Zanjoe Marudo on living-in with Bea Alonzo: “Wala pa naman sa ganoong sitwasyon.”!

Zanjoe Marudo shoots down the rumor that he and girlfriend Bea Alonzo are already living-in together!


Zanjoe said that the rumor may have started when people saw his girlfriend Bea leaving his pad in many instances and in some instances  she would stay in his home due to events that cannot be controlled reasonably, such as typhoons or floods.

In an interview on The Buzz about the rumor, this is what he said:

Wala pa naman sa ganoong sitwasyon. Siyempre minsan may mga pagkakataon na bumabagyo, hindi kami makalabas.”

In a previous interview, Zanjoe admitted that that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Bea and is already saving up to buy her a ring but his girlfriend is still too young to get married. She’s only 25.

Annaliza cast graces Kadayawan Festval this Saturday!

Teleserye princess Andrea Brillantes, together with blockbuster actor Zanjoe Marudo and premiere character actors Patrick Garcia and Carlo Aquino, celebrates with Davaoenos this weekend as the cast of top-rating primetime family drama “Annaliza” joins ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Karavan in the annual Kadayawan Festival in Davao City.
Get the chance to see and bond with your favorite “Annaliza” stars this Saturday (Aug 17), 4PM in SM City Davao and spend an afternoon filled with fun, entertainment, and games.
As Davaoenos celebrate the bountiful harvest and livelihood they have for the year, “Annaliza” also celebrates the consistent patronage of Kapamilyas nationwide as its rating continuous to increase every week. Just last Monday (Aug 12),” the program hit its new all-time high national TV rating of 25.4% vs its rival with only 15.4%.
This week, the story heats up even more as Arlene’s paternity is finally revealed. Through a DNA test, Lazaro confirmed Arlene is his child with Stella (Kaye Abad). Isabel (Denise Laurel) will feel betrayed that Lazaro kept Stella’s identity from her and their marriage will start to crumble.
Meanwhile, Makoy finally awakens but remains to keep Annaliza’s identity a secret by pretending to have amnesia.
Will Isabel and Lazaro’s marriage fall apart? How will Lazaro fight for custody over his daughter Arlene? How will Guido (Zanjoe Marudo) accept Stella’s past with Lazaro.
Don’t miss “Annaliza” weeknights before TV Patrol in ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. For updates, like the show’s official Facebook page at or follow @Annaliza2013 on Twitter and share your reactions using the hashtag #Annaliza.

Andea Brillantes topbills “Annaliza” premieres on Monday!

ABS-CBN premieres its newest and heartwarming primetime family drama Annaliza, topbilled by rising teleserye princess Andrea Brillantes with an ensemble of today’s most respected young actors, beginning on May 27 (Monday) before TV Patrol.
annaliza cast

The classic 80s soap opera returns to television and is set to launch the career of child actress Andrea, who has proven her acting prowess by playing remarkable roles as Princess in E-Boy, young Jessy Mendiola in Sabel and Paraiso, young Kim Chiu in Ina Kapatid Anak, and young Andi Eigenmann in Kahit Puso’y Masugatan.

Annaliza also marks blockbuster actor Zanjoe Marudo’s first ever portrayal as a father in the small screen and serves as the comeback soap for 90s teen superstars Patrick Garcia and Carlo Aquino, whose acting skills were again noticed by the public after their respective cameo appearances in Apoy sa Dagat and Dugong Buhay.

Follow the story of Annaliza, a young girl with a very kind heart who will be raised by a foster father Guido (Zanjoe).

When she is still a baby, Annaliza will be stolen from her biological and wealthy parents—the restopreneurs Lazaro (Patrick) and Isabel (Denise Laurel). It is Stella (Kaye Abad), Lazaro’s avenging ex-lover, who has the baby stolen with the help of her suitor Makoy (Carlo).

Afraid of being caught red-handed, Makoy leaves the child to his best friend Guido, a fishport worker. Despite his average and simple life, Guido wholeheartedly accepts Annaliza and raises her as his own daughter.

Annaliza begins to endure challenges and hardships in her young life when Guido eventually marries Stella and leaves for Saudi in hopes of giving them a better life. But fate rewards Annaliza’s innate goodness by bringing her closer to Isabel and Lazaro, not knowing they are her true parents.

How will Annaliza discover her true identity? How will she suffer in the hands of Stella? In the end, who will she choose? Her true parents who want to make up for the lost time or the man who raised her and treated her as his own?

