Manuel Chua, Eddie Garcia, and Jommy Teotico guest star on “Toda Max” this Saturday!

A terrifying accident might take place on this week’s episode of “Toda Max” as ‘Tay Mac (Al Tantay) deals with the construction of his new house.

Toda Max, Eddie

‘Tay Mac had hired a friend of his to help him put up a safe and sturdy house. In this Saturday’s episode, Engineer Manoy (Eddie Garcia), a contractor, brings in two of his workers, Bruce (Manuel Chua) and Cholo (Jommy Teotico), to help him complete the job.

With money from Engineer Manoy, Bruce and Cholo are asked to buy the remaining materials needed to complete the construction—but the two are tempted to use the money for other things.

Will Engineer Manoy find out about his workers’ other plans? If he doesn’t, what will happen to ‘Tay Mac’s house?

Tune in to “Toda Max” this Saturday (June 15) to see how things play out, airing after “Maalaala Mo Kaya” on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

Billy Crawford – Vhong Navarro showdown in “Toda Max” this Saturday!

Billy Crawford will guest on “Toda Max” this Saturday (February 2) where he will compete with Vhong Navarro in a series of showdowns to impress Angel Locsin.


When asked if they face this kind of tight competition in real life, Vhong answered, “There’s no competition between me and Billy. We treat each other almost like siblings especially on It’s Showtime where we are co-hosts. We don’t feel insecure or jealous of each other at all,” he said.

“We have our own talents; for example, apart from dancing, he excels more in singing while I’m more experienced in comedy,” he added.

But will they be able to use these talents to impress Isabel (Angel) on “Toda Max”? Pao (Billy) will try to prove that he is more worthy of Isabel so he will challenge Justin (Vhong) to a basketball showdown. Just like in the teleserye “Princess and I”, spectators will be divided between ‘Team Pao’ and ‘Team Justin’. Who will win Princess Isabel’s hand in the end?

Find out in the “Princess and I” episode of “Toda Max” this Saturday (February 2) after “Maalaala Mo Kaya” on ABS-CBN.

Pokwang’s one true love returns in “Toda Max’!

Veteran comedian Joey Marquez returns to “Toda Max” for a string of guestings this January and February.

He will portray as Daniel, Lady G’s (Pokwang) one true love. He first appeared in “Toda Max” early 2012 where he competed with Tol (Binoe) for Lady G’s attention.

This time, he will do the contrary by helping Lady G and Justin (Vhong) gain back lost sales because of the newly passed Sin Tax Bill.

This Saturday (January 19), Daniel will try all sorts of gimmicks to make people return to their vices including the plan to turn Justin’s restaurant into a night club and a gambling hub.

Will their strategy work? Find out on “Toda Max” this Saturday (January 19) after “Maalaala Mo Kaya” on ABS-CBN.

Angel Locsin Celebrates Birthday, Decade-Long Showbiz Career!

What makes Angel Locsin’s 27th birthday this year extra special is the celebration of her 10th year as one the country’s most sought after stars.

In Angel’s “salubong” birthday party held recently, the actress thanked all the people who stood by her from the beginning of her showbiz career. The actress’ closest friends were there to party.

Angel was also touched in the tribute video shown at the party that highlights her milestones in the course of her 10 years in the business.

Contributing to the actress’ fulfillment that night was the song number given by her special someone Phil Younghusband. In return, Angel also sang and danced for the guests.

One of the birthday gifts Angel cherishes is TODA Max’s success as it remains to be the no. 1 sitcom.

According to the data from Kantar Media last Saturday (April 21), “TODA Max” got 21.1% TV rating compared to the competitors’ 12.8% and 4.9%.

Meanwhile, this Saturday on “TODA Max,” Justin’s (Vhong) effort to reach out to Isabel’s father will finally pay off. Will the couple end up marrying?

Catch “TODA Max,” after “Maalaala Mo Kaya” on ABS-CBN. For more updates, like “TODA Max” on Facebook:

Phil Younghusband Tries Out Acting on ‘TODA Max’ this Saturday!

From football, Team Azkals’ striker Phil Younghusband now ventures into acting on television, as guest star in top-rating sitcom “TODA Max” this Saturday (April 14), after “Maalaala Mo Kaya” on ABS-CBN.

In his portrayal of himself in the sitcom, Phil will be paired off with his rumored girlfriend Angel Locsin. He said acting for a comedy program was made easy by Angel, as the premier actress gave him tips and moral support.

In the story, Phil will finally meet Justin (Vhong Navarro), his rival to Isabel’s (Angel) heart. Tol (Robin) will set up a one-on-one football match between Tisoy and Justin to determine who really deserves Isabel’s love. Who will win in this passionate game of love?

Meanwhile, the first ever Bida Kapamilya public service event will be held also this Saturday at the Ynares Stadium, Antipolo from 8a.m. to 8p.m. One of the services the festive gathering is “TODA Max’s” free tricycle rides from select locations to Ynares.

For more information and updates, like “TODA Max” Facebook page:

Angel Locsin Secret to be Revealed this tonight on ABS-CBN !

Angel Locsin admitted recently that just like her character in new Star Cinema movie “Unofficially Yours,” her relationship with the athlete she currently dates is also unofficial.

The actress, however, clarified that her situation in real life is definitely far from what her character has experienced in the movie. She also said that what really matters most in a relationship isn’t the status but the mutual and unconditional love that both parties feel.

“My situation is totally different. I don’t relate much to my character,” she said.

If Angel didn’t disclose much about her love life, her character in “Toda Max” Isabel will be put into test, as her secret with boyfriend’s cousin Tol (Robin Padilla) is set to be revealed.

Tol will hesitate first in telling his cousin Justin (Vhong Navarro) what really happened between him and Isabel. Tol will find relief in making himself busy with work. That’s why he won’t notice that his daughter (Aaliyah Benisano) is also being secretive to him.

Sandy and Lady G’s (Pokwang) son Jonas (Paul Salas) will come home late to attend a dance practice intended for their school’s Foundation day. To get Tol’s consent, the two will lie and say they’re with Isabel.

Upon knowing this secret, Tol will get mad and paranoid that her daughter might get pregnant soon.

What if Tol finally tells Justin what happened between him and Isabel? Will there be another misunderstanding?

Catch “Toda Max,” after “Maalaala Mo Kaya” on ABS-CBN.

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