“Surviving Manila 101: Mikey Bustos in Concert” on Feb. 24!

This is it, pancit.  Our “Pinoy Boy” and YouTube star Mikey Bustos is holding his first solo concert on February 24, 2013 (Sunday) at the Metro Bar in West Avenue, Quezon City.


The concert entitled, “Surviving Manila” will showcase Mikey’s wit and singing talent plus the powerful performances of his special guests “La Diva” member Jonalyn Viray and Protégé finalist Lovely Embuscado.

“The concert is going to be like my [YouTube] tutorials except that it’s live and on-stage and, of course, with a lot of singing,” said Mikey.

Mikey will also give away free Cebu Pacific plane tickets to six lucky concert ticket holders.  The tickets entitle the winners to travel via the airline for free to any of its domestic destinations.

Concert tickets may be purchased from all Ticketnet outlets.

Sexy Talk with Mikey Bustos!

There are YouTube sensations and there areYouTube sensations, and then there’s Mikey Bustos.

Hmmmm, Mikey Bustos who? Sorry, but only the Internet-illiterate will ask that question.

For the sake of the uninformed: Mikey is the Fil-Canadian whose spicy humor and fondness for unique Pinoy experiences have made him, that’s it, a YouTube sensation, His Mikey Bustos Daily Videos (check outwww.mikeybustos.ca/events.asp or mikeybustos.com) have been attracting millions — and counting. You will love his “Pinoy Tutorials” (15 of them uploaded so far) dishing out humorous insights into “Filipino-isms,” ranging from local accents to table manners and even to balut-eating.

It’s his gustatory delights that earned him the honor of being the first endorser of Chicharron ni Mang Juan.

“Mikey’s complete package of dynamism, global connections, talent, technology and artistry is the embodiment of the contemporary Filipino,” said Teree Eugenion, marketing VP of Universal Robina Corporation Snack Foods, maker of the product. “Hence, it’s only fitting that we chose him as endorser.”

I heard Mikey being interviewed by Arnold “Igan” Clavio and Lala Roque on their dzBB radio program and I was laughing through heavy traffic. He’s as much as pleasure to listen to as he is to read.

Despite being raised in a Western society, Mikey manages to stay close to his Filipino roots. “I am a true Pinoy at heart,” he insisted. “My brother and I were raised in really old-school traditions.” Even his accent is Pinoy na Pinoy and he thanks his Pinay mom for it.

Meantime, Funfare lets Mikey talk not about food but about something much more, uhm, palatable…being sexy.

What is sexy to him?

“Brains + Beauty, and brains first… I’m rather sapiosexual.”

When does he feel sexy?

“When I am on top of my game and owning it, I feel sexy.”

What part of his body does he consider sexiest?

“My brain.”

What part of a woman’s body does he consider sexiest?

“Her…brain. LOL!”

When did he lose his innocence?

“When I was 17.”

To a younger woman, older woman, or a woman his age?

“A Pinay, two years younger than me.”

Sexiest book?

“My autobiography.”

Sexiest movie?

“Wild Things.”

Sexiest musical instrument?


Sexiest song?

“Almost, or any Britney Spears song.”

Sexiest TV show?

“Latin Lover.”

Sexiest food?


Sexiest car?


Sexiest perfume?


Sexiest part of the day?


Sexiest part of the house?


Sexiest animal?

“Ants. They make love in multiple numbers in the air while flying, and one single mating is enough for a queen ant to lay eggs for up to 27 years of her life!”

Sexiest billboard?

“Me modeling Bench underwear (just kidding… kinda!).”

Sexiest scene he has seen in a movie?

“The love scene of Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas (inOriginal Sin).”

Sexiest scene he has ever done?

“A dream slow dance sequence and make-out scene both with the same actress and both in the same motion picturePrison Dance which is set to launch in March.”

Sexiest thing he has ever done to himself?

“WHAT? No comment. Hahaha!”

Sexiest thing he has ever done to or with somebody?

“We just met…there was magic and we ended up in her room that night! Hahaha!”

Sexiest fantasy?

“Making love in space…LOL!”

Sexiest clothes (pajamas, underpants, etc.)?


Sexiest concert he has ever watched?

“Viva Hot Babes.”

Sexiest face (of a woman)?

“Someone I saw when I was only 18 working at a pet store in Canada. Even after all this time I will never forget her face and her eyes…and she loved tarantulas like me! Bombshell!”

Three women that he finds sexiest?

“Anne Curtis, Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie.”


Source: Ricardo F. Lo, Philippine Star

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