Koreanovelas “Love Rain” and “Absolute Boyfriend” premieres on ABS-CBN this Monday!

ABS-CBN doubles the romance and doubles the sought-after Korean stars to watch every weekday as the country’s first and true home of Asianovelas premieres the romantic drama “Love Rain” and romantic comedy “Absolute Boyfriend” beginning Monday (June 24).

Asia’s drama prince Jang Geun Suk and one of Korea’s most influential entertainers, Yoona of phenomenal Kpop girl group Girls Generation, team up and play lovers in two different times in “Love Rain,” which airs at 10 AM.

Ian Seo (Geung Suk) and Judy Kim (Yoona) went to college together back in the 1970s and then fell in love. Unfortunately, their love wasn’t meant to be and they needed to part ways.

But love found its way back to them through their children as Ian’s son Jun Seo (Geung Suk) meets and falls in love with Judy’s daughter, Hannah Kim. Will Ian and Judy approve of their son’s and daughter’s romance? Can Jun and Hannah have their happily-ever-after ending unlike their parents?


Meanwhile, Korean sweetheart Koo Hye-Sun or more popularly known as Jan Di of “Boys Over Flowers,” and Taiwanese hearrthrob Jiro Wang of “Hana Kimi” return to Philippine television via the romantic comedy about a lonely single girl who falls in love with a hot, hunky robot in “Absolute Boyfriend,” which airs at 5PM.

Alice (Hye-Sun) never had a boyfriend and has yet to fall in love.  One day she returns a lost cellphone to a strange salesman and she good-naturedly tells him to give her a boyfriend as a reward.

True enough, the salesman gives her a perfect love in the form of a customizable robot named Henry. Unfortunately, Alice misses one tiny detail—to return the robot after the 48-hour trial period.

Now, Alice is left with no choice but to work hard to pay for Henry. But as she spends more time with the robot, she finds herself slowly falling in love with it. Can she stop herself from falling for Henry? Will a real man come her way and save her from feeling for a robot?

Watch “Love Rain,” 10 AM after “Naruto,” and “Absolute Boyfriend,” 5 PM, after “Pinoy True Stories” premiering this Monday (June 24) only on the first and true home of Asianovelas, ABS-CBN.

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Up-coming ABS-CBN shows for 2013 revealed!

ABS-CBN launched their upcoming programs for the second half of the year on May 7 at the NBC Tent, Taguig.

got to believe

Here are the list of upcoming ABS-CBN 2013 shows:


  • Darna
  • Dyesebel
  • Captain Barbell
  • My Little Juan



  • Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala
  • Muling Buksan Ang Puso
  • Got To Believe
  • Annaliza


  • The Biggest Loser
  • The Voice of the Philippines


  • Absolute Boyfriend


Are you excited about their new line-up of programs?

“The Greatest Love” premieres this Monday on GMA Network!

Fall crazy in love this heart’s month as GMA Network presents its newest Koreanovela, The Greatest Love, beginning February 11 on GMA Telebabad.


The Greatest Love is a romance-comedy series about a former star singer Angel, portrayed by Gong Hyo Jin, who was once the most popular member of the girl band The National Treasures Girls. As the story progresses, she will find herself entangled with two lovable men — top movie star Colin (Cha Seung Won) and doctor of oriental medicine Jordan (Yoon Kye Sang).

Adding spice to the series is Claire, played by Yoo In Na, host of a popular TV show who pretends that she and Colin are still dating despite their breakup in order to avoid negative publicity.

Who will win Angel’s heart? Is it Colin, the one who feels happy when Angel is around, or Jordan, a doctor of oriental medicine who has no interest in the entertainment industry? And will Claire be able to stop Colin from pursuing Angel?

Get to know more of these characters on The Greatest Love right after Temptation of Wife on GMA Telebabad.

“You’re Still the One” Puts Love in Great Test!

Another captivating love triangle that will put true love to test unfolds beginning Monday (Jan 14) as ABS-CBN premieres the Koreanovela “You’re Still the One” in its new Umaganda morning block.


Nelson and Susan’s happy married life faces its biggest trial when the former gets involved in a scam and faces imprisonment. Susan did everything she could to help her husband but her efforts were not enough to save him.

Fate suddenly brings back Nelson’s old flame, Sheryn, who, after all these years, still cares for him. She will learn about Nelson’s dilemma and uses it as an opportunity to advance her personal interests to win him back.

In exchange for the financial assistance, Sheryn will ask Nelson to marry her so that she can finally get the company her grandfather promised to give her when she finally ties the knot.

Out of desperation, the couple agrees to Sheryn’s terms and will fake a divorce so they can get the support needed from her. Sheryn also said the marriage will only last until her grandfather dies.

