. I even experienced eating instant noodles for dinner for many days,” she shared.

Jessy was born in Dubai to a British-Lebanese dad and a Filipina mom. She moved to the Philippines when her mom decided to start anew here. Jessy lived a life apart from her dad and grew up seeing her mom as both a mom and a dad to her and her two siblings.

“My mom has been working hard all her life. That’s why it was very easy for me to take a stand and unburden her of the responsibility of providing for our family,” she explained.

From being a simple high school student, Jessy’s life turned 360-degrees when she entered show business and began acting on television. Like any other rising star, she went through a series of workshops and did minor roles on various ABS-CBN programs. She waited long hours on the set, with only minimal speaking lines. Slowly, the reluctant star began to embrace her newfound passion, acting.

“I have learned to love the craft and it motivated me to do better. I am working not only to provide for my family, but because I have actually started to enjoy acting. I realized that I really want to become a good actress,” Jessy revealed.

She waited patiently for her career to blossom until she finally got her big break. In 2010, she was launched in her first title role as “Sabel,” a show that marked the beginning of her reign as ABS-CBN’s next teleserye princess. Her popularity and premium as an actress were bolstered after she did the television series “Budoy” and afternoon soap “Precious Hearts Romances Presents Paraiso” and starred in her first movie “The Reunion.”

Now tagged as one of Philippine television’s prettiest faces, Jessy has become one of the country’s fast-rising cover girls after being featured on the covers of top glossy magazines such as Metro, Chalk, Men’s Health, Meg and Preview. She has also proven to be a sought-after product endorser after brands Head and Shoulders, Myra E, Boardwalk, Bench and McDonalds tapped her to be their image model.

Bigger things await Jessy this year as she is set to reprise the role of Maria Mercedes played by Mexican superstar Thalia back in the 90s.

“This is really one of my dream roles. I grew up watching Maria Mercedes and I still can’t believe that I will actually become the Pinay version of this character loved by many Filipinos,” she said.

Just recently, Star Cinema also announced that Jessy is set to do a movie with John Lloyd Cruz, Richard Gomez, and Dawn Zulueta.

“Precious Hearts Romances presents Paraiso” airs romantic finale this Friday!

After going against the odds just to fight for their love, Brennan (Matteo Guidicelli) and Yanie (Jessy Mendiola) finally tie the knot and promise to love each other forever in the much-awaited finale of Precious Hearts Romances (PHR) presents Paraiso.


The two relives the time when they first experienced paradise in each other’s arms and returned to the island where it all began.

But evil still lurks through Cassandra (Denise Laurel) who cautiously waits for the right time to take her revenge on the couple. Will Brennan and Yanie finally find paradise? Or will Cassandra take it away in a snap?

Don’t miss the finale of PHR presents Paraiso this Friday (April 5) after May Isang Pangarap on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold. Tweet your insights on the show using the hashtag #ParaisoFinale.

Jessy Mendiola is swimsuit sexy on the cover of Esquire!

Jessy Mendiola is swimsuit sexy on the cover of Esquire Philippines digital edition for March 2013!


The black halter one-piece swimsuit,  highlighted Mendiola’s fair complexion.


“Showbiz Inside Report” on friendship of Jessy and Matteo, and John and Jayson!

Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano was not able to hide his emotions over the recent wedding of his first born Paolo to his long-time girlfriend Sam Godinez.

 matteo jessy

“Usually, it’s the father of the bride who gets emotional. But it’s your son, your first born. So when that son takes that step forward, it’s a step he’s gonna take on his own. It’s like you’re the one pushing him, ‘go son!” shared Gary in his first sit-down interview with Paolo since the wedding, which will be aired on “Showbiz Inside Report” this Saturday (February 23).

Aside from Gary and Paolo’s story of new beginning, “SIR” will also feature the growing friendship of “Paraiso” stars Jessy Mendiola and Matteo Guidicelli and “Banana Nite” boys John Prats and Jayson Gainza. Have Jessy and Matteo found love in each other’s arms? How do John and Jayson face the new challenges in their friendship?

Don’t miss the newest revelations from Gary, Paolo, Jessy, Matteo, John and Jayson in the trending showbiz talk show of ABS-CBN, “Showbiz Inside Report,” this Saturday, 2:30pm, after “It’s Showtime.”