Also included in the cast are Khalil Ramos, Sue Ramirez, Kiko Estrada, Shy Carlos, Kyline Alcantara, Jillian Aguila, and Reign Tolentino.

Annaliza is under the direction of Theodore Boborol and Cathy Camarillo and under the supervision of award-winning director and new ABS-CBN business unit head Ruel S. Bayani.

Don’t miss the premiere of Annaliza this May 27 (May 27) before TV Patrol in ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. For updates, like the show’s official Facebook page at or follow @Annaliza2013 on Twitter and share your thoughts using the hashtag #Annaliza.

‘Bromance: My Brother’s Romance’ movie poster and full trailer revealed!

Star Cinema and Skylight Films’ latest co-production, “Bromance: My Brother’s Romance” has just released its official movie poster and trailer starring Kapamilya hunk Zanjoe Marudo portraying dual roles.


The family oriented comedy movie revolves around the lives of twins Brando and Brandy. Because Brando has problems accepting his twin’s being gay, he decides to make a life of his own, put up an auto repair business and become a mechanic. Meanwhile, Brandy sets out on a path of his own and becomes a successful interior designer.

The twins continue on separate paths until one day, their mother begs them to set aside their differences and reconcile. So Brandy sets off to look for his brother but meets an unfortunate accident that renders him unconscious.

While Brandy is in a coma, Brando learns that just before the accident happened, his brother was in the final stages of negotiating a multi-million peso design deal with a client.

Afraid that they would lose everything with Brandy in a coma, Brando decides to pull a twin switch and pose as his gay brother. So the former straight, tough-talking and macho Brando turns into the gay Brandy!

While posing as his gay twin, Brando realizes that not only will this deal solve all of his financial problems, it also gives him a chance to set things right with Erika (Cristine Reyes), Brandy’s good friend that he used to have a crush on.

Now that the world has turned upside-down – with Brando assuming Brandy’s happy and gay personality – is there any hope that life will go back to normal for the twins? Will Brandy wake up in time, find out the switch his twin pulled and save everything?

Also in the cast of Bromance: My Brother’s Romance are Cristine Reyes, Arlene Muhlach, Joy Viado, Manuel Chua, Boom Labrusca, Joey Paras, Lassy, Nikki Valdez, Maricar De Mesa, Abbie Bautista, Carlo Romero and Jeff Luna.

Helmed by box-office director Wenn Deramas, “Bromance: My Brother’s Romance” is scheduled to open in theaters nationwide on May 15, 2013.


Watch the trailer here:


ABS-CBN remakes 80’s classic soap opera “Annaliza” with Andrea Brillantes!

ABS-CBN remakes the 80’s classic soap opera Annaliza that catapulted the late actress Julie Vega into stardom.


On its return to television, the role of Annaliza is played by promising child star Andrea Brillantes who first appeared in kiddie gag show Goin’ Bulilit.

Her acting prowess was gradually noticed when she landed roles on hit primetime teleseryes such as Budoy and PHR Paraiso where she played the young Jessy Mendiola, Kahit Puso’y Masugatan as the young Andi Eigenmann, and Ina, Kapatid, Anak as the young Kim Chiu.

Now, Andrea is ready to take on her biggest break on television as she is launched as one of the newest teleserye princesses of the Kapamilya network. Annaliza is an endearing and heartwarming family drama that centers on the enduring love and fighting spirit of a child despite all the struggles and miseries in her life.

She will go through challenges that seem to be insurmountable, especially for a child like her, but with the guidance of her adoptive father, Anna Liza will conquer it all with her innocence, innate goodness and ability to love unconditionally.

Joining Andrea in Annaliza is an ensemble of character actors such as Zanjoe Marudo, Kaye Abad, Denise Laurel, Patrick Garcia, and Carlo Aquino as well as teen sensations Khalil Ramos, Sue Ramirez and Kiko Estrada.

For updates on Annaliza, stay tune to ABS-CBN, like our Facebook page at or follow @Annaliza2013 on Twitter and share your thoughts using the hashtag #Annaliza.

Bea Alonzo shows off cleavage on the cover of Cosmopolitan!

Bea Alonzo shows off cleavage on the cover of Cosmopolitan Philippines February 2013 issue and together with real life boyfriend Zanjoe Marudo!

 Cosmopolitan-Hotness_zps8d05d2d4 Cosmopolitan-Hotness-2_zpsdd7a327a

It is the love month and real life lovers are featured on the magazine Valentine special as well.

Cosmopolitan Magazine is now available where magazines are sold nationwide!

Zanjoe Marudo Gets Tense in Playing ‘Deal or No Deal’!