How long can Nelson and Susan hold on to the love they first vowed to each other? Is Nelson strong enough or will he be tempted by Sheryn? Will Susan get her husband back? Who will Nelson choos in the end?

The show’s theme song titled “Alipin Ako” was sung by Liezel Garcia.

Don’t miss ”You’re Still the One,” weekday mornings, 9:45 AM in ABS-CBN’s Umaganda.

“A Gentleman’s Dignity” premieres on Monday, Nov. 19!

A new breed of F4 heartthrobs will arrive this Monday (Nov 19) as the story of four gorgeous and empowered men in their forties begins in ABS-CBN newest Koreanovela drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity.”

Meet Dennis (Jang Dong-gun), Tristan (Kim Soo-ro), Ron (Kim Min-jong), and Jiro (Lee Jong-hyuk) who definitely have a better, wiser, and smoother way when it comes to women. But are they braver and more confident as well to face the challenges of love and life?

Dennis is an architect and a ladies’ man who finally wants to be a one-woman man and meet the girl he will spend the rest of his life with. He will fall in love with Irene, who unfortunately is in love with his best friend, Tristan.

Tristan, on the other hand, is Dennis’ partner in an architectural firm who is having problems controlling his very liberated girlfriend, Vera. Ron is a successful lawyer who has been coping with the loss of his wife four years ago and now having problems dealing with Carrie, a young girl who is madly in love with him.

Lastly, Jiro is the group’s certified playboy and womanizer and the only one who is married. He married the filthy rich Menchu, who also happens to be jealous with every girl that would go near him.

How will the boys handle their respective love problems? Will they ever find the right girl for them? A “Gentleman’s Dignity” is written and created by the makers of hit Korean series “Lovers in Paris.” Don’t miss the premiere of “A Gentleman’s Dignity” this Monday (Nov 19), before “Secret Love: Sungkyunkwan Scandal” in ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.

Koreanovelas ‘White Lies,’ ‘Love You A Thousand Times’ and ‘Pink Lipstick’ Air on TV5!

Three of the biggest dramas in Korea are set to captivate televiewers in different stories about love, relationships and betrayal.


White Lies is a riveting story of a young mother who was abandoned by her lover for a richer woman during her pregnancy. Alone to raise a child, she’s troubled by a decision that can change her life forever. Love You A Thousand Times tackles the sensitive issue of surrogacy. When young couple Harold and Sandra fails to conceive a child, Sandra feels helpless and hires a surrogate mother. This affects not only their lives, but the lives of their loved ones as well. In Pink Lipstick, Andrea carefully plots her revenge after being betrayed by her husband, Aldwin, and her best friend, Marivic for having an affair.

Catch these bigtime Korean dramas on weekdays beginning with White Lies at 2:45pm, followed by Love You A Thousand Times at 3:15pm and Pink Lipstick at 3:45pm on TV5.

The Most Successful Koreanovela of 2011, ‘Dream High’ Premieres Tonight!

Korean pop stars from various singing groups come together for the very first time to portray the story of six aspiring young talents in their quest for stardom in “Dream High” premiering this Monday (Apr 16) in ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

Dubbed as the most successful Korean drama of 2011, “Dream High” stars Suzy of Miss A as Kelly, Taecyeon and Wooyoung of 2 PM as Gino and Jason, Ham Eun Jung of T-ara as Angelie, IU as Gelou, and actor Kim Soo Hyun as Marco, who was skyrocketed to fame after this series.

Follow these teenagers who believe no boundaries as long as they can and do whatever it takes to reach for their dream. The dream all begins in Kirin Art School, a popular institution that produces Korea’s biggest superstars.

All of them have different reasons why they auditioned at Kirin and why they wanted fame so badly. For Kelly, this is a way to pay her debts. Little did she know that music lover Marco from the province goes to school just for her after falling in love with her at first sight.

Street dancer Gino, on the other hand, wants to prove his worth to his aspiring politician dad who wants to hide him from the public because he is his lovechild. Angelie, however, has a darker motive as she wants to be the best in Kirin and take revenge on Kelly who embarrassed her during an audition.

Just like Marco, Gelou is also pursuing the dream for her biggest crush Jason, who happens to be Kirin’s best dancer. Gelou would go as far as losing weight just so as she finally be noticed by the boy she fancies.
But like any other stars, they need mentors to groom them to becoming the stars they want to be so teacher Kang and teacher Shih will be there to guide them through.

Will they make it big? How far can they go to reach for their dreams?

Don’t miss the premiere of the most successful Korean drama of 2011, “Dream High,” this Monday (Apr 16) after “PBB Teen Edition 4,” on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.

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