Louise delos Reyes and Ken Chan Topbills ‘Magpakailanman’ this Saturday!

Tween stars Louise delos Reyes and Ken Chan are paired on this Saturday’s episode of “Magpakailanman” titled “The Louise delos Reyes Story.”


Ngayong Sabado sa “Magpakailanman,” ating alamin ang mga pinagdaanan ni Louise bago natin siya nakilala bilang isa sa mga pinaka-sikat na teen stars ng Kapuso Network.

Mula sa script ni Vienuel Ello, based sa research ni Jonathan Cruz, at sa ilalim ng masusing direksyon ni Direk Gil Tejada, Jr., aming ikukuwento ang isang mala-Koreanovelang love story sa pagitan ni Louise at ng unang lalaking inibig niya (gagampanan ni Ken Chan), at ang kuwento ng mga magulang na gagawin ang lahat ‘wag lang masaktan ang kanilang pinakamamahal na anak.

Kasama ni Louise delos Reyes sa pagsasadula ng kaniyang buhay sina Jomari Yllana, Jan Marini at Ken Chan; kabilang rin sa episode sina Yassi Pressman, Rox Montealegre, at ang Down to Mars.

“One True Love” extended up to September!

Viewers of GMA 7’s One True Lovewill have more reasons to stay glued to the drama series as the Kapuso network announces the show’s five-week extension due to its phenomenal ratings success since it premiered last June 11.

Based on household data in National Urban Philippines covering the period July 30 to Aug. 8 (based on overnight data), the program registered 36.1 household audienceshare points versus ABS-CBN’s Kahit Puso’y Masugatan’s 27.4 points. For the same period in Total Urban Luzon,which makes up 77 percent of total TV households nationwide, it led on its timeslot with 40 points compared to competition’s 24.2 points.

In Mega Manila, which comprises 59.5 percent of national urban TV households, it edged out competition with 40.2 share points. The series was also included in the list of Top 30 programs in Urban Luzon and Mega Manila according to July data of Nielsen TV AudienceMeasurement.

Originally set to run for only 10 weeks, One True Love will now air until September with more twists to be revealed in the succeeding episodes.

Directed by Andoy Ranay, One True Love propelled Alden Richards and Louise delos Reyes to stardom.

One True Love also stars Jean Garcia, Raymond Bagatsing, Agot Isidro, Caridad Sanchez, Benjie Paras, Tiya Pusit, Wynwyn Marquez, Lucho Ayala, Rita Iringan, Frencheska Farr and Bembol Roco.

Meanwhile, the story promises to be more compelling, especially when Elize’s (Louise) condition worsens and Carlos (Raymond) decides to bring her to the States to seek medical treatment. To add to his woes, Carlos discovers that Elize is not his real daughter based on the DNA test results. He confronts Ellen and accuses her of infidelity. How will Ellen deal with Carlos’ allegations and shocking revelation about Elize’s identity? What will happen to Leila (Agot) if her secret is finally revealed?

Tisoy tells Elize his plans to enroll in secondary school. She is very happy with his achievements and gives him a gift before they part ways. Carlos, on the other hand, learns from Tilda (Caridad) that Tisoy is also dyslexic like him.

One True Love airs weeknights after Makapiling Kang Muli.

“One True Love,” keeps lead in TV ratings in its timeslot in Mega Manila!

Filipino viewers are continuously addicted with GMA Network’s drama series, “One True Love,” after the program’s impressive ratings performance on the weeknight primetime race. According to the most widely recognized ratings service provider Nielsen TV Audience Measurement, “One True Love” kept its lead in TV ratings in Mega Manila which comprises 59.5 percent of total television householdsnationwide.


Based on average overnight household data recorded in viewer-rich Mega Manila from July 9 to 13, it remains matchless with 39.4 share points, versus its counterpart program which posted 33.3 points. “One True Love” not only dominated its timeslot with high numbers but also became one of the most popular and well loved dramas of the Kapuso Network. The series, which premiered last June 11, quickly propelled lead stars Alden Richards and Louise delos Reyes to stardom.

Under the helm of Andoy Ranay, “One True Love also stars Jean Garcia, Raymond Bagatsing, Agot Isidro together with Bembol Roco, Caridad Sanchez, Benjie Paras, Carlene Aguilar, Tiya Pusit, Wynwyn Marquez and Lucho Ayala.

One True Love” airs weeknights after “Makapiling Kang Muli” on GMA Telebabad. Get the latest updates about “One True Love” from its official facebook page (www.facebook.com/GMAOneTrueLove), twitter account (@GMAOneTrueLove) and the GMA Networkwebsite (www.GMANetwork.com).

‘One True Love’ Hooks More Viewers, Beats ‘Dahil May Pag-ibig’!

GMA Network’s latest primetime drama, One True Love, instantly captivated the hearts of TV audiences after posting high numbers during its pilot week, according to data from the industry’s widely trusted ratings service provider Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

Based on overnight household data recorded in Mega Manila from June 11 to 15, One True Love scored 38.4 share points, ahead of ABS-CBN’s Dahil Sa Pag-ibig’s 35.2 points and TV5’s Runaway’s 10 points. Mega Manila comprises 58 percent of total television households nationwide.

Viewers instantly fell in love with the characters of star-crossed lovers Tisoy and Elize played by Alden Richards and Louise delos Reyes. One True Love introduces Alden and Louise in their first starring roles on primetime, together with newest Kapuso Agot Isidro, Raymond Bagatsing, and Jean Garcia.

