PH: World’s best country in business English1

The Philippines was named the world’s best country in business English proficiency, even beating the United States, according to a recent study by GlobalEnglish Corporation.

GlobalEnglish has released early this month the results of its annual Business English Index (BEI), the only index that measures business English proficiency in the workplace.

For 2012, results showed that from 76 represented countries worldwide, only the Philippines attained a score above 7.0, “a BEI level within range of a high proficiency that indicates an ability to take an active role in business discussions and perform relatively complex tasks.”


Here’s the list of the 10 best and worst countries in the world for business English proficiency based on GlobalEnglish’s 2012 BEI:

10 Best Countries:

10 Worst Countries:
Cote d’Ivoire
El Salvador
Saudi Arabia

Pinoy’s Belief in God is a World record!

In a study conducted by University of Chicago found out that countries predominantly Catholic had the biggest belief in god and Philippines rules!

Study revealed that Pinoys believe in god, 94% of the Phillipines citizens to be exact.

Summarizing data from surveys performed in 1991, 1998 and 2008 in 30 countries from Chile to Japan, the university’s National Opinion Research Center found that, on average, 43 percent of those aged 68 and older were certain that God exists.

By comparison, an average of 23 percent of people aged 27 and younger were firm believers in God, according to the report, which gathered data from the International Social Survey Program, a consortium of the world’s leading opinion survey organizations.

The study found that countries considered to be predominantly Catholic had the biggest belief in god with one major exception; the US was in third place with an 84% belief rate compared to Chile which ranked second with an 88% effective belief rate in God.

In the meantime citizens of the Soviet states, perhaps because of years entrenched in poverty had the lowestbelief rates in god with East German sitting at just 13% and the Czech Republic only slighting higher at 20%.



Pinoys are ‘least rude’ in the World according to survey!

The survey, which was conducted by, aimed to show counties in the world with people “having the least rude locals,” with the Philippines getting a 0.17 score, or the third “least rude” from the poll.

Caribbean and Brazilian people tied as the least rude nations, with a score of 0.08.

Results of the survey, who was participated by 1,200 respondents, were published on

The World’s Rudest Nations for Travelers

French 19.29
Russian 16.56
British 10.43
German 9.93
Other 6.37
Chinese 4.3
American 3.39
Spanish 3.15
Italian 2.24
Polish 2.24
Turkish 2.15
Indian 1.9
Swiss 1.9
Greek 1.74
Croatian 1.57
Austrian 1.41
Cypriot 1.24
Egyptian 1.24
Korean 1.24
Norwegian 0.99
Australian 0.91
Dutch 0.83
Irish 0.83
Swedish 0.83
Japanese 0.66
Danish 0.5
Canadian 0.41
New Zealander 0.41
Indonesian 0.41
Portuguese 0.33
Thai 0.25
Filipino 0.17
Caribbean 0.08
Brazilian 0.08

PHL among ‘strong performers’ in env’t protection — US study!


The Philippines is one of the “strong” performing countries this year in terms of environmental protection, a study by two American universities showed.

In a biennial report prepared by Yale and Columbia Universities, the Philippines was ranked 42nd out of 132 countries in the 2012 Environmental Performance Index (EPI)—a measure of countries’ performances in terms of environmental protection developed by Yale and Columbia Universities.

The current ranking is a slight improvement from 2010, when the Philippines ranked 50th in the EPI.

This year, the Philippines also managed to outrank the United States of America and some of its neighbors in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Singapore, and Viet Nam. All of these countries were named “modest performers” in the EPI ranking.

The Philippines particularly did well in the agricultural policy subcategory, where the country got a performance score of 33.3 out of 50. It, however, scored low –31.8 percent — in terms of vitality in water ecosystems.

Switzerland, meanwhile, was identified as the top performing country in terms of environment protection, followed by Latvia and Norway.

The EPI aggregates scores from 10 policy categories — including environmental health and vitality of ecosystems — to come up with the country rankings.

Source: Andreo C. Calonzo, GMA News

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