Edgy Drama ‘For Love or Money’ Premieres Tonight on TV5!

10 million, 10 days. Kakayanin mo kaya? Tonight at 8:00pm, TV5 pilots another edgy drama starring Alice Dixson, Ritz Azul and Derek Ramsay – “For Love or Money.”


For Love or Money brings back hunk actor Derek Ramsay on television as he stars with TV5 drama princess Ritz Azul and timeless beauty Alice Dixson in a captivating story of love and sacrifice – “For Love or Money.”

The weekly drama series revolves around the story of young ambitious couple, Roselle (Ritz Azul) and Edward (Derek Ramsay), who are struggling to achieve their dreams, until they cross paths with the wealthy and beautiful Kristine (Alice Dixson), who offers Roselle 10 million pesos for 10 days with Edward.

Starting tonight, “For Love or Money” will challenge all of your long-held convictions about what is right and wrong when it comes to matters of the heart.

“For Love or Money” airs every Thursday night at 8:00pm beginning October 17, on TV5.

‘Misisbis Bay’ cast photo revealed!

Meet the stellar cast of TV5′s sexy primetime drama “Misibis Bay” which is set to premiere this Monday night, July 1, 2013.


Ritz Azul is Maita Ramirez, a young lady who only dreams of providing a comfortable life for her ailing grandmother and marries an older businessman, thinking that it’s her ticket out of her miserable life.

Christopher De Leon is Anthony Cadiz, a wealthy real estate tycoon who fathered three sons from different women. He decides to right all the wrongs of the past by helping and marrying the girl whose family rightfully owned the land they built their resort on, Maita.

Vivian Velez is Miranda Cadiz, the scheming and manipulative older sister of Anthony who is envious of her brother’s success.

Adding intrigue and complications to Maita’s life are the Cadiz brothers Andrew, Bernard, and Charlie, played Kapatid hunk actors Daniel Matsunaga, Victor Silayan and Vin Abrenica respectively.

Also in the cast are Megan Young, Malak SoShidifat and Luke Jickain.

More photos below:

Derek Ramsay, Nadine Samonte Romance Blossoming in ‘Kidlat’!

Derek Ramsay and Nadine Samonte’s characters in TV5’s hit series “Kidlat” seem to be heading for love as next week’s episodes highlight the couple’s blossoming relationship.


After the accidental death of Dr. Megaton (Christopher de Leon), Voltaire (Ramsay) started to distance himself from his stepbrother Vincent (Baron Geisler) and childhood friend Lara (Samonte). Years later, Voltaire finds himself face-to-face with the beautiful Lara and the two immediately rekindle their lost friendship. But the road to love is not easy for the two, as Vincent also has feelings for Lara whom he considers his only friend.

What would Vincent do if he finds out that Lara is slowly falling for his enemy and stepbrother? What schemes will he conjure up to keep the couple apart?

Stay tuned for exciting new episodes of Kidlat, weeknights at 6:45PM right after Aksyon on TV5.

TV5’s “Kidlat” beats GMA Network in Visayas, Mindanao!

Data from the overnight report of the Nielsen TV Audience Measurement (Arianna) shows that viewers in the Visayas and Mindanao favored the premiere of Derek Ramsay-starrer Kidlat over its counterpart programs on GMA when it premiered via a special made-for-TV movie last Sunday (January 6) on TV5.

In the Visayas, the Kapatid Network’s first offering for 2013 posted a 26-percent audience share — leaving behind GMA programs with a recorded 14.5-percent audience share. In terms of absolute ratings, Kidlat recorded over 200,000 more viewers than GMA.

The TV5 superhero drama also captured the hearts of Mindanao-based viewers, posting 26.6 percent audience share — eight points higher than GMA’s 18.2. Nearly 450,000 Kapatids from the region, on the average, also tuned in to the Kidlat’s premiere, while GMA managed to get a little over 300,000 average viewers.

Overall, more than 2.7 million average viewers nationwide tuned in to witness Philippine TV’s newest superhero in action.

Don’t miss Kidlat every Monday to Friday at 6:45PM on TV5 right after Aksyon. Find out the latest updates via the show’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/TV5Kidlat and official Twitter account @KidlatTV5.

“Kidlat” premieres as an ‘epic movie’ on TV5 this Sunday!

Get ready to welcome the newest superhero in Pinoy pop culture as TV5’s new primetime drama Kidlat premieres on Sunday, January 6.
Kidlat Derek

Audiences will be treated to an action-packed episode as the series kicks off with a 90-minute epic movie special that takes the audience immediately to the heart of the action.

Kidlat marks another first for both the network and star Derek Ramsay as the series debuts as a full-length movie.

The series will then continue with its regular run starting on Monday, January 7.

Kidlat is helmed by acclaimed director Mike Tuviera and stars the best and brightest actors of our time, including Baron Geisler, Nadine Samonte, Wendell Ramos, Ritz Azul, Assunta de Rossi, Jay Manalo and multi-awarded actor Christopher de Leon.

Catch the Kidlat movie premiere on January 6 at 6:45PM, then follow the journey of this electrifying superhero every Monday to Friday at 6:45PM right after Aksyon only on TV5.

Derek Ramsay wears superhero costume in ‘Kidlat’!

Derek Ramsay is set to topbill in TV5’s newest superhero series “Kidlat”!


“Kidlat” will be Derek’s first full series since he transferred to the Kapatid Network.

Derek plays the titular role of a man coming to terms with the responsibility of having strange superpowers. He will be partnered with Kapatid primetime princess Ritz Azul.

Directed by Kapuso turned Kapatid director Mike Tuviera, other cast includes Wendell Ramos, Nadine Samonte, Baron Geisler, Jay Manalo and comedienne Joy Viado.

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