Matteo Guidicelli to marry at 28 to “Someone he can trust and conservative”, is it Sarah Geronimo?

Twenty-four year old actor-host Matteo Guidicelli sees himself settling down at the age of 28.


When asked about the qualities he wants to find in his bride-to-be, Matteo answers, “I’d like to marry somebody that I can trust, that’s conservative.”

Is he referring to her rumored girlfriend, popstar Sarah Geronimo? Matteo, however, neither confirmed nor denied it, but openly professed that the singer-actress is very special to him.

Why settle down at 28? “I am excited to grow old, I am excited to find out what life has to offer, and I am excited to have a family,” Matteo reveals to Anthony Taberna in “Tapatan Ni Tunying ” airing this Thursday (Jan 30).

“The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles” host Iza Calzado, meanwhile, is uncertain about when she will get married, but is positive with what the Year of the Wooden Horse will bring her.

“I don’t have plans yet, but they say 2014 is my year and I am claiming it. It is mine,” she declares.

The 32-year old actress is currently in a relationship with Filipino-British commercial model Ben Wintle. Is marriage already in their plans?

“Sometimes, when we’re talking about it, it seems that he can’t see himself staying here for a long time. I told him that if we get married, I have to keep coming back to the Philippines because I don’t think I can leave this industry,” Iza explains.

Iza insists that her love for acting will keep her from moving abroad permanently.

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Alyssa Quijano on getting married with Charice: “Hay, naku po! Siyempre, . . .”!

Alyssa Quijano was surprised at the declaration of girlfriend Charice that she is already thinking of marrying her!


On this note, she was asked if she is willing to get married also, by saying:

“Hay, naku po! Siyempre, parang it’s too soon naman, di ba? Hindi nawawala sa isip namin na parang we’re both in love, and then, siyempre nandiyan na gusto naming kaming dalawa na kahit sa future. Pero siyempre po, hindi pa sa ngayon.”

“Wala namang constant dito sa ating buhay kundi change. Pero kung mapi-feel mong siya na, siya na.”

If Charice is the one she will get old with:

“Siyempre po, siyempre.”

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes on marriage plans (they can’t seem to agree)!

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera who are already in a long term relationship which is very rare in showbiz was asked in separate occasion on their views on getting married!


But it seems that they are not in agreement as to when that would be!

This is what Dingdong said when asked when is the big day:

“No, I’ve gotten used to it. It’s part of the game. Anyway, I have a standard answer naman. We’re not yet ready. Marami pa kaming ibang plans. But definitely, it will happen before I get to my 40th birthday, which is seven years from now. Gusto ko namang makitang lumalaki ‘yung mga anak ko.”

Marian , on the other hand wants to get married when she’s 30:

“O, that’s just two years away from now. We’ll see. Basta when we do get married, we’ll make sure we’re both ready because it’s going to be a lifetime commitment.”

Which one will give in Marian or Dingdong?

Jodi Sta. Maria talks about annulment and getting married again!

Jodi Sta. Maria is riding the success of her number one daytime soap “Be Careful With My Heart” and thus she is now one of the in demand endorsers in the country!

 jodi sta maria

Although she remains married to Pampi Lacson, who is also in relationship with Iwa Moto who is now pregnant, is hopeful that the annulment will happen soon:

 “Well ano siya, on the way.”

On being proposed by Jolo Revilla:

“Hindi, wala namang ganon. Ewan ko nga kung saan nanggaling yung kasalang issue na yan. Kasi nakita ko lang talaga siya nasa ano ako eh, nasa tour kami so wala pa, grabe naman, agad-agad naman,” she says. “Siya lang makakasagot niyan tungkol sa proposal na yan. Basta we’re taking things slow so no need to rush naman.”

If ever Jolo pops the question?

“Like I said before, I have never lost faith in love. But marriage is a different thing, it’s a different story. So right now hindi pa ako ready.”

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