Baron Geisler and 5 other housemates return to the Pinoy Big Brother house!

Things just got nastier and more exciting in Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited with the entry of M6, or the six former housemates tasked to bring out the current season’s housemates’ true colors and to help the public decide on who deserves to be the reality show’s Big Winner.

After Big Brother openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the housemates who seem undetermined to enter the Big Four, he sought help from the M6 housemates who are known to have assertive personalities. Franzen Fajardo, Baron Geisler, Beauty Gonzalez, Rica Paras, and PBB Unlimited evictees Kigoy and Luz are expected to spice things up inside the house and test the current housemates.


It was only a matter of time before Paco was able to successfully infuriate some of the housemates to fulfill his task as a house player. Viewers even favored his performance, as determined by last week’s overnight voting that revealed they still wanted him to stay in the house.


Meanwhile, this week’s nominees for eviction are Divine, Kevin, and Seiichi, who received the most number of votes from the housemates who thought the three were pretentious.


Deniesse, on the other hand, was granted a forced eviction and got kicked out of the house last Saturday (February 25) for asking Melai of the public’s perception of her and for whispering to Divine, both of which are grave violations of Big Brother’s house rules.


Pinoy Big Brother UnliDay with Bianca Gonzalez airs weekdays after Angelito: Batang Ama in Kapamilya Gold and in Pinoy Big Brother UnliNight with Toni Gonzaga weeknights after Budoy in Primetime Bida. Also stay tuned to PBB Unlimited Updateswith Robi Domingo during Angelito: Batang Ama and E-Boy on ABS-CBN.

Four male housemates are nominated for eviction in PBB Unlimited!

Housemates nominated for eviction this week are  Biggel, Slater, Seiichi, and Eting.

First time nominees Biggel, Eting, and Seiichi, and Slater, who volunteered to be automatically nominated, are in danger of getting booted from the famous Big Brother house this Saturday (February 18).

Seiichi got the highest number of votes that earned him a place in the list of nominees for his difficulty to communicate in both Filipino and English and for his alleged stubbornness. Meanwhile, Head of Household Divine was given the authority to automatically nominate a housemate and chose Biggel who she said is not capable of making decisions on his own.

Secret evictee and House Player Paco was also granted the same power and picked Eting whom he sees as inauthentic and pretends to appear pitiable.

Paco, who was named an evictee last Saturday (February 11) will be staying in for the next two weeks to serve as House Player to bring out the remaining housemates’ genuine personality.

To suggest a task for Paco, log on to the program’s official Facebook page, or tweet it using the hashtag ‘#unlitask.’ The sender of the task that will be picked out by the PBB staff will win P5,000.

Will Paco succeed in his task to bring out the housemates’ true colors? Also tune in this Valentine’s week to find out what will come out of the Pamu-Kevin and Tin-Biggel love teams.

Don’t miss the exciting developments in Pinoy Big Brother UnliDay with Bianca Gonzalez weekdays after Angelito: Batang Ama in Kapamilya Gold and in Pinoy Big Brother UnliNight with Toni Gonzaga weeknights after Walang Hanggan in Primetime Bida. Also stay tuned to PBB Unlimited Updates with Robi Domingo during Angelito: Batang Ama and E-Boy on ABS-CBN.

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited reveals Top 14 housemates!

After succeeding in separate, extremely demanding challenges, housemates Divine, Eting, Joya, and Deniesse clinched the last slots in the Top 14 of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited late last week.

Jerico, Naprey, Roy, Ryan, Steph, and Unad, meanwhile, were named as the season’s latest evictees and were sent home last Saturday (January 14). Jerico and Steph were dismissed from the competition by their teammates; Ryan, Naprey and Unad failed in their tasks; and Roy abstained from participating in any challenge given by Big Brother.

Early last week, Team High Voltage’s Biggel, Carlo, Slater, Tin and Wendy and Team Wayuk’s Paco, Seiichi, Jessica, Kevin, and Pamu were bared as the first ten housemates to land in the Top 14 for getting the highest percentages of votes in a 24-hour public voting.

Big Brother also closed down his industrial house and compelled both competing teams to live together from now on. One of the critical events in the program’s latest twist dubbed the “PBB Aftershock” was Team Wayuk’s acquisition of Deniesse.

This week, another High Voltage member will also be sent to the other team. How will this affect the two teams’ highly competitive relationship and the Kontra Battle series?

Meanwhile, the program’s previous episode prompted the terms “Tin and Kevin,” “Wendy and Carlo,” and “Slater and Divine” to become the most tweeted-about topics on Twitter worldwide. The three pairs each shared a light kiss during a drinking party and dare game for their first bonding activity as the Top 14 housemates.

Pinoy Big Brother UnliDay Bianca Gonzalez airs weekdays after Angelito: Batang Amain Kapamilya Gold and in Pinoy Big Brother UnliNight with Toni Gonzaga weeknights after Nasaan Ka Elisa? in Primetime Bida. Also stay tuned to PBB Unlimited Updateswith Robi Domingo during Heartstrings and Ikaw ay Pag-ibig on ABS-CBN.

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