Hunk actor Zanjoe Marudo got tense while playing for P2 million jackpot in the hit game show “Kapamilya Deal or No Deal.”


Zanjoe chose briefcase 23 based on his birth date. Zanjoe also shared that his girlfriend, Bea Alonzo, was 23 years old when they became a couple. And on the same day he played, he scored 23 points in golf. Was it just a coincidence? Or was it a sign? Will briecase 23 bring him luck?

Don’t miss “Kapamilya Deal or No Deal” this Saturday (Dec 15), after “TV Patrol Weekend” on ABS-CBN. Tweet your thoughts and reactions via Twitter using the hashtag #KapamilyaDOND.

“One More Try” movie poster and trailer!

Zanjoe Marudo, Dingdong Dantes, Angelica Panganiban and Angel Locsin top bills Star Cinema’s Official MMFGF 2012 entry One More Try!


 Read the synopsis HERE!

One More Try will hit theaters nationwide beginning December 25.

Watch the trailer below:


Zanjoe Marudo, Dimples Romana in a Story of a Man who has Liver Cancer on MMK this Saturday!

ABS-CBN’s top-rating and longest-running drama anthology, “Maalaala Mo Kaya” was recently elevated to the Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) Hall of Fame for Best TV Drama Program.

“MMK” host Charo Santos-Concio personally received the award and shared the recognition to all the TV viewers who followed their show for more than 20 years.

“The secret of ‘MMK’s success is our viewers,” said Concio. “I believe that Filipinos worldwide keep on watching the show because it continues to give them hope and inspiration.”

Meanwhile, Zanjoe Marudo returns to “MMK” this Saturday (October 6) for another touching heavy family drama, where he will portray the role of a dedicated father and husband who suffered from liver cancer.

Aside from Zanjoe, also part of the episode are Dimples Romana, Aaron Junatas, Clarence Delgado, Yogo Singh, Levi Ignacio, at Isay Alvarez. It was researched by Akeem del Rosario, written by Maan Fampulme, and directed by Dado.

Don’t miss the heartwarming family drama this Saturday in the 34th CMMA Hall of Fame Awardee for Best TV Drama Program, “Maalaala Mo Kaya” (MMK), after “Wansapanataym” on ABS-CBN.

Kimmy and Dora back to split your sides with laughter even more as it goes Korean!

One good turn deserves another. Or as the beer ad says, “So good, ayos na ang kasunod!”

In 2010, Kimmy Dora radicalized the star system and became a surprise megahit, turning the industry upside-down in wonderment. Where did the industry think tanks go wrong and how did the tandem of writer Chris Martinez and director Joyce Bernal come up with something so original, so witty, so wacky, so funny and so different?

Kimmy Dora made Eugene Domingo, cast as the twins Kimmy and Dora, an overnight sensation, plucked out of the many years of playing supporting roles and catapulted to the top of the heap as the newest (though, some people thought, unlikely) Box-Office Queen.

The sisters, one the epitome of good and the other the personification of evil in the first film, are back, this time put in a quandary of being forced to marry a man they don’t love and to whom the family owes a debt of gratitude.

Still playing the twins is Eugene, again with Ariel Ureta as their father, and Dingdong Dantes and Zanjoe Marudo reprising their original roles.

Get set for another roller-coaster fun ride with the fabulous Go Dong Hae heiress-sisters as they embark on a new adventure that involves a trip to Korea, wedding proposals and a dark specter from the clan’s untold past.

In Kimmy Dora & The Temple of Kyeme, still directed by Bb. Joyce from a screenplay by Chris, the story continues from where the first installment left off. Kimmy and Dora are now deeply in love with their respective boyfriends, Kimmy with Barry (Zanjoe) and Dora with Johnson (Dingdong).

The new adventure begins when the sisters join their father, Luisito, on a trip to Korea, his homeland. There, the patriarch tells them that one of them has to marry into the Sang Clan as a fulfillment of a promise made in the Go Dong Hae’s past. The sisters refuse to marry a Sang since they are both in love with their beaus.

Then, a mysterious Korean ghost follows them back to Manila, haunting them and claiming the souls of the men in their lives. The only way to pacify the ghost is to give in to their father’s request or they can fight off the malevolent spirit. But how, when only Kimmy can hear the ghost and only Dora can see it?

For sure, Kimmy Dora & The Temple of Kyeme, co-produced by Star Cinema and Spring Films, will elicit more laughter and make the cash register ring even louder.

Wa kyeme, ‘no?

Watch the trailer HERE!

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