“Precious Hearts Romances presents Paraiso,” the story of two different peole stranded in an Island Paradise!

The country’s new desirable love team, Jessy Mendiola and Matteo Guidicelli, puts its chemistry to test as they team up for the first time on television to make your afternoon sizzle in ABS-CBN’s newest teleserye Precious Hearts Romances presents Paraiso premiering on November 5 (Monday) on Kapamilya Gold.

“Matteo is very professional and sweet. Ngayon ko lang siya nakatrabaho and honestly, I am very excited,” Jessy said.

Matteo, on the other hand, seems to have been captivated by her leading lady and looks forward to getting to know her better on and off cam.

“Jessy and I have a great working relationship together. I feel like she’s a deep person that makes me more interested in knowing her,” Matteo said.

In the tradition of bringing compelling dramas on passionate love, Precious Hearts Romances (PHR) once again opens its pages and tells the story about two different people who will find paradise in each other’s arms after being stranded in an uninhabited island for months.

PHR presents Paraiso follows the story of Yanie (Jessy Mendiola), a street smart and resourceful young woman who wants to alleviate her family from poverty, and Brennan, a rich married man who wants to prove his worth to his father.

A tragedy suddenly strikes in the middle of the vast ocean. The ship they’re on capsizes and the two find themselves washed ashore on a small, unoccupied island. They start off on the wrong foot but Yanie and Brennan have no choice but to depend on each other to survive. This draws them closer together and unexpectedly paves the way for them to fall in love.

They have found paradise in each other, but it will be short-lived as authorities come to their rescue. The two part ways and face the lives they temporarily left. Brennan finds himself dealing with his marital problems with his wife Meagan (Jewel Mische), who is having a hard time conceiving a child, while Yanie starts anew after a loss in her family and gets comfort in her best friend Justin (Matt Evans).

What will they do when fate brings them together once again? Will they still feel the same way about each other? How much are they willing to give up to experience paradise once again in each other’s arms?

Also included in the cast of Precious Hearts Romances Presents Paraiso are Arron Villaflor, Bodjie Pascua, Juan Rodrigo, Ina Feleo, Dionne Monsanto, Angel Jacob, Jessica Conelly, Paco Evangelista, Marissa Sanchez, Gary Lim, Alex Castro, Justine Cuyugan, Wendy Tabusalla, Idda Yaneza, Guji Lorenzana, Kathleen Hermosa, Maliksi Morales, Pamu Pamorada, Ms. Evangeline Pascual and Ms. Ces Quesada. This is directed by Rechie Del Carmen, Connie Macatuno and Nico Hernandez.

Don’t miss the premiere of Precious Hearts Romances presents Paraiso on November 5 (Monday) on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.

Will Jessy and Matteo find paradise in Deal?

ABS-CBN’s PHR presents Paraiso stars Jessy Mendiola and Matteo Guidicelli  dare to find paradise inside their chosen briefcase as they play for the first time in Kapamilya Deal or No Deal hosted by Luis Manzano.


The country’s new desirable love team bargains with the banker in hopes of getting the P2M jackpot for the benefit of their chosen charities. Will the two be the next millionaires for the season? Can Jessy charm the Banker to offer big amounts? Who will end up in paradise at the end of the game?

Kapamilya Deal or No Deal airs Saturdays after TV Patrol Weekend. Tweet your thoughts and reactions via Twitter using the hashtag #KapamilyaDOND.

Budoy goes bald!

Gerald Anderson will lead the cast of Budoy who will have a fans’ day at SM City San Pablo this Saturday, February 18.

Drama Prince Gerald Anderson continues to thank the loyal fans of their Primetime Bida drama series, Budoy through the “Be Budoy, Be Happy Mall Tour.” After bonding recently with the Cebuanos and Caviteños, the Budoy cast is set to visit their fans in Laguna this Saturday (February 18), 5:30pm, at SM City San Pablo.


Meanwhile, Gerald’s new look has become an added attraction in the drama series. His character went bald in preparation for his medical operation. But now that he is ready to have his strange disease checked in the U.S., Budoy will be forced to stay as the Maniego family faces a criminal case that puts their credibility as doctors on the line.


Is this the end of the Maniego family? How can Budoy (Gerald) solve all the problems his family is facing? Budoy airs weeknights, after E-Boy on ABS-CBN.

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