Proof to the overwhelming success and immense fame of Alden and Louise’s loveteam were the thousands of screaming fans present during their recent mall show and campus tour in Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon last June 17 and June 18.

Pandemonium broke out when Alden and Louise showed up and took the centerstage. The mere mention of their names drew ear-deafening screams and cheers from the audience who chanted “Tisoy” and “Elize”, Alden and Louise’s character names in the program. “Nakakataba ng puso ang naging mainit na pagtanggap sa aming lahat at masayang-masaya kami na tinatangkilik nila ang One True Love,” Alden said.

The drama series is expected to set even higher ratings in the coming days especially when Tisoy (Alden) and Elize (Louise) start hanging out together and begin their special friendship. Troy (Lucho Ayala), on the other hand, despises the growing closeness between Tisoy and Elize, so he pressures Carlos (Raymond) to stop Elize from seeing Tisoy.

Will Elize follow her father’s orders and end her ties with Tisoy? What will happen if Ellen (Jean Garcia) discovers the connection between Tisoy and Carlos? Will Tisoy eventually give up on Elize?

Expect more revelations and twists as the drama continues in ONE TRUE LOVE weeknights after Makapiling Kang Muli on GMA Telebabad.

Alden Richard and Louise delos Reyes topbills “One True Love'” Premieres on June 11!

GMA Network ups the ante of its primetime slate with the launch of another timeless and original drama series that promises to steal the televiewers’ hearts via “One True Love.” It will replace My Beloved beginning June 11 on GMA Telebabad.

The Kapuso Network once again takes a bold risk in presenting a fresh and absorbing drama that will soon be winning the hearts of Filipino television audiences everywhere.

One True Love features the country’s bankable stable of stars in plum roles headlined by no less than GMA’s talented and promising artist Alden Richards as Tisoy together with the young and beautiful Louise delos Reyes as Elize. Alden and Louise land their biggest roles to date as the lead stars of this program about the enduring power of love between two people from two different walks of life.

Alden and Louise are both primed to star in this sweeping drama with their raw but powerful acting skills. The chemistry of the two onscreen is palpably strong and there has been brewing excitement among fans and viewers for Alden and Louise’s team-up.

Primetime viewing will never be the same again as GMA gathers in One True Love three of the country’s biggest and brightest actors in film and television: multitalented actress Jean Garcia as Ellen, the real mother of Tisoy; seasoned actor Raymond Bagatsing as Carlos, the workaholic and heartless husband of Leila and real father of Tisoy; and making her television debut as a Kapuso, versatile TV personality Agot Isidro as Leila, the scheming wife of Carlos. Agot is really excited and honoured to be part of the GMA family after signing a two-year exclusive contract with the network.

Completing the glittering roster of cast are Bembol Roco as Mayor Sandoval, the husband of Ellen who will help her take revenge on Carlos; Caridad Sanchez as Lola Tilda, the elderly woman who raised Tisoy; Benjie Paras as Douglas; Carlene Aguilar as Candice; Tiya Pusit as Yaya Brittany, the doting yaya of Elize;Wynwyn Marquez as Marla, the younger sister of Leila; Lucho Ayala as Troy, the rich suitor of Elize;Frencheska Farr as Violy.

The story of One True Love begins with Ellen, a hardworking janitress who falls madly in love with Carlos, a successful businessman who is already married to Leila. Unknown to Ellen, Carlos is not serious about their whirlwind romance and only becomes aware of his true feelings after finding out that she is pregnant.

Ellen tries to end her ties with Carlos after Leila starts attacking her. But Carlos wants to raise their child and tells Ellen that their child would have a better future with him. Ellen agrees with Carlos but unfortunately, Leila vehemently opposes this idea. She resents raising her husband’s illegitimate child so she plots a scheme to switch the child with someone else’s.

When Ellen gives birth, Leila is present to “help” out but in truth, she uses this opportunity to switch Ellen’s son with another newborn baby girl in the hospital. The moment Ellen sees her child, she immediately falls in love with her baby and tries to back out from the deal she made with Carlos. Furious, Carlos gets Ellen arrested for a fabricated crime so he can get full custody of their child. Helpless and powerless, Ellen swears vengeance on Carlos and Leila.


Meanwhile, Carlos showers his daughter Elize with love and attention not knowing that Leila switched Elize with his real child. His orphaned son grows up in the docks of Manila through the kindness shown by the people in the port district. Because of his mestizo and charming looks, he is given the moniker Tisoy. And by some weird twist of fate, Tisoy ends up working in the port owned by his real father Carlos.

Everything seems to be in place and going well for Tisoy and his adoptive grandmother Lola Tilda until one fateful night when he crosses paths with Elize, the rich daughter of Carlos. Tisoy is completely smitten with Elize’s beauty and she finds him charming too. Soon, the two become lovers and keep their romance a secret from Elize’s disapproving parents.

How long can Tisoy and Elize weather the odds of their forbidden romance? With Carlos and Ellen threatening to tear them apart, can the star-crossed lovers fulfill their destiny to once and for all be together even in the next lifetime? What will happen to Leila if her secret is finally revealed? What will be Carlos’ reaction if he finds out the truth about the real identity of Tisoy? Will Ellen continue with her scheme to separate Tisoy and Elize if the truth about their identities is exposed?

With director Andoy Ranay at the helm and original concept by Suzette Doctolero, ONE TRUE LOVE will surely touch and inspire audiences beginning June 11 right after Makapiling Kang Muli on GMA Telebabad.

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